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Crowded bus: tired look from within. Who to whom has to?

Hello! No, we are not familiar. Just at work was tired. There is no wish to run, shout, swear, prove, to listen more to morals from the administration. Just there is a wish to sit down, to close eyes and to have a rest. You pass. Yes do not worry you, we on final, all have enough places. Yes, I will sit down too. Why it I should get up? Will drive? Will not drive. I go from work, to go to me far. If I stand in the aisle, I will disturb all. So best of all for all. Yes, I can sit at your presence. Well and that that you are more senior? I am a person quite adult too. And you do not even know how many to me years. No, did not guess. I look so because thin and health not really. No. I do not like to give way. And why I actually have to like it? If it is pleasant to all, let all be conceded. I do not like to stand in transport and all do not love. It is normal. My rektion means it is normal, and the one who tries to speak the " type; You have no Conscience... You are not a man just tries to offend me and under the law has to stay 15 days. By the way about a debt and about the law. Those who say that I HAVE TO give way to someone HAVE TO show me a debt rapiska or refer to the article of the law. Where? And is not present. Moreover, as a rule the one who most loudly is indignant and demands that most and has to. And it HAS TO me and not some there unclear debt of conscience, and quite concrete and quite decent money. If earlier children were future, and owed old men for the happy childhood, what now? Now times others and laws others (those which try to give these left unfinished gramote).

Here, for example, old men who grew up in the USSR and think that they constructed communism with inhuman warped person. Earlier they were told thanks for the happy childhood. And now they for old time`s sake (or on a sclerosis with marasmus) try to protulit also to me it. Will not leave. More true let would leave. There is a strong wish that somebody paid all that I in the childhood received less. Transport is state? They think time it state, it from air became itself and it is possible. By the way, the state was dragged in. Well and so, I pay the state taxes. Still yet hid nothing and in an envelope did not receive. Because I get paid in cash desk and I cannot just take cover from taxes. And taxes I pay not sickly, even about the of more than modest salary. Only last year from me it was withheld taxes on domestic, second-hand, but quite decent car. Here if they approach any car owner (it is desirable for the owner of a porsh, he precisely a few taxes did not pay in addition that) and will begin to demand that it HAS TO them. As there is a wish to look at dismantling of grandmothers and old men with enforcers on jeeps. And if the machine is simpler, they will be put maybe and brought. Scars for 100. You do not wish me to give 100 rubles, the granny? Where robbery? Here costs cheaper? And you here how many paid at an entrance? At all? Cool. If who thinks that the uncle Petya driving will carry kgo - nibud free of charge, then it is time for it to treat brains. Just to the uncle Petya and all his office the state lists every month for each pensioner 650r (already can more, was not interested long ago). And all this from my taxes. So I already paid Vash Drive, do not desire to arrange panic. Yes clever and took in head to learn. Also I should not stick. I to you it is polite, and you straight off began to be rude.

And? What? Children? Sure. Over there from that party too such sit. Could rise and to give way to the grandmother with the grandfather. What again not so? They our future? You are mistaken again. It so was earlier when I was your future and you to me shouted Young ishsho!! You will manage to sit for a long time!! Quickly give way! ! . And now all on another. Now I go from work where I pay taxes. From these taxes pay you pension. And me for pension allegedly something is postponed. Whether I will only live and whether I will be able to receive it - it is unknown. For now the pension fund does not handle the responsibilities, my quite real money goes on your pension. And this young dolt, with a gold chain both this made-up juvenile prostitute and those blockheads by which it is not sat on places for disabled people because the window is not visible they to me will earn nothing. They will work only for themselves. The law such at us was adopted. So and here you in flight. I should not of

Yes? To you that what? You the uncle big, nearly 2 meters and like not the patient (unless on all head)... Ah the girl costs! Yours perhaps girl? If yours, so already brushes away it to pedophilia. But, however, on crumpled unwashed clothes and a specific smell it is quite possible to guess in what business here. The wife (if there is such) called I excite and expelled. Or just does not give. And here as ill luck would have it spermotoksikoz, a demon in an edge, crisis of middle age... In a word there is a wish to risanutsya before the maid, here and chose younger more silly, got to me, but not to those pumped-over morons who collapsed together on 4 back places. Of course, in the same place can heave so that the rest of life you will go free of charge on invalidsky. Yes do not shout you so, there is nobody to try. There was your sweetheart at last stop. It also was not going to sit down that absolutely.

And here is how time and the disabled person was drawn. Remembered it, and it here. Yes native what you will desire? To give way to the disabled person of the first group? What, law such? Of course, no problem! Under the law. To Udostoverenyitsa that is? Good fellow. Here also slide further. Under the law. No. I am not a boor and not the rude fellow. I am very lovely person who did not take you by the scruff and did not drag where follows where from you your disability has to be removed together with shaving and force to return that money which you illegally steal from the state. Yes you steal! I have among relatives 2 disabled persons of a pervogrupnik and I precisely know that the disabled person of the first group has the right to move only accompanied by the special person with the certificate. And differently he illegally receives the pension and privileges everything from the same taxes. Also I should not shout in an ear that you will be grooved. If you at least saw the real pervogrupnik, then would know that they have no health on such performances.

And you what so you press? You are hurt by legs and you should sit down? Imagine and hurt me. Why I lie, and you do not lie? About myself I precisely know that legs me hurt also heart me sick. And you behind bus ran is direct as on a hundred-meter race. I so could not, especially with full bags. No, I not zdorovy a forehead and I am not rude. You straight off began to be rude and stick it and continue all road. Also I should not organize performances, you will not fall anywhere. For all life where I went by the bus only one person fainted. There was a full bus of compassionate uncles and aunties, but nobody gave way to it. It was necessary to lay down to the person on a floor not to die from human kindness. And I compose nothing because it was I, and I precisely know that to me to stand harmfully.

Yes what is it today! Magnetic storms began? What all such boring? Patients, perhaps? Precisely. The hospital was passed. No, I will not concede. What is? Whether you asked I will give way - I told I will not concede . You on the sick-list, with a temperature? Yes? Precisely sick. What idiot with a temperature on hospitals gads. And still it is unknown what infection carries. It is necessary to call the doctor on the house. I here do not even cause. Because you will not wait, and potm a day more should be ruined that the sick-list to close. I am ill also itself I am treated. To me is so quieter and I get nobody and I do not infect. Yes I understood that you and on my money are ill the patient. I already explained that on mine. On my taxes which go for providing free medicine. Five thousand a year. Yes, for me it is very big money and I checked, my tax payments cover this sum. Last year I did not ask for free medical care. You want to return me five thousand? Is not present? And I do not want to talk to you.

Oh grandfather! Do not shake medals. You do not shout so all. I get up. Only do not tear to me eardrums. What there the grandfather shouts again? And! It has a sore leg and he cannot get up, and to it already to leave. And what was to sit down for 15 seconds if you know that to rise to you 2 minutes. Well everything lifted the grandfather, ran. As jerked with a sore leg... Yes I did not push you. You saw, the grandfather ran and pushed all. And WELL STAND SILENTLY!!! BLIND ABSOLUTELY!! WHERE to me to MOVE! Itself wanted that I stood here, means suffer.

It is necessary, finished. And I began to shout as they. It is good that to me to leave already. My stop - final.