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How to derive the maximum pleasure from music?

Music accompanies everyone and everywhere presently - where you will not go, in many places music will sound. Plus your personal mp3 players, mobile phones with them, stocks on the computer, tape recorders, a stereo - systems and so on. But how the majority use music?

As a background!

Generally (fortunately) as a pleasant background when people pay the main attention not to music. And it in a root is wrong! Music was created not in order that you went about the own business, and it somewhere sounded at you under an ear. Perhaps in discos and clubs music in the most part of time is used correctly, people are concentrated on MUSIC.

And than the background how music is wrong? Now we will prove!

For what music exists? That listened to it!

As is correct to listen to it? This that and main issue. Music has to bring pleasure.

I will show on myself: music I listen to

Ya seldom. Why? I do not like to use it as a background. Why? Background music does not bring the required pleasure, plus from it it quickly bothers.

But... When I derive pleasure (received good news, took a walk with friends and so on), I sit down at the computer (or where I hear music just on the receiver), I turn on the favourite music and...

I do not do anything except that I begin to imitate music, merging with it and taking from it true pleasure.

If plays hard rock or metal, my poor earphones, I twitch in a rhythm to music.

If plays the jazz or turnips, I imitate it, I merge with it.

If plays something else, I merge with it.

Ya music lover... But not always, only when I am invigorated by energy of pleasure. And music multiplies this energy, prolonging pleasure. True pleasure of music!

So how to listen to music it is correct?

Several useful tips:

1. If you want to listen to music, turn on the music, but switch off all the rest that can distract you and prevent listening of music, be - that icq - the client, the blog, the website or something else.

2. If you want to listen to a certain song, always begin with it, without forgetting about the rule of point No. 1.

3. If does not pull you to twitch in a rhythm to music, switch off it, it will only bother.

4. Coming home after perfectly spent time, you remember, it is the best moment for music. It you will prolong your pleasure. But do not forget about point 3.

5. If you have a bad mood, do not think that music will bring you pleasure. If there is a wish, try. But all - do not forget about point 3.

6. One of ways of a nadoyedaniye of your favourite composition - its installation on phone call. It is wrong too. Music will not give thus pleasure, at you the head will be stuffed not by music, but a call. Train better some voice on phone.

7. If music there is a wish - to listen to all, despite need of some disturbing programs, remember: you will be able either to enjoy music, or to be engaged in something in another. At the same time it is not possible to combine these two things. All who with it will object, remember - to listen to music and to listen to a music BACKGROUND when you go about the own business, these are two different concepts.

Here it seems and all.