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Investments into art only for the rich?

the Gold collection - investments into art.

of the Marquetry.
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Sense of this article - to acquaint the people who are interested in this subject with the new tool an art - the market by means of which, it is possible now it is dosed, i.e. without as - nibud significant financial means to begin to invest in art, choosing at the same time either accumulative or speculative policy, i.e. long-term or short-term investment.

At the beginning of article we will consider the general situation in the market of investments into art, and at the end, we will consider the new mechanism,

which is for the first time offered in - the Gold Collection.

There is a wish once again emphasized a fact of common knowledge that, despite those difficulties which are experienced now by business around the world, “ investments into art are not subject to crisis,

are not subject to position in stock markets “.

GAREGIN TOSUNYAN, president of ASSOCIATION of the RUSSIAN BANKS: - From the point of view of commerce this rather favorable investment.

A if to approach this question competently, then it is possible to pay back everything quickly.

Especially as reliably rescues such type of business from inflation.

And properly this good investment.

For what need then all money if history is not kept?

MIKHAIL KAMENSKY, director of the department of advertizing, adviser to the president of BANK OF MOSCOW: - They are perspective only when are put both in objects of art, and in knowledge of it.

of the Investment in art without understanding are fraught with losses, and the knowledge of art applied in the market of theoretical Art Studies or art criticism is fraught with a low standard of living.

But in the modern world art - the only standard of the material asset which is constantly growing in the price combining in itself attributes fine reliable and valuable.

Top of 5 recent artists:

Lusijen Freud: $33,6 million

Jeff Koons: $25,65 million

Damion Hurst: £ 10,3 million

Jasper Jones: $17,4 million

Gerhard Richter: £ 7,97 million

Luezian Freud. The sleeping grants inspector. 1995. Canvas, oil. 151,3 x 219.

Estimate: 25-35 million dollars. Sale price: 30 (33,6) million dollars of Christie`s. 13. 05. 08. Lot 37

the portrait is executed in a recognizable manner of the English expressionist - that is from the decorative point of view it turned out already by tradition is repellent. there is no

of Fault of model in that (the picture taken by Bruce Bernard in one of sessions of a posing of Sue is known, 38 years were it then only), just such at Freud a look.

I, it is necessary to tell, there are judges who were satiated with traditional prettiness in painting who willingly divide such look.

Or try to understand. Sue Tillie`s portrait to podstat models, has the size, unusually big for Freud, - over two meters.

to the Tiny portrait of Her Majesty, is remembered, it was necessary to increase a canvas (the diadem did not hold), and here - a scope.

Are available certificates that Freud could work on portraits by a year and longer. But picture “ The Sleeping grants inspector “ it was made quicker.

Is known that Sue Tillie posed 9 months, for 8 hours a day, 2-3 times a week.

Can even be counted approximately in how many posing sessions cost Freud (Sue told that the artist paid at first on 20, and then 33 pounds a day).

as a result turns out about 3,3 thousand pounds (about 6 thousand dollars) it is possible to include in prime cost safely.

Still paints, rent. The peeled sofa is not counted. And other 33,59 million dollars - a payment for talent.

Jeff Koons. A flower from a balloon (Purple). 1995-2000.

Stainless steel, translucent color covering. 40 x 285 x 260. Sale price: 12,92 million pounds. Christie’s. 30. 06. 07. Lot 12

30 of June, 2008 on Christie`s a sculpture “ The Flower from a balloon (Purple) “ Jeff Koons it was sold for 12,92 million pounds.

Is interesting that seven years ago the previous owners “ The Flower from a balloon “ bought this sculpture for 1,1 million dollars

Simply to count that during this time its market price grew almost by 25 times.

Damion Hurst. Golden calf. 2008.

the Effigy of a bull, 18 - karat gold, glass, gilded steel, silicone, formaldehyde, a pedestal from Carrara marble.

215,4 x 320 x 137,2 cm. Estimate of 8 - 12 million pounds. Sale price: 10,3 million pounds. Sotheby’s. 15. 09. 2008. Lot 13

Jasper Jones. Figure 4. 1959. A canvas, oil, see t. 51,4 x 39,4. Sale price: 15,5 (17,4) million dollars of Christie`s. 16. 05. 07. Lot 25

Gerhard Richter. Candle. 1983. Canvas, oil. 95 x 90. Estimate: 1,8-2,5 million pounds. Sale price: 7,1 (7,97) million pounds. Sotheby`s. 27. 02. 08. Lot 8

As for the prices in the market of the modern art, it is possible to speculate on this subject as much as long.

I that the public relations became an essential semantic component.

I that receptions on promotion of the artists by galleries are too obvious.

I that east buyers who are setting up records do not form high standards of a collecting.

But buy.

Three times will buy, and on the fourth nobody will already doubt that there is so much and has to cost.

However, having rejected all these reasonings, it is possible, with all definiteness to tell that to invest in art - business profitable, at experts it does not raise doubts.

A here opinions on what specifically it is necessary to invest in, disperse.

of Investment into the modern art - a risky step, are convinced one experts.

Quite another matter - acquisition of antiques, a collecting of the creations checked by time of masters.

However, other participants an art - the market do not agree with them. They take an opposite

position in a question of an investment subject.

These experts assure that investment of capital in the modern art very favourably and less risky, than investments into old masters as the invested money will pay for itself much

quicker. History saved up many examples of the fact that the most favorable are investments into the modern art, the prices for which can fly up to heaven over time.

to Future investor is over what to think.

And if the object of art was never on sale at auction how then to determine its cost? there is no

If auction sales or they took place for a long time, authors, similar on quality and level, undertake, and on the basis of them the same dynamics pays off.

As showed results of national poll, nearly a quarter of adult residents of England make the investments in antiques and works of art.

These so-called “ alternative “ types of investment pressed traditional investment into real estate, actions and precious metals recently.

For incomplete year British invested more than 3 billion pounds sterling in art. Experts explain this tendency with the fact that objects of art strengthen desire of people to receive them in property to lift the prestige in the opinion of

of the public and to emphasize welfare.

be continued