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When prophetic dreams dream?

They say that, since December 25 (Catholic Christmas and an ancient holiday of the Solstice) and till January 19 (Epiphany) dreams have very powerful force, and on them it is possible to predict future. Whether so it? Ancient thought of the nature of a dream, calling dreams envoys of gods, envoys of hell. The Christian church considers correct not to trust dreams, only, if they do not dream some conventual or the Pope. Though, Revelation came to John the Evangelist through a dream. Dmitry Mendeleyev dreamed about the table of chemical elements, and Pilat`s wife under the influence of a dream advised the husband not to participate in Christ`s execution.

At night when Atilla died, dreamed the emperor Martsian that onions of the gunnsky conqueror broke. Tartini, the outstanding violinist, composed the sonata Devil trills inspired dream. Coleridge under the influence of a dream created the poem Kubla is the khan .

The dream is that strange state when the person is between the world real and otherworldly. Ancient considered that the dream is a small death. Perhaps, they were also mistaken, but, it appears, they compared a dream to death because the consciousness during a dream comes off the real world a little. However, it only partly. The dream is inseparably linked with reality, and it confirms that some people are inclined as if to scroll events in a dream. Some people can obtain information from the I during a dream. For example, the guy several times dreams that his girl is hit by the truck. After that it occurs actually. Some people can dream about the future wives (husbands) or other partners in life long before acquaintance. Partly, dreams are preventions, Space signals. Dreams are rudiments of the future. We dream what has to come true - Bailey wrote.

However, the ultraboundary world not really it is necessary to be fond. In the novel of the modern writer Smirnov Cyrus Veliky the case when the evil ghost specially confused the member of a brotherhood of the Right hand is described, and that curtailed from a way true, considering that Cyrus, the Persian tsar of a branch Akhemenidov, it is necessary to rescue. Actually it was not necessary to do it.

There are three types of dreams: subjective, physical and spiritual. They are connected by

with the past, present and future. Deeply prophetical character has a spiritual appearance of dreams, especially, when leaves bright impression in consciousness. Physical dreams hardly deserve attention. The dreams caused by drugs, diseases or hypnosis get to this class. Such dreams reflect only a condition of a body. There are also mixed dreams caused by a set of events.

There are four stages of a dream:

1. Falling asleep is a transitional stage from wakefulness to a dream.

2. The second stage comes in minutes twenty after the first. Usually it occupies less than a half of all time of a dream.

3. Slow dream. In time slow dream the brain has really a rest.

4. REM sleep . REM sleep takes about 90 minutes, but approximately at this time the person has dreams.

It is considered that the man needs to sleep six hours, to the boy - seven, and only the woman needs more time for a dream . The fact that today people began to sleep much less, than during the previous eras is interesting.

Sleeplessness is partly connected with a depression, partly with overfatigue, partly with emotional explosion (love, a stress). It is known that some zodiac signs (Cancer, Fishes) are subject to sleeplessness in a full moon. From sleeplessness recommend a valerian, fennel and other calming herbs.

There is such belief that the healthy person has no dreams. Perhaps, it is right. But the person comprises the past, the present and the future. The person cannot abstract from these states. Personal I even in a normal state cannot be exempted from the past, or from concern on the future. There is a theory that dreams is possible to order by means of certain manipulations. Some scientists even construct special devices for immersion of the person in a dream. But hardly it is correct. Why to force already loaded subconsciousness and that for pleasure it is constant to live in the world of dreams? There is a remarkable reality in which if to rummage, it is possible to find not only small pleasures, but also to catch a great luck.

All benefits to you, and excellent dreams! But only moderately.