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When you become the rich?

Who has less, than wishes, has to know that it has more than deserves.

(G. Likhtenberg) of

is frequent, beginning the business, people count on fast result. Especially it is characteristic of network marketing since people with the average level of prosperity, and, as a result, the low level of financial literacy generally come to this business.

But even more often these desires break against severe reality. The market rules the world, and you in this world have exactly so much how many you stand.

If you earn $500, and over the last 5 years your income grew by 20%, what allows you to think that for few months the income will grow by 10 times.

Sometimes my new partners ask a question: And how many on average leaves time for leaving on such - the income?

There is no concept of an average of business, it as average temperature on hospital. It will take month one person, and to another to pump over all necessary skills needs 3 years.

In MLM this principle works especially distinctly, the person begins to earn really serious money only when he becomes that person who costs them. For this purpose it is necessary to work hard over himself, to pump over a huge number of useful qualities (leadership, self-confidence, psychology, planning, advertizing, ability to competently state the thoughts, to conduct negotiations, to publicly act, solve problems, to take responsibility, etc.) .

Network marketing is not business of sales (though even for sales skills are necessary) as believe many, and business of personal growth. Your passive income will depend not on that how many goods and services you will sell, and from that what person you will become. Gradually, acquiring skills, you will see how the income grows.

If on your eyes the person quickly achieves success in something, it means that you see only an iceberg top. It means that its success was preceded by the long work invisible to people around.

Why a lot of things are given to successful people much easier, than to others? Because from those which the rest still should develop they already have many skills.

Summing up the result, I will tell, you will begin to earn big money when you cost them, and not vice versa. Invest in yourself!

Achieve the objectives, I know as!