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Where persons in the history got to? Or kVA are kVA - kVA.

In Russia there was an interesting situation: tops cannot any more, and bottoms do not want yet. Neither you revolution, nor you counterrevolution. Full stagnation. A bog with the croaking frogs both here and there. Even it is interesting when it was

of Any analogies. There are no charismatic persons presently. There are no sciences neither in power, nor in opposition, nor in the ranks of masters of culture, and technicians. Where modern Popov, Queens, Tupolev and Kalashnikova. Where Smoktunovskiye, Leonov, Papanova and Faina Ranevskiye. Where Skobelev, Zhukov and Lions Davidovichi Trotsky. Where Tarkovsky, Vysotsky and Okudzhava`s Damask steels.

There are no more people of such level. There are small shopkeepers Zhirinovsky, keepers of ficos in a pocket Yavlinsky hiding for glossy covers of Dontsova and Marinin.

There are some people above who hardly are included in the future in textbooks of history. So, can in the small italics in footnotes?

In the field of the ballet we keep so far. About we do rockets and we submit Yenisei already it is unlikely. But it is impossible to keep on the world scene only at the expense of ballet stars and several quite good opera singers and conductors!

There are Sasha Belye and his numerous clones. Is Petrosyana with their stupid (difficultly to pick up other word) humour. There are people which laugh at their jokes, go to vote as it is adjusted. And for some reason suffering after that from lack of money and work.

If voluntarily accepted purgen why then to complain of a diarrhea?

Army sellers of furniture, economy - experts on kickbacks order, culture - I am silent, I am silent, I am silent. And in the Duma - little girls - sportswomen. Only at whom it is pleasant to look and even to listen. Television captured Kashpirovskiye. Soccer - Abramovichi. A platform - biorobots. It is difficult to designate differently numerous a unisex - attractive faces.

KVA are kVA - kVA. Here both all active political and other life in Russia today. Where persons who forge history got to. Where these blocks capable to lift, light, get? there is no

them. Full degeneration of a gene pool is available. Total absence of a passionarity according to Gumilev.

we Rejoice to a victory over Georgia. The first victory after the 45th year. There is a wish to remember the movie Soldier`s Father . We exult at last concerning the third place in the European Football Championship. We are proud that every third start-up of the Mace successful. We share Abramovich`s progress in London. We are proud of Dima Bilan`s victory. Europe already listens to ours! What else? Something more climbs nothing on mind.

Ah and. The ruble will become reserve currency soon. It is not really clear that it reserve, well is fine. GDP after planned falling will stop soon, orange revolution will not take place, the Olympic Games in Sochi will eclipse all previous at least on expenses. Noodles on ears will become ischo more. By the way, good solution of the problem of supply of the population with the food. Let remove noodles from ears and in saucepans.

Generally full stagnation. Not that which was at Leonid Ilyich. In that stagnation there were both Shukshin and Vysotsky and Tarkovsky and still a set of outstanding personalities.

waits for us, more true does not wait any more, and stagnation like kVA - kVA - kVA is well under way. It is still possible to croak. But quietly and in unison.

And what else to do in a bog.