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As to us to live further. Or than chicken is similar to the person...

Exactly a year ago I with the family left Kiev. Lodged in 100 km from our capital in the small settlement. Settlement as settlement. Gas, light, water, sewerage. The Chernobyl settlement is called. Built for Chernobyl veterans, but now there is almost no they left already here. Who sold the houses, who died. On a miscellaneous happens. But not about it the speech.

Why I made up the mind to this step. Why moved to live closer to the nature. There were several reasons. In - the first, I was born in the village, grew up in the small town in the private house and to live in the apartment for me was intolerable. I got used to go outside, break in the morning an apple, to eat raspberries. And to walk barefoot on snow in the winter.

And what in the apartment in the center of Kiev? Only cough of the sick grandmother behind a wall. Yes neighbors in an entrance, for several years I even not to time did not see many of which. You sit in this section, and you do not know what to be engaged. It became even worse when I left and opened the business. It is not necessary to go to work. You stay at home. Friends all at work to talk except the wife there is nobody. Also we decided to move to the house, to get a dog, to put a garden, to give birth to the child at last. To give birth to the child in the apartment and to carry him then on the Kiev streets when there is no air at all. No! I saw enough it as mummies near the route walk children. So to speak breathe fresh " air;. Also understood that I do not want such fate for the child.

To tell that it was terrible to move, means not to tell anything. Before final decision-making me by several it was afraid, could not sleep, felt sick. Present what horror was tested by subconsciousness in a presentiment of fast changes.

Here - the apartment, business, comfort, friends, everything is familiar. There - uncertainty.

But to recede was late. I always finish begun. I remember as in the childhood read that that those people who were born under the sign of Twins do not finish begun. And in my case it was valid so. It so was not pleasant to me that I from this minute always began to bring everything to a logical conclusion.

We found the house from the first attempt. The wife watched offers separately. And when we showed each other what house it was pleasant, turned out to us that we chose the same house. And we reconciled 

The apartment was sold in 2 days. First who came, became our buyer. There was enough money to buy the house, the car, to make good repair, to organize business for the wife (not because I could not support a family but because my darling cannot just stay at home).

Neighbors accepted us normally. Nobody especially was surprised that we moved from Kiev. It turns out that in the district there are a lot of people who got over on the nature. There is here both a famous karateka, and the cynologist who parts and trains German shepherds. There are many ordinary people from Kiev. Nobody beyond Kiev is sorry. Sincerely is not sorry.

After we finished repair, first of all I took myself a dog - the German. Always dreamed, but in the apartment there was no opportunity. And I feel sorry for big dogs who live in apartments. The same torture for them. My whole day rushes after 20 hundred parts, and all the same loves when I walk it. And if in the apartment, the whole day does not move. Same penal servitude for a zhivotinka.

Already passed a little more than a year as we live here. Friends already got used (first twisted a finger at a temple and were perplexed how it was possible to exchange the apartment in Kiev for the house in the village and many of you it is sure consider also). The dog grew, grew up. The wife had a rumanets on cheeks, got prettier. I began to feel much better. You will leave in the evening, you will look at stars, and all problems leave. Or the psinka will run up, will lick a cheek, the cat on hands will jump out, and at heart it becomes good.

And probably many of you are perplexed. And at what here chicken and why she has to be similar to the person. And now you will understand everything. In the winter we with the wife decided to pass to a rawism. Not it of course rigid (we are not fanatics) that nothing is impossible, sometimes and meat we afford. But 90% of our diet are made by crude live food. Grew thin, became better to feel.

And in the spring we as at once realized that what is sold in shops, it is impossible to eat. Beginning from bread, and finishing with sausages, beer and all the rest. Well we refused alcohol 5 years ago. Completely. And from beer too. If you do not know, at the use of beer in an organism of the man women`s hormones, and at the woman man`s are produced. That is men become effeminate, and women men in a skirt. And the fact that you are told that beer useful it specially to destroy on as race (Slavs).

We esteemed about sausages which for 90% consist of soy GMO, from - behind which through one generation of the woman will cease to give birth (made experiment, fed rats of GMO with soy. At these rats infant rats twice smaller than put were born. And when they grew up, they were infertile. IN TOTAL! Scientists drew a conclusion that it waits also for us already in the next generation).

Firm if you do not know cheeses, maintain not several months as it is necessary, and several days. At the same time that cheese quicker prepared add such poisons to it that is it simply hazardously to health. Maybe who noticed how over the last 10 years firm cheeses awfully were spoiled.

Cucumbers, tomatoes, fruit contain how many pesticides that will be enough for 10 generations forward. And pesticides collecting, cause including infertility. Apples which you buy in the markets, supermarkets poison prior to 14 times that they grew up one season, and were not worm-eaten. You represent what apple if it even worms are is do not want. And people eat.

Also we decided to pass to all natural. Besides of course without fanaticism. Took several chickens that home-made eggs were, a nanny-goat that to drink the pair milk.

