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In what feature of female intuition and how to use it for the benefit of the state?

Women have simply amazing

intuition. They notice everything, except

of obvious things .

Oscar Wilde

Twenty first century. The girl and the guy sit on a shop in fine park. Summer, warm nights, smell of flowers and grass. As fine to the little girl to look at stars together with the darling! As it is delightful to close lips with it in a passionate kiss under the moon! Grasshoppers chirr, the tranquility and luxury shroud consciousness both. And suddenly certain internal antennas in the head of the girl caught a danger signal. What - she does not know yet, but the internal voice already drills her brain: Now there will be something bad! Leave! . And the girl reincarnates. She began to worry, does not wish caress. asks, then demands, sometimes hysterically, from the young man to leave a shop, to leave park.

And the guy flew into a passion, he wants more love. He does not feel and does not want to feel any danger. In soul laughs at the beloved, saying to itself that all little girls - such boyak! . He climbs with the extended gubeshka for a kiss again and does not hear noiseless steps on asphalt. Late notices several gloomy silhouettes in dim light of a night lamp. It is pack of juvenile robbers, murderers and tyrants already surrounded a shop where the guy and the girl were pardoned. To leave now late. Nothing good this meeting neither for him, nor for his companion will end. Perhaps, even, it will lose life, and the girl will undergo a robbery and violence. Perhaps, even that both of them will die as a result of this meeting. But it could be avoided easily! It was only worth listening to call of female intuition and in time to leave park.

A striking example of work of female special intuition - Vanga. At Vangi work of gift of a prophecy was based more on destiny of the specific person. It is the scale of female intuition - the specific person, a concrete life situation. The woman constructed the coffee filter, for example. A strainer on a teapot. Bra.

Men think more volume, more logically, in state and what there, interplanetary scales. For this reason all largest opening in areas of equipment, chemistry, physics, medicine, space are made male mind, logic. Eureka! - it is a call of man`s inspiration. Archimedes long thought how to calculate the volume of an uneven subject. Imperial crown, for example. And his logician, plus circumstance (Archimedes lay in a bathtub naked) gave an impulse to a brain, and that solved a problem: the crown needs to be placed in a bathtub with water!

Archimedes jumped out stark naked of water, shaken by the opening! The woman would not begin to jump out naked of a bathtub because she of her logician is limited and to such opening her brain would hardly come. To jump out here of a bathtub naked on a call of darling is and, please! And from - for inspirations how to learn the volume of an uneven body - no, not that case. Here at first the dressing gown would put on, the manicure, a pedicure became, hair would dry the hair dryer.

Psychologists made experiment: the group of men and group of women was given a certain task which should be solved. And so, men solved it logically. That is, from this it turns out - it is; such - will give a step to here it is to concrete results. That is, the male brain as if jumped from one island of logic on another, jumping to an island under the name Correct decision . And at women everything appeared differently: they found the correct solution, only not an explainable way too. Intuitively. Then the woman knows the correct answer, but here the origin of this answer is covered with a gloom.

At us in the people know that The woman`s Heart - you will not deceive! . The Woman, she heart feels . In England the great logician Arthur Conan Doyle, said that female direct intuition can be sometimes more valuable than any logical arguments . Such thinking does a female brain female. But today even more often the woman goes to business, policy, financial spheres. That is, there, where the rigid logic is required. And many of such women succeed, push out men, become business - vumensham, the prime minister - ministers, directors of investment groups.

Eventually her brain begins to function as man`s. Therefore, speaking with the woman, even very nice which works, for example, as the CEO of the company to meet her as with the woman of hunting special is not present: there is a feeling that you are glued to the man, but not to the lovely lady. Her thinking already more man`s, than female. But this metamorphosis, appears, is capable to bring benefit to many people, and even the country! I am inclined to believe in feature of female intuition though there is an opinion of certain scientists that it is the myth. The myth - the myth, and I will vote for the woman president if such sometime proposes the candidate. And she will win as it happened in Argentina.

Governors - men Russia saw a huge number, and they it bungled that sometimes hair on end rise. And government of the woman for us - a novel step. Let it rely on the female intuition, and on the other hand, on the recommendation of especially logical, analytical men`s departments of administration of institute of presidency.

It is sure that the woman president, thanks to special intuition, will choose the correct priorities in policy of the country, both in internal, and in external. Health of the nation, safety of citizens, maximum development of production within the country. Formulation, at last, main motto of modern Russia. For example, The Family - the supreme value of Russia! .

And with strengthening of economy, health of the nation, development of the main reference points of development of society (The homeland, a family, health, safety, work and worthy remuneration for it) also the foreign policy of the country will change. It will stop being looking back, timid, type, it will come to no good will also turn into policy of the strong, steady power.

It is necessary to use special female intuition for the benefit of the state, but with the emphasis on powerful analytics of specialists - men. Synthesis of these two things will bring notable and fruitful fruits in life of each Russian.