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What to choose, an original, or compatible cartridge?

So, at your office of course are the printer, or several printers (at each office, at the enterprise and. t. d is available from one to several tens units of the printing equipment) and your task to provide this equipment with expendables. Yes only, crisis came, and funds for providing office began to allocate less, and original cartridges, for example hp, regularly rise in price for 3 - 5%. The alternative undoubtedly is, for example compatible cartridges, they are called still analog or stereotyped . The price is twice lower, and quality of the press is not worse. Prints such cartridge as well as an original, in black and white, resource of the press same as well as at an original cartridge, clients are happy. Firms producers of office equipment sell printers very cheap, practically printer as a gift plus horror stories that it is not necessary to buy stereotyped cartridges and it is not necessary to fill them, and that the pier, will break at you the printer from - for such cartridges, and we to you on a guarantee will not repair. Yes the printer from - for uses of stereotyped cartridges will not break! There was no it in practice, but even if to allow such thought, then on the saved money you will be able to get still a couple of new printers. Let`s count together. Let`s take for an example the HP LJ P1005 printer, its average cost of 4 500 rubles. The cost of a cartridge (CB435A) for this printer of 2 756 rubles. Upon purchase of the printer in a set there is a cartridge. If to subtract 2 756 rubles from 4 500 rubles we will receive 1 744 rubles - it is cost naked printer. For example in a month you spend one cartridge if to buy original cartridges, your expenses in a year will make - 2 75612=33 072 ruble. The cost of a compatible cartridge - 1 586 rubles, 1 58612=19 032 ruble will make your expenses on purchase of a compatible cartridge. Gas station of such cartridge, a high-quality toner, costs 400 rubles. In my opinion the economy of means more than is obvious. Then in fact, buying an original cartridge you spend a half of the funds for providing profit for the American trademark.