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How animals become soldiers? Part 1

Mankind, unfortunately, since the moment of birth is pursued by wars. Someone unties them, someone answers blow, someone imposes another the will, someone defends the freedom But, irrespective of the causes of conflict, and with one, and on the other hand people perish, destinies fall. And the fate such does not seduce anybody. Here therefore representatives of mankind since ancient times seek to improve the means of defense and attack. And, of course, people could not but pay attention to the first assistants - animals.

In one article it is impossible to tell about all having a tail and winged neighbors of the person turned at his will into soldiers. There is a wish to stop on the most interesting cases from one million when on the military field animals battled and perished instead of the person and for the person.

One from the most ancient ways of use of our peace brothers smaller not to destination the revenge of the princess Olga is. It is known that attempt of the prince Igor to raise feudal taxes was met by Drevlyans, to put it mildly, negatively, and for the prince ended with death. The wife it did not want to leave this business unpunished and besieged the capital of rebellious Drevlyans. It was not succeeded to take storm the city nevertheless, and the princess resorted to cunning. She declared that if from each yard Iskorostenya send it three pigeons and on three sparrow, incident will be exhausted. Residents of the besieged city agreed and sent to Olga repayment What from this turned out, all of us know

there Passed centuries, and who could think that people will decide to use " again; world symbol in obviously military purposes. There are data that the Soviet scientist Kolosov in 1941 suggested to retrain winged mail carriers in demolition men - the kamikaze. Within a month at feathery soldiers developed a conditioned reflex, povinuyas to which, the let-out saboteur found the purpose and sat down on it.

For successful carrying out operation special pigeon shells of the slowed-down action were created. Focus was that when releasing a pigeon it was pulled out safety the check that put flammable chemical part of a charge in action, and the incendiary checker had to work through certain time when the pigeon sits down on the purpose. For dropping a feathery landing special cartridges which were suspended to the plane were invented.

In September, 1941 fighting pigeons were taken advantage, they made a number of diversions, having destroyed several petroltanks and having blown up tanks of enemy planes, but I did not manage to find information on future of winged division, unfortunately.

The American military too, probably, heard about the princess Olga and its elegant revenge. At least, in reply for attack on Pearl Harbour they decided to dump to Japan winged avengers necessarily whose role bats had to play. The idea was that each such mouse after landing will try to get into some dark and secluded place, the charge attached to it that`s when will work.

Bombochki for mice was developed by certain professor Luis Fizer, they were attached by means of thongs on a breast to fighters . Military, having decided to check durability of fastening and safety of this design, caught a quantity of bats and carried out test of the new weapon in vitro. These tests were successful wonderfully well. Whether through an oversight, whether for some other reasons several potential demolition men escaped from laboratory at full arms. Mice decided to choose the purpose independently.

Result - completely burned hangar of air base of the USA auxiliary voyenno near Carlsbad and the personal car of the chief of this base which shared it a fate. However, military did not grieve, and very much even on the contrary, tests took place successfully not only in laboratory, but also field conditions. A mouse landing was already began to prepare for the real operation, but here in the Pentagon decided that the weapon it slightly it is unpredictable, and its further use was forbidden.

Pigeons and mice it of course is good, but it is impossible to forget about the most ancient, most devoted companion and the friend of the person. The speech of course about a dog. In the years of World War II 168 separate groups, battalions and different services on dog breeding were created. Having had in them special training, ordinary balls and jolly-boats went to the front where they became hospital attendants, aide-de-camps, sappers, helped to deliver ammunition to a front line, prepared to stretch a cable to

But some of them to the one and only task which for the four-footed hero always was the last. Such dog was not afraid of either a roar of explosions, or a suffocating smoke, or the roaring bulks of tanks which were her purpose. On a back of each dog - the demolition man in tarpaulin bags there were explosive charges with the special probe - the detonator removed outside. Performing the first and last fighting task, the four-footed soldier tried to run under the bottom of the tank of the opponent and to touch it with a detonator. As a result of successfully performed operation there was an enemy fighting vehicle put out of action in an exchange life of the best friend of the person more than three hundred padded tanks, about three hundred cleared of mines cities, a set of the saved lives were

of All for World War II on the account of fighting dogs.

In the summer 45 - go years in Moscow Victory Day parade where together with all types of military forces there passed the division of soldiers who conducted the dogs who divided with them dangers and adversities of military days took place.

Having found itself assistants on the land and in the sky, the mankind did not disregard also water elements. About it the following article.