If you think that what you buy in shops and is milk, then you roughly are mistaken. This or poor excuse for milk, or the diluted powder. Well think how milk can there are in a package several months. Same absurdity. In America sell milk which open on a heat not to spoil within a year. It is just chemistry, there even bacteria cannot live. In the USA specially removed breed of cows who have such big udder that they cannot go. They all life lie in to darkness. As scientists proved that in the dark cows give milk better.

And at us on farms of cows when milk, together with milk manure, pus, garbage gets. Then still finally this milk kill at plant. And then people drink a white poison. You drink few months pair milk, at you all diseases will pass, thoughts will become more accurate.

And now most important part of my story. We came to the market with the purpose to buy several chickens. Now in the market you will not find home curia any more. Only inkubatorsky. Show of course pathetic. Sit in cages on 40 pathetic unfortunate beings. All crooked. And without feathers. You can imagine chicken without feathers?

Ya too could not before. They to themselves all pull out feathers as they lack nutrients. Scientists say that birds in such conditions just go crazy literally.

We bought not such awful, hardly found such at which though was feathers a little. Brought home, let out. They could not go, eat, look. They just lay week on the sun and slept off. It of course was a show. In a week they began to come to life gradually. Already run, become impudent even sometimes, pose as abrupt 

grew Feathers, combs reddened and rose.

But all the same they are stupid. I just remember from the childhood, we had hens. So they for us went, into the house could come, will never spoil. Well bright are shorter. And these stupid. In general think nothing, to eat nothing except compound feed to which they were accustomed on a farm are not. Angry some, wild. And already nothing you will help them here. They are already adult, and will not change.

And we decided to take still little chickens. So same another matter. Cheerful, cheep, I run, fly, eat everything. You come to them, run towards, rejoice. Eyes rejoice. Was not in time them still the system will break, still there was with them an interest in life.

Now I think where to put adults, that rather stupid. To give someone, perhaps.

And that I noticed. These adult hens are very similar to people who live in the city, and every day spend 9 hours in office.

I compare.

1. Hens live in cages - people live in cages apartments too, work in cages offices.

2. Hens do not see this world - and people spend 99% of the time at artificial lighting, and even on the street from - for skyscrapers do not notice the sky.

3. Kurey feed with any rubbish - and people eat that, as will not advise the enemy. I do not speak about alcohol and cigarettes any more. It and is so clear that only the zazombirovanny person without the opinion can voluntarily poison himself with this muck. Today in megalopolises even at big desire and big money you will not find normal food. In each product of GMO, preservatives, dyes, taste improvers. And then allergies, infertility, asthma, cancer and so on begin. Even if you the vegetarian, then in the modern city it is even worse, than to be omnivorous as modern fruit and vegetables are generally genno modified (in plants implant genes of jellyfishes, animals, and even the person). And a stake - in pesticides it that any organism cannot digest it. Pesticides are even in wheat, peas, corn, buckwheat everywhere. To grow up a good harvest, farmers water all day long the fields with chemicals. And we feed then with it the children.

4. Hens are suppressed, are in a constant stress - people are in a constant nervous tension, work, negative news on mass media, fear to lose work, awful ecology.

5. Hens are sick - there are no healthy people now too, there are those who just do not know about the sores.

6. Curia farmers use in the mercenary purposes - people are used too in the purposes by the world government, the native government, the director at work, advertisers, etc.

When I brought curia, and they lay several days unconscious on the sun, I obviously saw in them people who after a year of work at office go to the sea, green, the patients tortured. Lie on the sun, and recover. And as soon as departed a little, at once back, in office, for work.

Many of you will answer me: And what you offer? Some will even begin to be irritated and shout: You what, you suggest us to return to the Stone Age and to live a subsistence economy? Or not to go to work? And on what we will live

But not I need to ask these questions. I live almost subsistence economy, I do not go to work. And at the same time a great lot of free time, I put it in creativity, reflections, a hobby, sport, communication, pleasure life.

I understand that secret governors of our planet already many thousands of years do everything possible that people did not want to live outdoors and to grow up the products. They specially thought up such ways of processing of the earth that it was tiresome and is not effective. They specially drove peasants into such corner that those see life only in the city. And people agree is any rubbish, to breathe ashes, to give birth to the children patients, but they will not refuse the city and apartments.

Reaction of all people when you say to them that environmental disaster is inevitable surprises. That already our children will eat only synthetic food from tubes, to go with chips, will be ill.

to People just all the same. They go and further drink beer, vodka, smoke, eat mucks, watch mucks on TV, live in cages - apartments. You consider this thinking of adult, wise, independent people whom does not concern them future, future their children at all. It is just crowd. Thoughtless and silly crowd which needs only bread and shows.

I will tell you what to live outdoors, to eat the products, to be healthy, happy, not to go to work, to do favorite thing not simply really. It is possible and it is necessary to do. There is nothing unattainable here.

You have an apartment? Sell it and buy the house outdoors, or construct the. There is money? Just construct, let the apartment in the city remain, it will not prevent.

You cannot without work. I have many acquaintances who work far off. Also earn 1 - 2 thousand a dale. Or it is even better - go about the own business, open small business. And ideally, business useful, developing, but not just buy - sell. But for a start and such will fit.

