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What does belomorsky Kiy Island attract tourists with? The original nature and the exorcized monastic treasures of

Kiy Island by right is considered one of the most beautiful places in the north of Russia. Actually, the uniform island it becomes only in the outflow reaching here 3 - 4 meters. During inflow it is the archipelago from fifteen islands and certain rocks. By the way, it is possible to get on the island only during inflow when can approach it trip teplokhodik, going from Onega twice a day. It is curious that the schedule of departures of a teplokhodik floating also it is rigidly attached to inflow peak at the island therefore every day it moves for 20 - 30 minutes.

The nature on the island is unique and will leave nobody indifferent. Heaps of the granite rocks overgrown with thick pines whose silhouettes with fancifully curved branches as if descended from works of the Japanese artists. Junipers, mosses and heather among which northern berries - cloudberries comfortably feel, a voronik, blueberry, bilberry, and also numerous mushrooms. Sandy beaches and the sea, rough or tender, but always bewitching the beauty. And surprising air in which the tart pine spirit mixes up with saltishly - iodide aroma of the sea.

During outflow the sea recedes in some places on hundreds of meters, baring the bottom covered with seaweed and allowing to travel around all archipelago which can be bypassed in only several hours.

I not for nothing called the sea at coast of the island tender: in silent sunny days, and they in the summer not a rarity, it well gets warm. Here never happens populously as it is possible to bathe and sunbathe in any place of the coast. Someone is attracted by long sandy beaches, hollow going far to the sea. And someone will prefer to settle on the granite boulders which are warmed up by the sun, choosing places where depth begins directly at the coast and it is possible to practice scuba diving, plunging into the amazing world of seaweed, mollusks and northern fishes, not striking on coloring.

Days here in the summer long, and the sun not such opalyayushchy, as in the south therefore suntan turns out equal and beautiful, and, above all, to burn down on the sun it is possible only at very big desire not that in the Black Sea or Mediterranean resorts.

Nakupavshis and having sunbathed, it is possible to go to wander about the island, the benefit, here is what to look at. First of all, it is the original nature and very beautiful granite rocks. Once here even extracted the granite which was highly appreciated for a peculiar drawing (it was used at registration in the Moscow subway of the Dzerzhinsk station - Lubyanka). Production of a stone is stopped for a long time, and the sea and winds successfully smooth traces of human invasion.

On the island the architectural complex of the stone Kiysky God monastery built still by the patriarch Nikon trying to oppose its Solovki remained. At that time the patriarch enjoying big support of the tsar and who received from him the title Great Sovereign put three monasteries in the country: The New Jerusalem, Iversky Bogoroditsky and the Kiysky (Onega) Godfather for whose construction from the state treasury large sums were allocated.

The monastery was built to Kia in short terms, having become one of the most known in the country. Efforts of the patriarch to the monastery delivered the big cypress Cross made in Palestine on which placed more than three hundred Christian shrines, including relics of Bozhiy Saints, parts of a tree, stones, etc. from the places connected with life and Christ`s death. It is natural that to bow to such shrine, unique in Russia, on the belomorsky island many pilgrims directed.

Almost all main stone monastic constructions remained, their restoration though it is obviously not enough funds for it is begun. In Krestovozdvizhensky Cathedral services renewed, in it is mute again the cross is established, but such quantity of sacred relics on it is mute, naturally, already is not present. It is possible to climb a spiral staircase under a cathedral dome from where fantastically beautiful view of the island archipelago, the sea, Onega Bay and the city of Onega which is in 15 kilometers opens.

Undoubted interest is of Church of the Nativity of the Virgin with refectory and kelarsky chambers, and Nadkladeznaya the church with the private case constructed over a source which according to the legend was opened by the patriarch.

From ancient wooden constructions the small church of All Saints constructed at the end of the 17th century and a fragment of a monastic fencing with a small tower remained. And in the former nastoyatelsky house and the brotherly case the rest house working in summertime and enjoying wide popularity though conditions in it almost Spartan, not too different on conveniences from those that were in monastic times is placed now.

It should be noted that there is not a lot of new constructions on the island, it is one - two floor club, cottages and the dining room for vacationers, and also several small economic structures. Per se, the rest house has no territory - it is all island. Though in the summer here constantly works and more than hundred people have a rest, the impression of thin population as vacationers gather only in the dining room is made. They disperse in other time on all archipelago in which the mass of secluded places and small cozy bays where it is possible to bathe and sunbathe far from others eyes.

From interesting natural objects on the island there is a small lake with the water which is considered as curative. In due time monks deepened it and equipped. It is forbidden to bathe in it not to break an ecosystem, it is only possible to gather in a bucket of water and to have a shower bath, having stepped aside meters on 5 - 7. The water of brownish color reminding peat and with specific smack.

On distant islands of the archipelago where it is possible to pass into outflow time, ducks and gagara nest. It is possible to observe them in habitat, but, it is desirable, birds not to disturb.

At desire it is possible to be engaged in search of treasures. In due time there were parking of sea vessels, from - for rainfall not having an opportunity to enter the river Onega. Remind the big metal rings in many places strengthened on granite coast, used for mooring of it. It is natural that some vessels at the island were broken by storm and sank. And in the middle of the 19th century the island was for a while occupied by the British who plundered the monastery and drowned the ancient guns and guns stored at monks in the sea. But considerable part of values, and them was saved up much, monks managed to hide in various parts of the archipelago including on a seabed during outflow.

The part of monastic treasures was not found subsequently. It is considered that the treasures exorcized and open only to the elected lucky. Try good luck, maybe, to you will carry.

Come to surprising belomorsky Kiy Island. I dare to assure that absence in numbers of bathtubs and toilets will not spoil to you rest. Tremendous beauty of the original nature, an opportunity during outflow to wander about a sea " bottom; yak on a sukha unique monuments of ancient monastic architecture a hundredfold compensate lack of household conveniences. For fans of comfort there is an opportunity to arrive to the island only per day. Morning flight to the Cue usually goes from Onega from 6 to 10 o`clock, and evening goes from the island to the continent with 19 to 23.

Unforgettable to you impressions and fine rest.