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What rest in Bashkiria is attractive by?

Bashkiria are heart of South Ural. The picturesque nature of this edge differs in a tremendous variety: it and infinite plains with lakes, and the Rocky Mountains overgrown with the dense coniferous or oak forests, both light birchwoods, and the blossoming valleys, and caves, and falls, and forest springs and streams, prompt mountain small rivers, and again steppes And all this on rather small land area Bashkiria is as several countries in a miniature. Different areas by the form remind the different countries which are famous for the nature of surprising beauty - Switzerland, Scotland, Abkhazia, New Zealand is not casual

every year to Bashkiria there come more and more tourists. Excellent kitchen on the basis of natural products, picturesque landscapes, various cultural and natural sights attract people to this and solar, and severe land. In the summer here can be not colder, than in the south - to 30 - 40 degrees. The winter can please with the same indicators with a minus sign. But extremes - the rarity, climate becomes softer and now, in June - July, temperature quite comfortable for summer - 25 - 27 degrees. Rest in Bashkiria is an opportunity to avoid importunate vanity of the South: so far here it is not so populous during a season of holidays as on the sea coast of Russia.

Rest in Bashkiria is interesting that here some local traditions and customs remained. For example at the beginning of summer after the first stage of agricultural works comes to the end, both in the cities and in areas the cheerful holiday - a drinking bout is spent. These are cheerful frivolous competitions, entertainments in the open air, jumps and, of course, prizes.

Besides, Bashkiria is a place where many world famous sights and nature sanctuaries are located. For example, the Bashkir Nature Reserve Shulgan - Tash is the only place on the earth where wild bees still live and honey gathers bortevy. Kapova a cave is known for rock paintings of ancient people. A cave Sumgan - one of the deepest in the country. Shikhana - mountains as the remains of ancient reeves put from stones with prints of prehistoric plants and animals.

the Huge areas of wild, surprisingly beautiful nature inspire tourists. The set of routes is thought up and passed really to open this part of South Ural. Cave explorers investigated the deepest multikilometer caves, rock-climbers conquered mountain peaks, many professionals and fans were alloyed on the capricious rivers. And though the nature of Bashkiria disposes to active recreation, there are also excellent places for quiet - resort pastime. Koumiss, mineral sources, curative dirt - the nature took care of medical factors of this earth.

most of vacationers comes to bathe in the Summer on the man-made seas - republic reservoirs. The most known - the Nugushsky, Yumaguzinsky and Pavlovsk reservoir. To travel on catamarans around a watercourse - it is easy to carry out this idea in Bashkiria. The rivers White, Inzer, Zilim and others - the most demanded highways of alloys.