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Grand duchess Aleksandra Pavlovna: how there was a destiny of the senior granddaughter Catherine II? On August 9, 1783 Maria Fiodorovna has

, spouses of the grand duke Pavel Petrovich, the daughter who was named Aleksandra was born. Who chose a name for the baby, it is simple to guess: the grandmother Catherine the Great already interfered once with destiny of the son and named the senior grandson Alexander. She resolutely declared to the son: in order that the great princess did not get under influence of kind, but sentimental mother - Maria Fiodorovna - she will be engaged in education of the granddaughter. So Sashenka nearly since the birth said goodbye to mother and began to live in the palace at the terrible empress.

It is necessary to tell that in recent years Catherine II`s reigns the situation in Europe was heated to a limit. In France the Bastille was taken on July 14, 1789, then according to the decision of Convention on January 21, 1793 the citizen Ludovic Capet (Louis XVI) was executed for change to the homeland and usurpation of the power. What could be expected from French further, nobody knew. In to muddy " water; Swedes who had no objection to subject audits of the obligation of the parties according to the Nishtadtsky world when to Russia passed Ingermanlandiya, Estlyandiya and Finland decided to catch a small fish. In a word, both granddaughters of the Russian empress - 15 months later after Aleksandra`s birth, her younger sister Elena was born - were considered by the grandmother as peculiar props for strengthening of the Russian positions in Europe.

Bargaining chips in the empress`s hands

And, in a case the grandmother decided not to stand on ceremony with Aleksandra especially. Hardly the granddaughter was 10 years old, she right there began to conduct negotiations with Swedes regarding a marriage between the young Swedish king Gustav IV Adolf (at that time the young man was 15 years old) and Aleksandra. Of course, did not decide to make laugh Europe (the wedding when to the groom and the bride together 25 years is good!) but the empress hurried to hammer the place at a throne of the Swedish monarch. It was decided that the wedding will take place on reaching the groom 18 - summer age, three years later.

For all this time the groom and the bride managed to get acquainted. They saw each other absolutely not for long, but the grandmother authoritatively declared to the granddaughter: whether you will love the spouse or not - before nobody does not care. Better you its everything - fell in love, for the benefit...

Aleksandra was an obedient girl and managed to convince herself that she loves the future husband. She long considered its photo and did not find anything repellent in features of the king. In a word, by 13 years Sashenka already ripened to the fact that she will love the husband eternally - it is eternal .

Of course, she also did not know what passions boil around its wedding. Having heard that eccentrical sebyalyub Gustav - Adolf decided to turn facing Russia, the first French were outright disturbed. Arrival charming young northern queens actually meant loss of the French influence. And therefore everything was used: money, communications, blackmail. To the king it was strenuously put some idea that the Russian princess is, in fact, the Cinderella that he needs more powerful spouse.

And the king - that against!

Should pay tribute to the king - it long time did not give in on arrangements. At last the French advisers used the last trump: marriage can be possible only under a condition if the bride refuses Orthodoxy and will pass into Protestantism!

This idea to Gustaf - to Adolf was pleasant, but he did not begin to open the plans for the time being. As the respectable person it arrived to wedding ceremony which was appointed to September 10, 1796) several minutes prior to its beginning, again - a molchok. The young princess in vestments of the bride expected the beginning of wedding ceremony together with the powerful grandma.

The last, by the way, worshipped it. In one and a half years prior to the described events she told in the letter to one pen friend: I can safely tell that it is difficult to find equal to it on beauty, talents and courtesy, not to mention a dowry which for rather poor Sweden in itself makes a subject important. Besides, this marriage could strengthen the world for many years . The empress does not dissemble: by seven years Aleksandra spoke four languages, well wrote and drew, played a harpsichord, sang, danced and showed big mildness of character...

But to the bride the groom did not leave the rooms allocated for him. And sent the messenger who loudly declared: The Groom considers himself free from all obligations until the bride does not accept Protestantism!

At these words Catherine II failed on a floor, it the stroke struck (later consequences of the postponed blow became the reason of premature death of the empress who happened two months later). In a deep faint also the bride fell down. The wedding, naturally, fell apart!

