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How to learn to protect itself?

you, probably, will tell that this subject does not keep within one article that it is necessary to train and work much on itself really to be able to stand for itself. But here I want to consider purely psychological aspect of this subject, to convince some people that they are capable to protect themselves and the relatives in emergency situations.

We will begin with what you should forget about the idea of a fight. Because during a fight force plays the latest role. I would tell so: for 80 percent the psychological spirit, on 15 - equipment, that is, your ability to fight, and influences only 5 percent - force.

For this reason in this article it will be said about how it is correct to adjust itself on fight with the person.

In - the first, forget any pity to the opponent or rules of honest fight. I assure you that he will not begin to feel sorry for you, and at any right moment it will be ready to strike blow. If near at hand there is any cudgel, either a can, or the broken bottle - do not disdain it, take in hand and go into battle. Do not lay down the arms in the opponent only at all, and use it as continuation of your hand. Besides, to feel sorry for the person who attempts upon your life or upon life of your relatives, just unreasonably. Learn to turn during fight into absolutely other person, or even not into the person, and it is rather, in an animal, and not just in some innocent canary, and in a furious animal. Act so that your rival not just was afraid of you, and was horrified by you.

In - the second, understand what, time already ended in a fight with someone, you easily can receive from it. Therefore learn not to feel sorry for yourself, and to go forward, to attack. The one who is not afraid to receive wins. And without uniform bruise a fight leaves only real masters.

In - the third, you remember that you fight with the same person, as well as you, that is, at him are also two hands, two legs, the head. And whatever frightening it looked, it nevertheless remains the person who also has weak places in which to you it is simple - naprosto it is necessary to get. But if all of you - do not feel self-confidence, then just imagine this person naked. After that it to you will not seem some frightening, on the contrary, you will feel self-confidence.

In - the fourth as I already spoke, force does not play almost any role therefore you should not have big muscles, and just the nobility where it is worth getting and to get there. And it: eyes, temples, a nape (that is why in all sports there it is forbidden to beat), a throat, a solar plexus (especially on a breath), kidneys, a groin (I think, this place does not need comments). There is still a place, heels are slightly higher if there properly to strike, then the person in general becomes lame on this leg.

From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that these places need to be protected most carefully because they are a key to neutralization of the person. And even the thirteen-year-old child can use this key.

If you do not manage to win against the fear of a fight in any way, then you just imagine that it is your last fight and you should not just battle, and to win, otherwise it will become for you fatal. In general, it is very important to include the imagination before fight, it helps you to gather self-confidence, to believe in the forces or to create conditions under which you will be able to win simply. in conclusion I want to tell

a couple of words about force. Though it is not a victory basis, but you will feel much more surely if you keep sportswear, besides, it is useful for health.