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Management of events by force of thought? You know

, I at the beginning of a year was fond of the interesting book, about an opportunity to operate events thought. I will tell at once - it is difficult occupation at all.

The method was following - you have to keep a certain thought in the head, and this thought has to be about what you have that you have (you imagine that you want that you had). And if you believed in your thought, and keep it, then so it also will be.

The example was such: the author represented in himself that he ideally plays billiards and therefore nobody won against it, people admired its game in billiards . Actually, so it also was if it concentrated on this thought, in 95 - 99% he won. If it lost then could not concentrate on this thought.

I most important - having thought, do not think that it will right there be executed. Time is necessary.

And now personal experience. For extremely cloudy next day I diligently on breaks thought of the sun. And actually, waited that it will appear, long thought of it. Appeared in half an hour for a couple of minutes and then left. And so tried several times. It was the first, so to speak, conscious experience in life, nothing proving. Absolutely anything.

But, after a huge period and tests I established the easiest for myself, but in too time very difficult law (though it just the simplest version for those who do not want to concentrate strongly on thoughts). Besides I still do not use it. By the way, I proved to

it for myself rather recently - last month. And began to guess much earlier, but in any way could not adjust itself correctly.

The thought will become reality if not to wait for execution of it. The most difficult in it is the second part of the offer. Usually at me it turned out at fleeting thought, thought and forgot. Then with surprise and pleasure found execution even at times in only several hours.

And here if to think and wait for it... You know, it can even be applied in plus. When I think of what can occur even in several seconds and I wait for it as I THOUGHT will not be. Thought that someone will agree with me, he will refuse. Thought that refused, he will agree, or will express the thought in a different way. Thought what someone will make, I wait, and it does not do it. Does another.

It suggested the following prebredoveyshy idea: for subconsciousness imagination - almost same reality. Imagined something, you wait for it, subconsciousness decided that it occurred and offered other option.

Though the last option quite crazy, and I do not put it in the head, it so, very improbable event. Everything depends on your relation and a spirit. The better you to an otmyslita the fact that you want, the will be better it. The main thing - the is stronger your belief in it, the it is more effective.

By the way, good advice if you begin to notice execution of your thought, do not stop thinking of it, continue to concentrate on it, otherwise everything will be gone in vain.

It is not obligatory to work as in my law. Compare, you study by different methods, look for the most suitable, and then you will be able to attract with ease to yourself events, but consider, it is work, it is study, it as school. For time it can not turn out. Dare, and good luck!