Running forward, I will tell that, without having used this chance, the king finished the stay on a throne it is very deplorable: On March 29, 1809 he abdicated under pressing of the oppositionists who took Stockholm leaning on the Danish bayonets. But the riksdag later declared one and a half months that it and his descendants lose the right to occupy the Swedish throne. The unaccomplished groom of Aleksandra Pavlovna in exile died.

Love will unintentionally appear suddenly?

She quickly enough recovered from a shock, and after a while " again; fell in love in the new candidate for grooms specified by it. It was the younger brother of the Austrian emperor Franz I - the archduke Josef. By then he was the brother`s deputy in Hungary and the real applicant for a throne in case of Franz I`s death. Josef arrived to St. Petersburg at the beginning of March, 1799. Young people very much were pleasant each other, and at a wedding which took place on October 10, 1799, all attendees at a ceremony noted that the groom and the bride devour each other with eyes in love.

Happy couple remained in St. Petersburg within a month. Then spouses left for Vienna. Saying goodbye to the oldest daughter, the emperor Paul I could not hide tears. He could not release the daughter`s hand from the palm in any way and only repeated: I Feel, we any more will never meet...

In Vienna young Aleksandra (we will not forget that to it went only 17 - y year) was very coldly met by the spouse of the emperor Franz - the Neapolitan princess Tereziya who was very quarrelsome, spiteful also to all to whom she took a dislike, relating with special cruelty.

How to be the death of the wife of the younger brother?

the Daughter-in-law it was not pleasant to

resolutely. In - the first, it was as like as two peas similar to the first spouse of Franz I (that was unsurprising - that was a sister of Maria Fiodorovna and had to the young princess the native aunt). In - the second, in Hungary where Josef was a deputy, the movement directed to separation of the country from Austria spread, and emergence as the wife of the deputy of the daughter of the Russian emperor could become the catalyst of separatist sentiments (here Tereziya was not mistaken). In - the third, Aleksandra became pregnant on the first year of matrimonial life, and, be born at it the son, it could apply for the Austrian crown over time. And at last, for the empress`s Catholic orthodox Aleksandra was as a bone in a throat!

Here how many stars did not meet! And all this led to the fact that Tereziya dreamed to be the death of the daughter-in-law about what benevolent relation at the same time it is possible to speak?!

Further - it is more. History knows many cases when the wife of the elder brother sawed daughter-in-law. But Tereziya`s attitude towards Aleksandra went too far! To spoil as much as possible nerves to the young pregnant woman, the empress, in - the first, instead of the careful and attentive doctor found her the real konoval who and roughly treated it, and stuffed with drugs. And in - the second, the spiteful Neapolitan forced to feed the daughter-in-law even worse, than the latest servant. Business reached that Aleksandra`s confessor brought every time to her gostinchik from a market, hiding products under a wide cassock.

of Neither crown, nor wife!

A as her loving husband? Unless he did not see all this outrage when Aleksandra Pavlovna unless only did not cane? Saw, of course! But at it in the future could to break crown of the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire so of the stepmother he took a detached view of all mockeries with composure and full endurance. God grant the young wife will sustain! The sun will shine into our yard too!

The holiday did not happen! Not to risk health of the spouse, Josef agreed to obstetric aid by means of Cesarean section. Whether it is necessary to say that this operation took place twice not successfully! And the newborn girl did not manage to be rescued, and at Aleksandra infection began. She courageously struggled with death of 9 days. But lost to it on March 4, 1801.

Oh and prophetical were words of the emperor Paul I... He did not meet the oldest daughter. The father was literally heart-broken, lost vigilance, and conspirators which there was number more than dozen, strangled him in own rooms a scarf. But there is also other version as if he was killed by Nikolay Zubov with a gold snuffbox in a temple. There was it on March 11 same 1801.

I suspect that some of our readers will not fall asleep at night if they do not learn about what was become with this Neapolitan viper - the princess Tereziya. And so, after Aleksandra Pavlovna`s death the destiny to it measured is insignificant a little - only five years! And the archduke Josef was not fated to become the emperor of the Sacred Roman Empire. Under Napoleon`s blows the empire collapsed!