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When to gather for mushrooms? A calendar of the mushroom picker

As a rule, it is impossible to mushroom daily from April to October, and many collect these gifts of the nature incidentally - occasionally. Future mushroom picker has an urgent need somehow to systematize the searches, and he addresses literature. Here also it becomes clear that in a rough stream of reading matter about mushrooms there is no acceptable clarity: that this literature too sophisticated, scientific; that too peripheral, oblastnichesky, and other - other to the mushroom picker only is also necessary for

A - the nominal list only of its mushrooms, the map of places of their growth in the area and it will gradually get time of active collecting, other passing knowledge. And when practically necessary the mushroom picker has all, weather suddenly interferes: there are no rains, the infinite zharishcha, turns into stone the soil And saffron milk caps which had to appear in the first half of July did not appear at all and in September.

Here, for example, now the Internet promises the whole 5 years increased heats on all planet. And how here not to get disqualified to the representative of silent hunting?! Unless to the forest-tundra for the period of holiday to go

the Exit is. Mushrooms practically during any heat will grow in floodplains of the rivers, rivulets, streamlets, fontanels, in the marshland, at the bottom of ravines, in a high grass, in the shady woods Only it is not necessary to despair and stop searches of forest delicacies and natural miracles!

The list of local mushrooms becomes clear very quickly: personal experience, by means of consultations and conversations with inveterate mushroom pickers. Mushroom places are defined by active search, gradually it becomes clear more - less reliable picture of their geographical arrangement. It is the most difficult to obtain an exact calendar of collecting local mushrooms. And how to catch it?

I offer such calendar for collecting mushrooms in a midland of Russia , except for areas, too extreme and specific on climate. All mushrooms can be divided into seven groups on terms of their emergence on this world. And then such plate will turn out approximately:

Terms of emergence of mushrooms

of Group of mushrooms - the Beginning of collecting

1. Lines, morels (mushrooms - snowdrops) - the second half of April.

2. White, birch mushrooms, aspen mushrooms, slippery jacks, mossiness mushrooms, chanterelles, gorkush - the second half of June.

3. Saffron milk caps, russulas - the beginning of June, the main stream of saffron milk caps - since the beginning of August.

4. Milk mushrooms, svinushka, coral milky caps - the second half of July.

5. Valu - the beginning of August.

6. Honey agarics, white butterflies - the second half of August.

7. Greenfinches, kids (kozlyak) - the beginning of September.

A date of completion of collecting, perhaps, is not so important. Mushrooms will declare the disappearance. And it is the best of all to get a calendar at the end of a season of collecting and processing of mushrooms to use the facts already known to you about life of the mushroom people. You will already begin a new season with specification of preliminary records, and every year your mushroom calendar will be more correct.

If to correlate terms of emergence of mushrooms to characteristic natural signs, then to the data in your calendar already the price will not be. Well, for example, such record: manure bugs were hidden in a mink - prepare raincoats, mushroom pickers. And maybe, as a conclusion, will be also such record: mushroom happiness - a rain yes a bad weather!

That`s all, so simply Any mushroom picker can make an own calendar of sequence of emergence of mushrooms of the district on the basis of offered. Will in it is mute the groups, exceptions, notes and so on. The main thing - not to hope at random, but to apply SOW (scientific organization of work) and creativity.

Well and at parting the good, checked in the childhood recipe: mushrooms, stewed in cream (an ancient Russian dish). Fresh mushrooms - white, aspen mushrooms, birch mushrooms - to clear, wash out, scald, to cut segments, to salt and to fry slightly. To put them in a pot or a pan and to fill in with boiled cream. To connect greens of parsley and fennel, having enclosed cinnamon, pepper, bay leaf in the middle of a bunch, to put in mushrooms, to salt and, having covered, to put in moderately hot oven on hour

When mushrooms are ready, greens to take out, and to give mushrooms in the same ware in which they were extinguished. On 500 g of mushrooms the glass of cream and a tablespoon of oil are necessary Tasty?

Good luck!