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About harm of mobile phones

New research on problems of impact of cell phones on health of the person will be conducted in Great Britain. Scientists plan to understand whether they are capable to call phones a headache.

In New Year`s Eve haste many buy as a gift the newest models of phones, but very few people think of that influence which such gift can render on health of the person.

Doctors consider that time to learn about whether really use of such devices can lead to diseases came. Some users of mobile phones say that long conversation causes a headache. Let`s give the answer from science positions.

The staff of the London royal college will carry out the test within which it will be offered to examinee to use phone within 50 minutes, the last, in turn, will not know about whether phone is switched on. James Rubin (James Rubin) declared: If the difference in a condition of examinees is not noticed, it will mean that all physical symptoms - result of auto-suggestion

The chief health officer of Russia Gennady Onishchenko urged parents not to allow children to carry mobile phones on a breast, reports Interfax .

Put mobile in a satchel. And you do not keep the phone on a breast or in an inside pocket. You do not speak on it without need, special on that, - Gennady Onishchenko in article which is published in " writes; To the Russian newspaper February 1.

As they say in article, the Spanish scientists claim that even two-minute use of the mobile phone can change rhythmics of bioelectric activity of a brain of the child within the next two hours after the end of conversation.

To similar a conclusion the Russian researchers came from institute of biophysics. Scientists consider that electromagnetic fields (EMP) can give an impetus of development of cancer in children - Onishchenko notes.

The Hungarian researchers submitted data on a possibility of development of a tumor of a brain in users of cell phones. They established connection between development of a tumor of a brain in people from 20 to 29 years who used cellular from children`s age - the chief health officer writes.

The Domestic hygienic standards which are based on other positions, more rigid than western, but we do not find possible these requirements to reduce - Onishchenko emphasizes.

In Russia there are no forbidding laws concerning mobile phones, but same should not deprive of us reason, more precisely than the reasonable relation to the great invention of mankind - the chief health officer considers.

The author of article urged as little as possible time to use mobile communication. First of all, it concerns the children and teenagers, pregnant, that at whom the driver of a warm rhythm " is implanted; - the chief health officer of Russia specified.