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What it is not necessary to be afraid in a supermarket of?

Each of us if not daily, then, at least, once a week visits such institutions as super - or hypermarket. We are seduced by the service level, the choice of products, or perhaps something else, as forces us to choose big trading floors for purchase of products and other goods. What rights we have

in a supermarket? What dangers trap us or how to turn purchases into pleasure? Let`s try to understand.

, including dear School of Life, were published materials about a possibility of frauds from cashiers therefore we will not bring up these questions In many editions more than once, we will consider earlier closed subjects.

1. Entrance to a supermarket. The entrance zone of any supermarket is equipped with cells for storage of bags and other hand luggage. For what it is made? Certainly that not only for the sake of comfort of the buyer and not in order that the dear client could carry away more products, and in order to avoid thefts. And so, about these cells. Shaky locks, often transparent glasses. Someone bears responsibility for the things left by you? Of course, no! Therefore and it is not necessary to leave them! You have full authority to enter with the bag or a bag of any size into shopping center what you were told protection and the staff of shopping center. Pay attention, the majority of hypermarkets, providing a possibility of complaints from clients (and they are proved!) offer you packing of your hand luggage in a thermofilm. And it is correct! Such services have to be available everywhere.

2. In many supermarkets inscriptions hang: There are unpaid goods it is forbidden . Upon, the unpaid goods are property of a supermarket therefore it is impossible to open it really. But you can quite neglect this requirement - nobody to you will begin to twist a hand and for it will put in prison. The only thing - do not forget to pay goods on cash desk.

3. Besides that you ate something (managed to eat contrary to rules), you can which - what to eat on quite legal grounds. Buying, for example, sausage or cheese, you can ask the seller to give to try to you him (this rule, certainly, works not only in supermarkets, but also in all outlets, however, it is necessary only to assume how will look at you in small Post-Soviet little shop). How many grades it is possible to try, and it is regulated by nobody anywhere, but it does not mean that in a supermarket it is possible to go to have breakfast, dinner and supper.

4. Buying cheese or sausage, by the way, you have the right to demand that the seller cut off top, not protected by a film and weather-beaten, edge.

5. Being in a supermarket, you are in the room, responsibility for which operation bears its owner. Often, services of cleaning of rooms (the cleaning companies) violate rules of cleaning of rooms therefore on expensive, but now a slippery and wet floor (tile) it is quite possible to slip and be traumatized. I hope that you never should have legal proceedings with shopping center because of absence warning about cleaning and wet floors of plates, but you have to know that at normal quality of cleaning floors remain almost dry. Again - normal services expose the corresponding plates and never wash at you under legs, being indignant at the same time.

6. Remember the shelves of any shopping center overloaded with goods. Impresses, isn`t it?! And now how we from these shelves take goods. Not always it is possible to take it at once, without having brought down at the same time accurately exposed architecture from other goods. Very often something falls on a floor. Partly, of course, it is result of our carelessness and imprudence, but there is one but . You remember, all goods exposed on shelves have to be exposed safely and most conveniently. If you get a position necessary to you and incidentally overturn all others are a wine of a supermarket! Even if you broke something, no complaint to you can be made! Besides, if the fallen goods could constitute danger to you and other visitors (for example, glass bottles and so forth) it can become an occasion even for lawsuits. Pay attention, this rule concerns also carts and baskets. If at your basket the handle breaks (from an overload, for example) is a problem of a supermarket. Was not, no, and there will be no requirement to the weight imposed in baskets.

7. Now, having chosen the necessary goods, you approach cash desk. And here it turns out that in your basket there is an empty jar or a wrapper from some product. Unfortunately, it becomes very popular. While you, having left the cart on pass between ranks of show-windows, choose a coffee jar necessary to you, in your almost full cart there is an empty jar or a wrapper (for this reason, perhaps, and it is forbidden to eat products in a supermarket), you find it only on cash desk. How to behave when the cashier calls protection and demands to pay these former goods immediately? In - the first, in each supermarket surveillance cameras are mounted. Report about it to the representative of protection. In - the second, you are no the right to detain for clarification of circumstances. These are problems of a supermarket, a problem of security service.

8. And one more moment now connected with an exit from a supermarket. Suddenly it seemed to protection that you hid in the bosom, in a pocket or where - nibud still some goods. They have no right to examine (to detain, I will repeat, too) you. The maximum powers of the security guard - to detain you before arrival of police officers at sufficient suspicions of commission of crime, in this case - thefts, but not to examine!

Perhaps, it is one of the basic rules of behavior in a supermarket. I want to pay your attention that in the majority of supermarkets treat clients more than loyally, you - a source of their income, constant income. But, nevertheless, you have to know the rights! Successful purchases!