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Measured icon: revival of tradition or craze?

more and more popular become Recently revival of long church customs. One of traditions is a gifting of the baby during a baptism a measured (darling) icon. Parents of the child or God can act as donators. tradition History

Custom to give to

darling icons appeared in Russia in the 16th century. Measured icons in houses of the nobility, especially in an imperial family enjoyed wide popularity. What is represented by a measured icon and why it so is called? during the birth to the baby measured growth. According to this size made a special board on which the icon painter wrote an image of the Saint - the newborn`s patron. It could be sacred by which name called the kid, or the Saint whose day of celebration coincided happy birthday the child (and it is the best of all if both options coincided).

The main feature of a measured icon was the fact that the heavenly patron on it was represented to the utmost. Thus, the space which was occupied by the image of the Saint coincided by the size with growth of the newborn. It symbolized indissoluble communication between the owner and the Saint. The measured icon was considered as unique gift, it was created for the specific person and intended only to it. It was impossible to give or descend it. This rule remains and today. The icon is with the person throughout all life and loses the force after his death.

Value of a measured icon

Long since was considered that the darling icon possesses unique abilities and exerts beneficial influence on the owner . Gifting of the baby such icon promises wellbeing, happiness, physical and spiritual health, protection against any adversities. Near the person from now on there will be a patron saint. Throughout all life the owner of a measured icon can (and has to) to address the Saint with a prayer to feel care and to find protection. They say that only one touch to a measured icon gives relief, and existence it in the house guarantees the world and a harmony in a family.

When the child will grow up, will be to tell him of that feat of spirit which was made by his heavenly master very opportunely. Turning a look to an image of the Saint, the person will always remember it and to think of meaning of life, own mission on the earth.

Long custom revives?

Today tradition to give to

measured icons comes back. But the present introduces the amendments in customs of ancestors. So, popular is a creation of measured icons not only for newborns, but also for adults family members. The main thing - to know the growth during the birth . Quite often parents, having presented the baby with a measured icon, order it and for each other.

Whether approved innovations church or it is a cunning trick of workshops on creation of measured icons - it is unknown. However the facts speak for themselves: in Russia the quantity of the created measured icons reaches several tens of thousands in a year. And they are created not only a habitual hand-written way (that, undoubtedly, is more effective and more expensive), but also by means of polygraphy (is several times cheaper). Specialized workshops are born as mushrooms after a rain. And the Internet dazzles with announcements of creation of measured icons to order. Well, as they say, demand gives rise to the offer.

It would be desirable to believe that the arisen desire to find the heavenly patron is dictated by spiritual need of the person presently, but not the next style. Then the person will feel on himself the salutary force of a measured icon, will feel protection and care of the Saint.