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What medicine the motorist cannot take?

Drivers the same people, as well as all others, so, they are also ill, but to be treated in the well-known ways by it is unsafe. What do we do when we ail? Correctly! We take the home first-aid kit, we get the necessary medicine and we accept it. Whether but all can take medicine bravely drivers?

Dangerous drugs always is, were and will be, and it is extremely necessary to know about their side effects, especially to our drivers. What is normal reaction on the road and what its speed? Driving of the car are a performance of a huge number of operations at the same time and there is all this to different speed. For example, analyzing a road situation in a radius of action of a pupil, the driver perceives (reads out) it in 1/24 seconds, at the same time, pay attention that when the driver sees danger, the decision on pressing a brake is made in 1/10 seconds, and it much longer. It is known that many drugs slow down reaction, sometimes doubling it. About what drugs there is a speech?

Most often at reception various anticonvulsive, the antidepressants calming of anti-allergenic preparations at drivers arise side effects. Davny - long ago it is known that after reception even of herbal tea with certain properties the driver can just fall asleep.

To warn the unsuccessful result of treatment for the driver - we will glance in the summary.

In summaries to certain preparations is preventions reception during the work with " mechanisms is forbidden; or to drivers of vehicles to accept under control of the doctor . Accepted such - at all you do not take the wheel. Besides, attentively study the column side effects . Each of them can significantly affect safety of driving. Turn attention to such cautions as drowsiness, weakness, block, dizziness, sight violation.

If for some reasons you are forced to take such medicine, take the wheel not earlier than in 10 - 12 hours. And if in the summary of medicine it is specified that it is a preparation of the prolonged action, it is necessary to wait for not less days.

At pains the driver should be limited only to paracetamol and acetilsalicylic acid. In such situation it is the safest preparations. And do not try at all, having swallowed anesthetic, to get by the car to the stomatologist quicker. Anesthesia plus the drugs drunk by you is too risky combination driving. After visit of the stomatologist and the anesthetizing prick recommend not less than 12 hours a vozderzhaniiya from driving. So, take better than a taxi. Let is more expensive, but it is safer.

it is Carefully necessary to be with phytocollecting, grassy and dietary supplements. Especially with those which part plants with the calming action are. Such harmless grasses as a valerian, a pustyrnik, a peony and even a melissa with mint, can play a bad joke. Somewhat they slow down reaction. Therefore if you drank soothing collecting, about 12 hours are better not to take the wheel.

Besides, it is not necessary to accept just before a trip grass tinctures on alcohol. Of course, you will not get drunk with them. But when checking on the road patrolmen can record the content of alcohol in your blood - with all that it implies. Now when we are armed with necessary information, to us it is not terrible to

to take the wheel and to be pedestrians. Because diligent performance not only traffic regulations, but also as we see, the rules stated in the summary to medicine will ensure safety of actions of the driver on the road on which not only his life, but also life of other people depends.