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Whether you lie to yourself?

will be a question of money Today and of what functions money has.

Before to designate the first function, let`s be frank, first of all, with ourselves.

of people can Often dissemble in relation to itself. And in this case it is possible not to wait for changes in life. It is necessary to be sincere with itself on all vital questions - a family, business, professionalism, the relations, etc. It is necessary to admit to himself - I am actually or I just seem. To be and seem - an interesting subject for reflection. Often people as if look for the mistakes and shortcomings, but it as if but not actually. And it is possible to see it pretty often. For example, today many people at offices create visibility of work. Especially in the presence of the chief. But who needs it? Why to create this visibility? In that case the slogan is born: To Work - to work so. But not to work - not to work so AT ALL!

Why people:

As if work with

As if live

As if are on friendly terms

As if love

As if regret for the offenses?

The beginning of changes in this case is an absolute sincerity with itself in these questions.

Probably, to us it it is not so difficult to understand because more than 70 years in our country there were different idols - politicians and heads of party, and people recognized opinions of these political leaders, without being sincerely with themselves. They could not tell the truth since they were afraid of punishment from power bodies of the state.

Can tell that people robbed themselves in every respect therefore they left far from truth and the vital principles in questions of management of money. The opinion of leaders of the state was imposed to them.

It is also the first function of money: Not to lie to itself, not to rob itself that will approach truth which changes life and open a door to management of money .

Perhaps, this phrase does not hold in our standard thinking. We got used that it is possible to operate money only when they are. And often our thoughts of wealth are reduced to the fact that we think of money: the rich people allocated with the power operate them, and our destiny - to survive in this world.

What means not to rob ? It means to give the tenth part of all the income on business charitable and the creating projects which can serve for the benefit of all society! And to begin to do it it is necessary already when there is no business and own enterprise yet.

Perhaps, for someone this opening is shock, we consider that all money belongs only to us and to share with someone there is no sense. But then for the sake of what to work if only to favourite in a pocket on a covering of various needs, joys and entertainments?! Even in Soviet period people deducted any contributions, the truth too not voluntarily, and under pressing - lay to themselves and did visibility that they deduct sincerely, from heart.

The truth is that projects of great causes in own destiny open that who does not consider money main in life, and values time, knowing that it is the only resource which cannot be filled.

Everything in this world can be returned, everything lost can be found, a stolen property - to return. But it is impossible to return time. That is why we have to value time most of all. We got used to value money, a material world, but it is actually necessary to value time.

These people revealed for themselves secret of what occurs when they do these assignments. Having looked at stories of life of those who have the huge income today, it is possible to see that their assignments from own budget already began when they lived for a small salary.

And one more truth having a direct bearing on function of money about which it is written articles in the beginning: not to lie to itself, to be sincere with itself .

In ANY relationship between people comes time when two (if it is a family) or more (if it is the organization) met undertake obligations. We do not speak about a fleeting meeting at any levels: family, organization, company, communities. If the relations serious that sooner or later there will come time when it is necessary to take the responsibility and to assume liabilities.

The most striking example in this case is a family. If the meeting of two young people develops into a family, then other relations begin absolutely.

To a wedding the love is based on feelings.

But comes line - a transition period - marriage. And it is absolutely other period. The period when two young men have to learn to love each other not on the basis of feelings, and on the basis of dedication. It means that two young men undertake obligations, devote themselves each other.

And after a wedding two young men are forced to LEARN to take this responsibility. After a wedding it is necessary to learn to love each other on the basis of dedication. The success of a family depends on that, how responsibly the husband and the wife fulfill the undertaken obligations.

Wives have to respect the husbands, husbands have to love the wives.

What obligations are at the husband and the wife if they want to make success in family life?

A task of wives - to respect husbands, to be it obedient, to watch the house, to create a cosiness. To fill needs of the husband - spiritual, sincere, physical (sexual).

The husband`s task - to give to the house and the members of household protection. First of all, the wife from the husband has to feel this protection.

