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Monks on roads of

on August 6 the president D. A. Medvedev subjected to severe criticism of traffic police for the lawlessness which is created on roads of the country. On August 7 in Kuban the next bus crashed. More than 20 victims.

Why by the number of road accident per capita we overtook not only the educated Europe, but also the countries which are essentially not recognizing any traffic regulations long ago? The huge army of inspectors of traffic police with interest watches catastrophic increase in incidents on roads.

the Administration big and small goes only on the oncoming traffic lane and only with flashers and sirens. Probably, it considers that at us as well as in England entered left-hand traffic.

Many drivers going on the warpath accept on - small for bravery. And - brakes thought up " pants;.

The person going by rules causes feeling of contempt from other participants of the movement. Will hang on posts of traffic police a price soon - sheets with the list of the services rendered by this valorous division.

What to do in a situation which actually suits all participants of traffic? Except, of course victims in road accident and our president.

Can be it is time to begin to sell indulgences. Bought in advance the right to exceed speed or to crush the pedestrian on to a zebra also go on health. In that case we at one stroke liquidate corruption on roads. Such road indulgences can be sold through Sberbank branches. In them also inspectors of traffic police can trade. As earlier in the Middle Ages monks in Europe traded in papers on remission of sins.

From each sold indulgence certain sums will be allocated for repair of roads and for compensation of damage from road accident. Employees of traffic police will become extremely polite at once and will stop making senseless ambushes on roads as if guerrillas in days of the Second World War. Now their earnings will depend only on the number of the sold indulgences. They will fit into the normal market relations. They will start over again being respected in society, they will return themselves feeling of the lost human dignity long ago. Now not inspectors will stop drivers the well-known striped sticks, and drivers will begin to brake near patrol cars and to ask whether there are no indulgences cheaper.

It is possible to sell also the VIP - indulgences. Granting the right to any person as if to the high official to sweep on the oncoming traffic lane with a flasher. And we will at once restore social justice. You represent: the grandfather - the pensioner on old " Zhiguli; with a potato bag on a roof blows through 2 continuous as if the governor of the region.

Over time such road indulgences will begin to be quoted on the stock exchanges on an equal basis with bills, stocks and bonds. Them it will be possible to pay off in shops, cafe and restaurants. The state will receive the powerful financial instrument allowing including to liquidate and external debts to the Western banks.

Thus introduction of institute of indulgences will give a powerful spur to development the Russian economy, will allow to bring the country out of crisis, liquidates corruption and will bring order on roads. by

Citizens, buy forgiveness for yet not committed sins! Let`s support domestic economy during the period, difficult for it! Let`s return to employees of traffic police the lost human dignity!

Probably I zaraportovatsya. It is time to take the wheel and to go to edition to hand over material. Something prompts to me that it will hardly be printed. And it is a pity, idea - that quite good. Or you have others on a country conclusion from crisis?