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To derive pleasure without alcohol?

Why you began (and you drink) beer, vodka and so on, you never reflected? The part begins to drink because it is so accepted, part because it abruptly part - because it is cheerful. Also continues to drink.

But it is not cheerful. Everything is much simpler. A secret is revealed.

What does alcohol? Well for a start deprives of the person of conscience and shyness. This main thing! Then, if to touch, the person loses over himself control. But it is already unimportant.

The main thing that alcohol deprives of us conscience and shyness. How I understood it? I did not drink, and I will not drink. I just in the company of friends become so tipsy that very quietly I lose shyness, fear to seem silly before people and td.

Especially I understood it after the harvest holiday which was taking place at us in the village (it coincided with day of the system administrator). Then my friends long hesitated to approach girls and to start talking, then already approached. Well, these girls were not necessary to me since they are killed by these friends, so to speak. I followed then them, and just raged and went bananas, that is derived pleasure.

But it still that, on behavior was not to distinguish me from drunk unless was not unsteady. Well, certainly they also thought of that, all from those who knew me, the campaign was told)) And me - the fact that? I am sober.

After this case I fixed the life situation, and even it became interesting whether militiamen will be able to define my sobriety at such behavior before capture of blood on test?

The main thing in life - not to hesitate of anything, then you will not be need supportive applications. On myself I know, it is heavy, to cease to hesitate, and probably it would not turn out, but

the Couple of councils:

1. Shyness best of all vanishes in the company of friends, colleagues or just familiar. The main thing - in the company of people pleasant to you.

2. The laughter best of all promotes shyness volatilization. But also it for many is not enough, they observe, so to speak, decencies .

3. You need additional incentive. But in the majority they are short-term. Incentive is as follows: think that to you, for example, in total on the " reel; also act, without thinking of consequences.

4. If you want to get acquainted with the girl (girls), approach safely with a smile upon the face at least, and make it in a little non-standard even better (even a little mad person) to a form, can even, so to speak, with scoring of your actions, for greater effect., the main thing - to raise a smile, and the laughter, at your purpose is even better (people like to derive pleasure, use it). If nothing similar even in hints is observed, politely refuse and you leave in the same half-delirious form in which you approached the girl, at it, in most cases will remain even if there can be an impression, small, but pleasant about you. And when you will see it next time, keep without any nonsense, but if they paid attention to you, smile if they (it) smiled or even greeted, know, the most propitious moment for acquaintance now.

The author does not call for illegal actions, use it for the good and pleasure!

Conclusion: do not drink, for fun of it and it is unnecessary.