You cannot without theater, parties? Believe when you begin to live outdoors, you will understand that it not the most important. Sunset, favourite animals, your children, cucumbers, pomidorka which are poured by juice a soft grass - all this is much more useful and more interesting, than an aping of actors in theater. All this naturally and naturally. Better gather with neighbors and put statements.

But even if you cannot refuse the city, its vanity and parties in any way, nobody to you prevents to come to the city when it wants to you.

In what to be engaged outdoors? Get a dog, a cat, plant a few vegetables to eat, natural and without chemistry. Put a garden that there were always fresh fruit. Have a rest, admire the nature, you watch the developing movies, read good books, find to yourself good friends with whom you will develop. Gather in the evenings and play soccer, volleyball, tennis (big, desktop). Women like to sew, embroider. Men can learn to work with a tree, to be engaged in a carving, a pottery, rod network. Fishing, campaigns. Travel all over the world. It is possible to list indefinitely. It is necessary to realize only one. Now you live at most 2 - 3 hours a week when you have a little a rest at the weekend, and you begin something to think, enjoy life. All rest of the time is a vanity and senseless actions.

Outdoors you will live 24 hours a day. You will be an owner to yourself.

Believe, world secret government wants that all people lived in the cities. Why.

Because in the cities people are completely disoriented. They are torn off by nature, from its forces, energy. Cars, concrete, computers do not give energy, they only take away it. They distort our power field, break work of charkas. For good circulation of energy it is necessary to go as often as possible barefoot, it is more time to spend in nature.

Reflect why it is not in villages the phenomenon as homosexuality, but in the city of such people becomes more every day. In the USA to 30% of people are already homosexuals.

Because in the village people are closer to the nature. They are not so disoriented as city dwellers. And adulteries, stains in villages too 10 times less. I will not tell that in villages all couples love and cherish each other. At all not. But nevertheless it is much less stains. Why, you ask. Because they have the general house, they spend together much time. They have general animals, a garden, a kitchen garden. They became attached to the house, a site.

And what connects people in the city?

Yes anything. Perfectly anything. Works are different, interests too. Every day carry out separately from each other. In the evening tired came, ate, watched TV, went to bed. If such to steam quarrel, they can leave, disperse. And what at them the general? The apartment - a cage, the smoking car? But all this inanimate objects, they do not unite people.

And around how many temptations, how many nice girls in miniskirts. One more beautiful another. And men leave. Because connects nothing them with their wives.

It is very easy to manipulate city dwellers, they constantly are in artificial space. Television, advertizing, bigborda, cars, people, at home Everything flashes before eyes, and constantly litters subconsciousness. Such people cannot think, timemyshlyat, they are in a constant metushn. They cannot plan the life, dream. For this purpose they just have no forces and time.

Many realize it, and I feel from it unfortunate. But they do not understand that they can change. They know only two lives. The first - life in the city, circulation all life for work, diseases, quarrels, divorces, changes.

The second life - life in the village. Without light, gas, water. To plow all day long for the rest of the natural (many centuries were specially created intolerable living conditions of people in the village that all moved to the city. People in the city - completely defenseless beings. With them it is possible to do anything. To feed them with a poison, to arrange them crises, to manipulate. I will tell you in confidence that in villages there is no crisis. People live as before. At them all the, they did not take the credits. They know about crisis only from TV. Crisis is only in the cities when the person has nothing. He is a slave, and crisis just it shows that actually, owners can take away at any time everything that was given to the slave).

And therefore most of people chooses the city. Because think that there is no third option. But it is.

It is life outdoors, in the house. The garden, small ogorodik (1 hundred part can support a family of 4 people), flowers. There are all communications: light, gas, water, the sewerage (it is now not a problem at all). That is the house with all conveniences. But difference from the city that to you never to disconnect water as you have the well with clear water. You will switch on and off heating when want, but not when will solve ZhEK. You will always have hot water. We for example include heating in September, and we switch off in May. At us always warmly and comfortably in the house. We have a brick house, and the whole summer in the house is cool. No conditioners which do air to the dead are necessary.

It is not clear to me that such cutoff of warm water or heating, or cold batteries in the winter. As you know, in Kiev it occurs regularly. For a full autonomy soon I will put the electric generator and solar collectors on a roof.

Believe that it is possible to live outdoors, in the house, to grow up the products and to be engaged in economy at most 1 hour a day. The fact that so it is impossible to peasants does not mean that it is impossible. Peasants also of a zazombirovana, are accustomed to drinking and fooled. They were taught to live so that they could not reflect even for a minute. But it does not mean that it is impossible to live on another. It is possible and is necessary.

Many move to the cottages, or houses on 6 hundred parts now, plant all with a lawn grass. Also eat GMO fruit from a supermarket, and poison the children. Not that, is not an exit. We will only be a poor excuse for the USA in 20 years. At them almost all live in the houses, but eat rubber food from supermarkets, and drink milk with an expiration date of 10 years.

Think over this article. All this that I from you ask.