And if everyone in a family fulfills these duties, this family has a prospect. If someone does not take the responsibility, this family is threatened by disorder.

Also the situation is in any organization. When new workers come to the company, the moment when each of them has to take the responsibility comes. Otherwise this company will be destroyed.

These duties (both in a family, and in the company) can become BORING. When the person does and does, and everything bothers him. But implementation of these obligations becomes boring in that case, when there is no love when we do something for the reason that it is NECESSARY. When there is no understanding and love, all actions turn into boredom. But we have to understand that it is part of our life - to serve not itself, and the neighbor. It is dangerous when we do something, and at heart at this moment there is a discontent.

It is necessary to be careful of such people who do something not on the basis of desire and aspiration to serve the neighbor, and from - under sticks.

If we want to approach the husband (wife), staff of the company, the adherents, it is necessary to FULFILL the duties and to undertake obligations. If we do not carry out these duties, so we are expected by destruction of relationship.

Whether two will go, without having agreed? Of course, no.

A. Rosenbaum`s song in which there are words is remembered:

to Fly - to fly to Love - so to like

to Shoot so

- so I will agree to shoot

I with all these phrases.

to Live - to live so.

to Work - to work so. to Devote to

itself - to devote so.

But people - such beings who want to live spontaneously, being guided by the feelings and emotions. Today I love, tomorrow stopped loving, here and divorced. Today it was faithful to the head, tomorrow took offense at him - and betrayed.

People pledge the word today, tomorrow take it back. Today swear, tomorrow break an oath. Today undertake obligations, tomorrow compose them.

But, nevertheless, we will pass to a subject of money. Nevertheless this subject concerns us that there to hide.

When we hear that this our obligation - to give the tenth part of the income on charity, seems to us that we were put in a rigid framework. It is necessary to give the tenth part not when emotions gush, the mood will be good, prosperity high, and always!

Not to give the part of the income on charity - it is all the same what to rob itself. For example, in a family if the husband robs the wife that he belongs to it by the right (his care, protection, compliments), then the relations will be inevitably destroyed. If in our hearts the discontent that it is necessary to do something for the neighbor in a family, then it already " is born; smells divorce.

But there is no other way out - or I carry out that it is entrusted to me and I come nearer, or I do not carry out - and then I move away.

The choice always for us! The choice of where I will be tomorrow - closer or further.

The second function of money - financing of vital programs.

The tsar Solomon is the richest tsar - says in these bible verses: Money provides everything . That is is responsible for everything " silver;. It means that it is necessary to pay for everything.

Each of us chooses the professional way. Business in which we will work and develop in this life. And business it happens either some small or large-scale. On something grandiose, large-scale a lot of money is necessary, it is natural. On small - not enough money is necessary. On very small - it is almost not necessary. Scale depends on money. Than more at the person will be The business is more large-scale it is necessary to carry out, the more money will be required on its financing. But it is our choice - on what business scale to us to threaten.

It is not about PERSONAL projects, and about VITAL. That is about those which will be useful not to someone personally, and to all society. But people first of all care for themselves, for the benefit, property. Therefore people suffer from moneymaking. They save all life, save, save for themselves personally.

However, money is given us not just as means for a survival and as the resource which it is possible and needs to be used for an investment in useful projects. Of course, money in itself will not come on a silver platter. Money comes through our work, through our talent, through our business and professionalism. Never you should expect a tip from someone: states, rich relative, financial fund and so forth. It is necessary to count on himself and the abilities. But it is initially best of all to raise at global projects is and will be motive of acquisition of big money!

For example, I have an idea. On its realization 1 million dollars is necessary. Also that money which I earn today will not be enough even if I will work one thousand years. Actually, 1 million dollars, it not really - that is a lot of for serious affairs.

For a start designate for yourself:

1. I want to live on - to large

2. at me is the big

3 project. this project costs 1 million dollars

4. but I cannot earn this sum working where I work

the Conclusion today: this money is not paid at that level where I am now.

