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How stamp concrete?

In the previous article were talked of properties and the general technology of laying of stamped concrete. Today we will dwell upon it slightly. At the same time we will also find out that for miracle medicines are capable to improve and provide unrecognizably unusual qualities to usual gray concrete.

Preparation of the basis for future decorative surface, reinforcing and filling differ in nothing from technology known for decades. Process of decorative processing begins after solution is filled in and its surface is leveled, or in other words - while at construction of a usual concrete path work comes to an end.

The leveled surface is strewed with magic powder - Color Hardender fixer . Powder paints concrete in the necessary color, and at the same time increases durability of the top layer. Each layer of a fixer is accurately smoothed, trying to obtain that all powder evenly became impregnated with moisture. Usually two layers are required.

The next magic means - a hydrophobic toner of Color Release . Except giving of a surface of an additional saturated shade, powder prevents sticking of concrete to stamps.

After processing of our future design masterpiece the powder Color Release it is possible and to smoke. The following, very important operation - stamping - is carried out when concrete from liquid sour cream turns into plasticine, i.e. will begin to grab.

For stamping needs the special forming tool the chosen texture, 6 - 9 rigid mats and 1 - 2 flexible. It is possible to manage also smaller quantity, but due to reduction in the rate of work. By the way, if the surface is rather big and there is fear not to manage to process it to a full skhvatyvaniye of concrete, then for increase in time of hardening use Retarder additive .

After causing texture of work for today come to an end. The next stage - only next day when concrete hardens. The excess powder Color Release which remained on a surface is washed away from a hose, the surface is washed out with acid. Procedure on the one hand improves color, with another provides the best coupling of concrete and a varnish - sealant.

Yes, yes, quite so. That the beautiful structured surface kept the view of the greatest possible term, at the final stage it is varnished. A varnish - Clear Seal sealant is applied with a spray or the ordinary roller.

The described technology is called of Increte . It is applied if the structured decorative surface is conceived by the designer initially. But stamps can be applied also on an old surface. For this purpose the Thin technology - Crete serves .

For a start old concrete is given in acceptable look . Level all roughnesses, eliminate cracks, chips and other defects. The surface is carefully washed, degrease special Grease Away chemical , processed solution of hydrochloric acid and dried.

Apply on a pure and dry plain surface Bond Crete glue which appointment to connect an old substrate and the new top layer formed by the mix Thin Crete Grout .

Dry mix is dissolved and applied on the surface processed by glue with a layer of 6 - 8 millimeters. Through one and a half - two hours can be put texture. For it honor stamps same, as well as in a case with to young people concrete, but have a low relief not to press through a thin layer of a new surface.

For division of a stamp and concrete the same powder Color Release will fit. Its analog - the liquid colourless dividing Liquid Release component , which advantages in lack of dust and harmlessness to plants. A scope of a liquid divider - well-planned garden sites and premises. Touch-up - drawing a varnish - sealant.

Everything, the surface is ready. It is possible to use and admire.

Good luck.