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Exclusive interview with DJ Miller

DJ MILLER - “ Paradise “ the resident, the talented musician and the most stylish DJ according to fans - answers the questions SHOWONE

SHOWONE: With 9 - go till July 16, 2009 on Ibiza passed “ Paradise week “ - with your participation! How it was what was remembered?

DJ MILLER: Really, we in the good company flew to Ibiza. The trip was organized by " club; PARADISE “. It was my first visit on the island - it was pleasant to me! There pleasantly both to have a rest and to hang out. I attended all significant parties which took place during this period of time, the biggest impression rendered Swedish House Mafia on me in “ Pacha “! I played in " club; El Divino “.

SHOWONE: Talented and successful vocalists with the reputation which is not casting pop “ yellowness “ - a big rarity in the territory of the former Union. It is possible to tell, Max Lawrence - one of the few “ " semi-precious stones; vocal art As to you with it it was worked whether there are plans of joint projects for the future?

DJ MILLER: It was valid to Work cool! with Max - it is a pleasure. At the beginning of Maxim wrote all parties at himself at studio, and there was a small misunderstanding, but then it arrived to us - and we wrote down all parties from the first double! He is a true professional! Now we do for it a remix!

SHOWONE: Creativity of DJ Miller`a, seemingly, causes only positive reaction in listeners, they enthusiastically comment on your track, joint with DJ Shevtsov, “ Your city does not sleep “. You manage to create cheerful remixes even on not really - that “ cheerful “ songs (for example, “ Points over I “) . How at you it turns out? Thus in creativity your positive nature of the Person and Musician is shown? Or it is necessary to consider the Law of commercial music: Any Negative in Masses?

DJ MILLER: I least of all think of the law of commercial music (I did not even know about it is mute) when I create a track or a remix. I think, nobody will be able to answer this question … with

of SHOWONE: Term “ commercial music “ some di - Jay use with some bashful intonation: a pier, I know, it “ it is not honourable “ but what to do … However, world electronic music knows examples of commercially successful underground tracks. Listeners in principle are confused in indications: for many the commercial house begins at once as soon as they hear how “ the bit knocks - aunts sing - pipes play “ … What for you is commercial electronic music in Russia, as if you defined this phenomenon - and the attitude towards him at the same time?

DJ MILLER: What to consider as commercial music? Music simple for perception of masses? Or music successful from the point of view of the brought-in income? When I create a track, I am guided by the taste. The same concerns selection of music for my sets. The track has to arrange how the piece of music: I have favourite tracks in different stylistics from soulfull house to tech house.

SHOWONE: Let`s continue the subject “ commercial music “ on a concrete example. - Jay in the territory of the former Union there is a lot of top di, but Leonid Rudenko with the success in the world - one. Mean all composed success, including rotation in masses - media and “ national recognition “. As they say, when “ the song reaches from each " iron; … Your way, what components of its success?

DJ MILLER: I think, first of all, very good music, well, and excellent management!

SHOWONE: Tony Wilson once told that di - Jay is some kind of intermediary. Conductor of others music. A framework of the conductor of others music (let and conditional) does not deliver to you “ professional discomfort “?

DJ MILLER: In - the first, many di - Jay are authors of the tracks, I know di - Jay who play only the works in set time! In - the second, di - a dzheing - this true art. To create the correct atmosphere in club, even using the tracks which are not created by you is and there is a skill of di - Jay! And it is very difficult!

SHOWONE: Certainly, the most expensive product in the modern world is information, and its value increases at observance of a condition of an exclusivity. In creativity the easiest way to receive an exclusive is to create something. But, if to abstract from a subject of creation of own works - whether you have ways, opportunities to receive exclusive “ materials “ ?

DJ MILLER: Yes, of course! Exist promo - mailings from producers and labels. Also I keep up friendship with many famous di - Jay, we communicate.

SHOWONE: Success of many world “ stars “ di - a dzheing is under construction on their own tracks. Your author`s are appreciated by listeners and colleagues from shop. Who (and what) inspires you on creation of the music?

DJ MILLER: Now we take only the first steps. By and large, song “ Your city does not sleep “ was “ first attempt at writing “. We write down already following track with the famous English vocalist, and it will already be thought more over work. Well and, naturally, we continue to create considerable quantity of remixes!

SHOWONE: Tell a little about DJ Miller’e as about the person, but not the musician - and listens that this person loves what he aspires to as he has a rest that reads what aroma uses what brands of clothes prefers … As they say, “ your favourite color, your favourite dish … “ Whether there are pets? Well, and, of course, it would be desirable to learn about a family!

DJ MILLER: Now time practically for anything, except work, no … I have a rest with the girlfriend at home. I love clothes from eminent fashion designers - I try to watch trends. I have a cat - Basik, an Abyssinian cat. Very much I love it, it amuses me From food all the time I prefer the Italian and Japanese cuisines.

SHOWONE: What will you be engaged in 10 years in if cataclysms of 2012 do not reject us in the Stone Age?

DJ MILLER: If it occurs - I think, all will be busy only by one - a survival!!!

Exclusive interview with DJ Miller - and the author of the text Svetlana Ledneva for www. showone. ru