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Whether the pike is capable of surprises? And how!

On pike command, on my volition we will continue conversation on pikes. Previously it is advisable to read the article The Pike - that it for animal ? but also it is possible to do without it. After the fair remark of one of commentators I decided to pay more attention of technology of fishing from now on, to its main moments therefore I write about fishing as for the first time.

For a start I will share a big secret. From the middle of the last century I have personally me made and repeatedly checked and therefore unique Fishing calendar . What valuable data in it are available about our insatiable pike?

Well, for example, intensity of its biting. In January a pike klyuyot it is weak; in February its biting already average; in March - April klyuyot it is very good; in May at a pike for spawning at a temperature of 7 - 10 degrees Celsius, it is also cool to wait it is useless; since June to the first half of August average is (inclusive) cool; from the second half of August and till October a biting good; in October - average; in November - weak; in the first half of December good; from the second half of December to novogodya - weak.

The long message turned out, but truly reflects all annual schedule of pike appetite. As a result, its best biting - on vernal ice, in 1 - 2 weeks after spawning (blossoming of a bird cherry), in the fall and on pervolyodyyu.

The pike prefers to a tikhovodya. For parking chooses grassy creeks, steep coast, the flooded bushes, toplyak, boulders, holes, furrows at the bottom. As a rule, keeps alone, hunts in the afternoon.

In the spring the pike is looked for throughout the day in quiet superficial places with well heated-up water. In the summer - at dawns at a sawn-off shotgun of water herbs, in gaps and " windows; between them, mouths of inflows, on reaches with an uneven bottom, especially in cloudy weather after winds. In the fall - throughout the day in deep places, holes, at krutoyar, at a vegetation edge. In the winter - in holes, on slopes in depth, in mouths of inflows, on zakoryazhenny sites, is more successful - during prolonged thaw.

What tackles and ways to catch? On a zherlitsa, postavushka, a steep blesneniye, on a spinning, the coupled spinnings, on paths, a float, pro-vodka rod, a donka, circles, on a seine. What scaffold to apply at catch of a pike? Practically any if your tackle comes to an end with a strong metal lead. But it is better if the section of a scaffold is 0,3 - 0,5 mm, and hooks from 8 to 12 numbers (on old domestic classification).

Several words about baits for a pike. Is a live bait, the rotating and fluctuating spinners in the spring. In the summer and in the fall - the same live bait, a snastochka and the rotating spinner. In the winter - besides the live bait and a steep spinner. From live baits gudgeons and karasik (as the most hardy), and also small fry, a perch, Yelets are preferable. Often the pike well is enough for a frog of the small and average sizes, and at a beskormitsa - for a mobile worm.

The pike behaves, as a rule, very predictably, but sometimes and paradoxically. From time to time she can not pay any attention to a spinner though the fisher literally knocks it on the pike closed mouth. She can unexpectedly peck on a worm in an unattractive bog, and by the way, several tens can live in this bog of pikes. This predator likes to give surprises to fishers, biting off leads, hooks, spinners; grabbing the small small fish who is already cut by you or jumping out a candle of water - yes directly in the boat! Everything on fishing happens, and hunters to pikes have to be always ready to surprises. Catch of a pike - the monster maybe to rouse the fisherman to strange acts, for example, as in a joke:

Two talk:

- As fishing?

- is remarkable! Caught here such pike (shows, widely making a helpless gesture, and they are not enough ).

- And that? Salted for the winter? Cooked fish soup on all village? there is no

-. Released to the river All the same nobody will believe.

Well, and traditional best recipe of a dish from a pike.

Pike fried. the Prepared fish to wash up, rub off a napkin, to cut for the portion, to salt and for some time to leave to rest in bed. Then to roll in fish in flour, in the shaken-up eggs, in breadcrumbs and on both sides to roast in the boiling fat. To lay out ready portions on a dish and to decorate with lemon pieces, on each of which to put a little grated horse-radish. To give with potatoes. On 600 g of a pike: 2 tablespoons of flour, 2 eggs, breadcrumbs, 50 g of fat, lemon, horse-radish, salt.

Bon appetit! Good luck!