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Game! Let`s try to represent?

Sometimes seem that recipe-books - a transcendental object that one description deserves to remain in centuries and at the same time not to have any applied character.

For some reason children, having hardly managed to master letters, began to read historical novels. Sometimes from the nursery groans and whimpers were heard. I referred frequent approaches to the refrigerator and meditation at an open door to features of the young growing organisms. But young and growing quickly admitted that prevent to read novels to them descriptions of feasts, especially in the places concerning a game.

- You represent how they ate?! Ragout from languages of a flamingo and brains of a quail! Fried larks with mushrooms, the jays and bloodsucker soup who are given to drink by goose blood! The boar on a spit stuffed with heart of a roe, a liver of a fallow deer, language of a mouflon, a spine of a deer and nightingale uvulas!!

And in eyes the fright and horror was read. And appetite became brutal, disappeared at all. The love to animals too somehow was shown at once, and was felt that children are lost.

Then got used to descriptions, often became engrossed in reading of them greedily, with delight, but here declared that will never touch neither venison, nor bear`s flesh cutlets, anything from what is beaten out from a harmonous row of habitual city food.

To hunting at all the difficult relation. In a different way also cannot be, bony hand of hunger can reach everyone, but generally people try to solve these problems some other way, is not even remembered hunting.

And hunting seasons open every year. In different regions differently, but August - September - the most usual time. Nevertheless it is not necessary to confuse hunting to poaching. Nobody, apparently, is going to destroy the whole animal species, understand that he will turn out according to L. Filatov: Fedot Bypassed hundred woods, hundred bogs and all in vain - neither partridges, nor a wood-grouse! To hunt on animals, brought in the Red List, - yes, hunters are. The desire which is not justified with anything to run about with ruzhyishky on grounds behind trophies, and even from helicopters - on live - all of us know that there are also such fans. As a rule, with the bank account capable without problems to support them and descendants to the seventh knee and further. Try to struggle, with variable success, and it is rather - in general unsuccessfully. But we cannot cancel hunting as trade is a norm in many countries.

And books are written culinary on a game. And each recipe it would be possible in itself to savor - almost the description of a feast. But... for some reason recipes on a game sometimes give wildness if to read them in city conditions, with shops from each side of the house.

However these recipes can quite be applied also to what can be bought in shop. And hypocrisy here at anything - is important for many, they kill or not, in a situation when did not come final glad yet - hlad - a pestilence So it is quite possible to prepare game .

Yours wild the duck needs to be larded is in all hunting recipes. Zhirnovato will be, of course, so we will make less. The abdominal cavity can be rubbed with a ground nutmeg. And it is possible a carnation or caraway seeds. It is possible to water during frying with red wine or white. And it is possible also cognac. It is good to mix red currant jelly with the emitted juice. And it is recommended to wash down with compotes: apricot, mountain ash.

And still recommend a duck to fill in previously with yogurt, to leave, then to fry, too watering with yogurt. Also the duck on - Beijing is well-known. Or such option:

Wild the duck with honey on - hunting

to Stir honey in wine, to add extract from korenyev, a nutmeg, juniper berries, the ginger dissolved in the kindled butter, to put to the warm place. Then a duck to put in a frying pan on oil and slices of a lemon. (But I all - in an oven and without oil.) Prepared medovo - to grease with wine mix a duck outside and from within and to fry. The duck is served more hotly with rich rolls or trickled pastries and pumpkin compote. Here only we will not insert a plumelet.

We will be treated. And let professional hunters in hunting grounds during the put hunting season are engaged in hunting.

To shoot - to shoot so!

But ducks already fly highly...

to Fly - to fly so! it I will wave with

Ya a hand.

(Rosenbaum. Duck hunting )

Once again: as a result of writing of the recipe any duck did not suffer.