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When there are love triangles?

As often we meet in life a love triangle: husband, wife and beloved or beloved! In this triangle passions flare, near love sufferings live, giving rise to oppression, pain and hatred, fears and experiences. All events in a love triangle between the people defining it seem to them most important, all thoughts are directed to possible changes in relationship.

Someone in triangle suffers, sincerely without understanding:

- As it could occur? We had such love!

Someone lives in hope for the future, and someone is

the love Hesitated Here and the love triangle in melancholy for lost was formed - there is a wish to endure a surprising condition of excitement, expectation of fantastic proximity again, frays from a touch, to forget about daily household problems, about reproaches, about humiliations when they show the displeasure refusal in the sexual relations.

Women, if learn about the competitor, arrive depending on the feelings and character: strong, in a family predominating, can turn the husband out, convinced that He still will come crawling and will apologize . In these cases motives of love and attachment have something in common, as a rule, with motive of the power. Soft, with weak type of nervous system, will suffer and suffer that can sometimes push the husband somewhat quicker to escape from a tearful triangle, having left a family.

Oh as there is a wish to warn newlyweds: be not under a delusion with the fact that you have a separate living space. Problems in joint life, perhaps, will be less, than at the young families living with parents but also there will quite be enough those that will appear, to begin searches of the new half. You do not know yet that someone from you very much will want to be in a family predominating - with the right of a casting vote

Ah, these opposite trifles! From them cracks in relationship also appear: the patience is tried, disrespect for foreign thoughts, for unclear actions, for strangenesses of intelligence, for family traditions is found suddenly

With surprise spouses to each other look narrowly:

- When looked after, I behind it did not notice it. And it, appears, to everything also stubborn!

- I did not know that she only the mummy obeys! Brought the friend, and it was not pleasant to it. Took the book in hand - is indignant that I idle. In punishment for the fact that I argue with it went to bed in other room. Before a wedding was such tender, such appeasable. In vain did not believe the father that in the first year at newlyweds grinding in goes - it is visible so and is.

And here in views instead of caress vigilance, in conversation - irritation, in acts - alienation appears. Also the first blow of disappointment punches aura of a happy family oasis of sincere harmony

A what disagreements concerning providing a family are rigid:

- Why married if to the house you can bring nothing? How children to give birth and raise if we refuse to ourselves everything? the shy justification seems to so unconvincing


- So I love you

was Passed by the young man and the girl did not consider - they did not find out a question, very important for creation of a family: for which of them the basic is to live that is, and for whom on the contrary. The girl did not tell that she considers as a male most important sign existence of a large sum of money, and from other man`s sexual advantages respects presence of the smart car, the prestigious apartment, giving on the bank of something

If god did not offend the girl appearance, then very quickly it will develop treugolnichek it in itself(himself) also conceals illusoriness of wellbeing of all three parties.

Happens that arises triangle after the child`s birth in a young family. Happy mother is absorbed by the new little man who was just born, tired with a sleep debt, her not to sexual proximity. The clever and delicate man will not begin to demand from the wife actions, her unwanted at this time. But what conceals in itself temporarily developed triangle ?

In triangle it forces, destructive for a family because pride will not forgive disappear, the jealousy will not calm down because young women do not want to accept distinctions in physiology: The Man - a being polygamous . Also such man with the temporary hobby risks to remain forever or to miss offensively oblayanny alone. And hopes to conceal a sexual adventure usually are not equaled: for some reason always are compassionate the people reporting about details of

danger married couples when children grow up Traps and become independent: there are no former cares, it is more than free time and material resources. This triangle can be the quietest and its state more depends on the decision of women - men are already ready to start everything anew. There are surprising triangles remaining to extreme old age, and all three parties care about each other on related.

Triangles from three souls, such different triangles...

Protect the love, but also to feelings of others, to their unique lives show respect and patience.