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Whether the grass a St. John`s Wort from evil spirit and ninety nine illnesses helps?

the St. John`s Wort are long since applied in traditional medicine, to them the famous Aesculapians of antiquity treated patients. Avicenna wrote about him: If to drink a St. John`s Wort forty days in a row, then it will cure an inflammation of a sciatic nerve . Recently and the official pharmacology began to use this miracle plant for preparation of medicines. And tea with a St. John`s Wort, probably, drank practically everyone.

In Russia sorcerers used to say that the grass a St. John`s Wort has a greater effect and can cure of ninety nine illnesses. By the way, the St. John`s Wort and in magic rituals as was considered that it possesses magic properties was actively used. From its juice prepared the charming medicine, and in a dried look applied to protection of housing against ghosts, witches, evil spirit.

There are several species of plants with the name a St. John`s Wort, including bushes and even small trees. Are most known applied in traditional medicine a St. John`s Wort ordinary (made a hole) and a St. John`s Wort tetrahedral. External distinctions, as well as curative properties, between them insignificant. Both plants - long-term herbs height to meter with small are yellow - the golden flowers collected in shchitkovidny inflorescences. Blossom from June to August. In traditional medicine the top parts of plants with leaves and flowers are used.

The useful substances which caused curative properties of a St. John`s Wort in a plant much. These are flavonovy connections (routines, kvertsetin, etc.) ascorbic and nicotinic acids, saponina, sugar, carotene, tsirilovy alcohol, it is well-cared, phytoncides, essential oil, tannic, resinous and bitter substances. Such variety of a chemical composition allows to apply widely a St. John`s Wort as the antibacterial, antiseptic, soothing, wound healing, antirheumatic, diuretic, zhelchegonny, knitting, antivermicular, promoting regeneration means.

Traditionally preparations from a St. John`s Wort apply to treatment of heart troubles, catarrhal diseases and flu, head and articulate pains, radiculitis, arthritis, chronic gastritis, colitis, diseases of a stomach, liver, bladder, hemorrhoids, stomatitis, periodontosis etc. It seems that 99 diseases for this miracle plant not the limit, can treat more.

When using a St. John`s Wort it is necessary to remember that the grass is not harmless that is visible also from its name. It is desirable to accept inside preparations from this plant after consultation with the doctor.

The fresh St. John`s Wort is usually applied outwardly. The crushed leaves and inflorescences use for healing of wounds, ulcers, bruises, put to the inflamed skin sites, for example, at an allergy, rash or after a sting of insects. In pure form or with small additions of honey use for imposing of bandages on sore joints and a waist.

Sometimes apply freshly squeezed juice, but it is difficult to receive it in enough therefore more often from a St. John`s Wort prepare infusions, tinctures, broths, ointments and oil.

For receiving infusion take 30 grams (3 tablespoons) of the crushed fresh grass or 15 gr dried, and fill in 200 ml of boiled water, insist 3 - 4 hours in the dark place, accept on 50 ml 3 times a day to food for treatment of gastritis, normalization acidity of gastric juice, at colitis, cystitis, cholelithiasis, a headache, for improvement of venous blood circulation, increase of pressure etc. Use infusion for rinsing of an oral cavity at catarrhal diseases, and also at a toothache. Outwardly use lotions and compresses with infusion, wipe with it the inflamed skin sites. Infusion can be added to bathtubs when bathing children with skin diseases (noninfectious character).

Principle of use of broths practically same. For preparation of broth take same, as well as for tincture, a ratio of a grass and boiled water, but 20 - 30 minutes heat a vessel (it is desirable enameled or from heat resisting glass) on a water bath, without bringing to boiling.

For receiving tincture the St. John`s Wort in the ratio 1:7 - 10 is filled in with vodka or alcohol and maintained in the dark place not less than three days. Tinctures apply inside to food (a teaspoon on 50 ml of water), use for rinsing of an oral cavity and inhalation. Spirit tincture of a St. John`s Wort - good cure for the warming compresses for muscular and articulate pains.

For external application (healing of wounds, ulcers, bruises, stretchings etc.) use ointment and oil. For receiving ointment mix animal fat, vaseline, fat children`s cream with the evaporated extract of a St. John`s Wort or powder from a dried grass. Oil is prepared, drawing in a proportion 1:1,5 dried grass of a St. John`s Wort and vegetable oil within 5 days. It is possible to do oil and on the basis of a fresh grass, but a proportion in this case 1:1. In the Siberian villages such oil all that is used for treatment of an inflammation of a mucous membrane of an oral cavity and gums (stomatitis and a gingivit).

The St. John`s Wort is long since applied also in cookery as spicy seasoning at preparation of vegetable, fish and meat dishes, tea, drinks on honey, at conservation. The St. John`s Wort is traditionally included into the recipe of many balms, liqueurs and bitter spirit tinctures. Earlier flowers of a St. John`s Wort were used for receiving paint yellow or reddish shades for coloring of fabrics.

Prepare a St. John`s Wort during blossoming, cutting off only the top parts of a grass with flowers. The St. John`s Wort - a perennial plant, but breeds seeds therefore at its preparation it is desirable to leave part of the blossoming plants. Dry a St. John`s Wort in a shadow in well aired rooms. In the dried-up look it is possible to store it in the dark place 2 - 3 years.