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How to prepare a fur coat without herring?

Summer, heat. So there is a wish snow, the truth? Here I will also tell you one retseptik. You eat, and you represent winter. And the most charming is that ingredients very much even summer. That is, well and simply. And the most pleasant - is very tasty. So, we will start.

In this culinary masterpiece (not less, it is not necessary to grin so) there is neither meat, nor fish. Though, perhaps, it is impossible to call it fast as there are eggs and mayonnaise. At our place this salad is called Puff " salad; or The Fur coat without " herring;.

I will tell all well and simply again. So, it will be necessary for us:

beet of the average sizes (approximately about a fist) - one piece,

carrots large - one piece (it is possible two small),

potatoes (two - three potatoes of the average size),

firm cheese - grams 100 - 150,

three - four boiled eggs,

packing of mayonnaise,

salt to taste.

I, naturally, wide and soup plate, and also large grater.

To boil potatoes, beet, carrots and eggs. To merge water. Then to allow them to cool down (not to burn the favourite hard-working hands). To clean. Let`s begin, perhaps.

Three eggs on a plate bottom (two of four, or one of three). Then we salt and we cover with a mayonnaise layer. Accurately we cover that there were no dry intervals, but also that eggs it was visible. Further three uniform layer carrots there (a half of large carrots, or one small) also we cover it with mayonnaise, then we rub potatoes (potatoes everything as more layers of potatoes will not be is used) - we cover it with mayonnaise. Again we salt. Now we rub cheese, also all. Further to three the remained eggs - we cover with mayonnaise, and again - carrots. The last layer is a beet. Also we cover it with mayonnaise.

We put a plate with salad in the refrigerator or on a balcony. Also we allow to be defended 2 - 3 hours. Mayonnaise has to be absorbed. Be not afraid to overdo. Salad of subjects is more tasty, than it is colder, and also than mayonnaise was absorbed more.

Naturally, layers can be observed in any order, but beet surely has to be from above - on my taste, and also on taste of our family so much better and, naturally, it is more beautiful.

Yes, still, it is possible to add different delicacies like boiled sausage to salad (but then definitely you will not call salad fast ) fried mushrooms, olives, various greens and At whom what there will be enough imagination for. My option the most inexpensive. Also it is remarkable what is prepared from those products which can always be found in the house if it is good to scrape a bottom of the barrel.

Bon appetit!

Similar salad can be done absolutely simply. It will be necessary for it for us:

eggs - 4 pieces, cheese firm - 300 grams, potatoes boiled 2 - 3 pieces. And, besides, mayonnaise.

Technology of preparation the same, only ingredients less. We do not forget to salt, but it is not strong as cheese usually happens salty.

Yes, expensive, is such seasonings remarkable. With tastes different: chicken, for salad, other. If you use them, then salad will be just excellent. Honestly - it is honest.

You know, these salads can be used with a garnish. And it is possible to use salads as a garnish. Very conveniently.

And again bon appetit!