Remember: If you need the bigger affairs and the bigger money, then you need extremely to change:



History. One manufacturer had a generator at factory, and this generator very strongly vibrated - and it was the big problem. The problem is that vibration negatively influences health level, and it did not manage to be eliminated in what way. People were ill, there were continuous interruptions in light, etc. problems. And this manufacturer of whom only did not invite and to whom only does not pay to resolve this issue. And once to it the person with a small suitcase of tools came to office, having promised to resolve this problem. The manufacturer ironically agreed to his services. This master at first taped a small hammer all device, then got the big hammer, to - and - and - JSC shandarakhnut on it! and vibration stopped. The manufacturer was very glad, but next day to him the check for 10 thousand dollars came.

He was extremely indignant and demanded to paint the services rendered to him. The answer came:

- for blow the hammer: 1 dollar

- for knowledge of WHERE to strike - 9 999 dollars.

Conclusion: it is necessary to increase the level of the professionalism. For example, if you work as the simple cleaner and you are a sensible person, then you understand that 1 million dollars will not pay you at this level even if you will clean up in the Kremlin and in the White House. But whether pay in general in this sphere 1 million dollars? Yes! Where? At other level! For example, the cleaning company which serves thousands of people. And at this level your talent, but more perfected skill is required. But if your professionalism does not increase from year to year, and you remain at the former level, then to you not to see one million - even rubles - as ears!

I will ask a good question: For what you work?

To provide itself, the family, the life - you will tell.

All this? Then it too small, and one million dollars to you to anything.

Ask yourself questions: whether I Work as

on myself? whether

I Increase the level of professionalism? whether

I Enter already today on those levels where pay this one million?

Or you just spend the time, I live it for nothing, even without asking myself these questions.

Difference of mentalities of the poor and rich person: The poor person everything earned spends

for himself and the life

The rich person thinks not of life, and about business in which it is necessary to put

Poor there is no place to put, here he even does not think of it.

There is all a famous law of shine and a harvest. Today we have to think of entering on higher, to a mudflow new levels inaccessible to us. To think not of the category I will be given and category I will take . If one million is necessary - to go on that level at which there is this money and to take them!

There is no sense to cling to an old level of development, skill, life. There is a sense to enter on new level. To walk safely on it!

Let`s decide on such simple, at first sight, term as professionalism .

What means to be a professional, the expert ?

I will give an example with the famous hero - the tsar Solomon. It was so rich and wise in the board that once the queen Savskaya decided to come to it to look how everything is arranged in its kingdom and to listen to its wise moments. For the sake of it it overcame distance in 2 thousand km (it in those days when there were neither planes, nor trains!) . What it speaks about? It means that Solomon`s professionalism was so high that the rumor about it went beyond his kingdom, its country.

Professionalism is when the good glory about your abilities left far beyond yours nest your area, city.

Distinctive characteristics of skill:

1. constancy in work and sharpening of the skills

2. If something to do creativity

two times a month or two times a week, it is possible to become the professional of the business in that case? Never!

Doing something occasionally, not regularly, the professional you will not become.

Skill is with what you are busy constantly, that business to which you devote the main part of the time. If not grow in these skills through training, trainings constant, then the master just not to become!

It is possible to find the talents and abilities, but it is necessary still them and to perfect!

C than or whom you compare yourself, declaring that you are a professional? With something small and low or with something high and big?

Professionalism is a CONSTANCY in business, in development, in trainings, studying of all that belongs to the sphere of your competence. Professionalism is a popularity, popularity, a demand you as experts. A payment for professionalism of the tsar Solomon there were 4 tons of gold which presented the queen Savskaya.

The skills need to be perfected constantly, every day. And then time works for you. Especially, when you are not afraid to enter on new levels.

To become experts, it is necessary to work, to raise, apply for new level. That at this new level to create big affairs, to start global processes.

And if to understand these functions of money and to use them in the zhiznand, not only own prosperity, but also prosperity of the business, the professional sphere, city, country will come. I Wish to each person to be

sincere with myself and to wish to create great changes in life of the earth!