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Why military do not love garden associations? Gardeners under firing of

Military softly hint the government that it would be time to allocate soldiers and officers with grounds for maintaining homestead economy. In a food allowance of the modern soldier, and the there is more officer, sailor, at large numbers there have to be vitamins. Without these tiny, but neobkhodimeyshy substances young bodies of fighters grow decrepit and if you want, partially fly into a rage. Most of all vitamins are in vegetables and fruit. And here is how there are obviously not enough times in troops - that and by the ships of vegetables and fruit. Stewed meat, porridges, kissel from bags - all this preservation, but not live cucumbers and tomatoes, say, from a bed that became impregnated with heat of the sun and juice of the native earth.

The matter is that vegetables and fruit do not grow directly in colourful foreign cardboard boxes. The earth is necessary that to grow up all this magnificence. And military have that, their wives, mothers-in-law, children of the zemlitsa are not in the majority. And it is a pity! The small nadelchik, an easy lodge would also reap a crop of the wife of officers and soldiers - contract employees with pleasure and thrift.

Eh, would allocate the state at least on six hundred parts of a zemlitsa to soldiers and their families. Lands - that at us untilled - the seas ruled! Also soldier`s wives would raise carrot - a kartoshechka young - big-bellied kabachechka on these plots, and would send a harvest with a fresh greenfinch to part, to soldiers.

In the Soviet years any mean scientific research institute or zavodik allocated to the employees plots for occupations with gardening on six hundred parts, generally. Sometimes it is more, sometimes it is less. Also their kids outdoors were picked those beds of the man and woman also, creating garden associations. And now in associations there are not enough companions. Nobody distributes a zemlitsa to workers on behalf of the enterprises and the state any more.

Even the Ministry of Defence has no ample opportunities to fighters of our army an allotment to allocate. For the defender of the Russian land, for the soldier, the sailor, the tankman, the pilot, the officer. So that they with wives, kids in time, free from service, for themselves and brothers on the weapon grew up vitaminchik. Fennel, parsley, carrots, cucumber, cabbage, redisochka. And it is a pity! The organism of the fighter filled with vitamins will better cope with burdens of military service. The soldier`s brain at vitamins works quicker and temper of the person becomes quieter, wiser. Tankmen on a full paunch and the brain which is fed up by nutrients shoot more straight, and matrosik fire volleys from ship tools more precisely.

But soldiers and officers an allotment for a family cannot here so easily to receive though many of them from the earth, so to speak, it is. Because also do not love, probably, that civil to whom put on such once distance. Offensively for the soldier! These summer residents, so - them are rastak, in garden associations on the earth eat the pomidorka, on zakus start up a redisochka with a cucumber and ripe cherries from a tree pinch. And still shish kebabs fry so tasty that aroma from those the meat pieces radiating with fat extensively is carried, reaching also nostrils of ordinary soldiers on doctrines and in barracks. Sometimes, that aroma also reaches the ships. Itself I love that aroma, I know how it attracts and tickles hairs in a nose.

And the soldier, the sailor has nothing: the tank stuffy or the ship with its rolling, so, and seasickness. Offensively! But, there`s nothing to be done. Soldiers do not love these civil garden associations, companions from these associations do not treat, usually, soldiers with gifts of the earth - mothers. Manifestation of this dislike for ST today, on August 05, 2009, happened, according to preliminary data, near Moscow, approximately in seventy kilometers from MKAD, near the settlement Rassudovo .

There, near Rassudovo there was educational tank firing practice on Alabinsky proving ground. And here the shell (according to some information - three) got to garden association Rassudovo . Incidentally, of course. It is clear, that nobody wanted harm from soldiers to people to repair. But, to see, in Rassudovo shells and tanks solved offense of soldiers on garden associations, hard-fisted in respect of vitamins, steel to pour out. A shell (or three) flew in Rassudovo damaged seriously fences, and carried one of wells in chips. Data unchecked so far are that.

Here so can happen: you fry brochette on the seasonal dacha in garden association Rassudovo for example. Ate, digested delicacies and in a nuzhnik rural pochapat. Sat down, birdies sing, the ladybug on a wall runs. Silence. Grace. And here - whistle. Silent, but fast. Oh - Bach a shell straight in a nuzhnik, you also fly to a cesspool! And all because tell-tales, sailors, their wives and kids of the zemlitsa are not given and vitaminchik is not very much indulged. And not from the evil to get - that can! Simply, for equipment for soldiers it is offensive whether you know.

Near St. Petersburg 28 - go May, 2009 - go the warship fired at garden association in the settlement the Green Grove of Vyborgsky district. As a result roofs of houses and the car suffered. Seamen take offense too! And this offense is felt by both the ships, and tools on the deck. Is closer to seamen to a zemlitsa, and that all sea campaigns, and even ocean. Avitaminosis on heels stamps. And the fleet does not give allotments though to the sailor of zemliyets oh as it is necessary and pleasant too! Barefoot to walk on it, without habitual sea rolling. Vegetables - fruit most to grow up and on the ship with itself in the form of a house pickles to take. But also jam to weld on from the raspberry, a cheesecake, an ezhevichka.

But, is not present to see, zemlitsa free in Russia! Where throw a look, and defenders of sea and overland boundaries of the country without the plot live, so, vitaminchik receive less. As well as their kids, wives. And it is a pity that the garden associations do not allow soldiers to create. For example, The Tankman - 6 or The Cruiser - 8 . Then probably usual garden associations would not cause such antipathy in military.

You give an allotment to each tell-tale, the sailor, the officer if his family such plot is wished to be cultivated! You look, then to fire at civil garden associations will be more rare.