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When and where the first-ever traffic lights appeared?

on August 5, 1914, 95 years ago, at the intersection of the avenue of Euclid and 105 - y Vostochnaya Street in the American city of Cleveland appeared the first-ever traffic lights regulating traffic. They had switching red and green light and published the warning signal.

It would seem, everything is clear: there is a concrete date, and it was necessary to look who thought up similar system? But in practice everything is not so simple: here as with the invention of soccer - at once several countries apply for that being called ancestors of this national game. With traffic lights too everything is not so unambiguous: there are enough applicants for the right of the invention. Not for nothing the famous poetess Larisa Rubalskaya thought up such lines once:

Who constructed the traffic light?

It was, by the way,

Many years back.

the Plane was thought up by the pilot,

the Gardener thought up a garden,

the tourist Invented the road,

the Football player thought up a ball.

But remained to many

of Not solvable tasks.

Is unknown still,

Who constructed the traffic light?

Who constructed the traffic light? -

Is unknown still.

does Everyone that wants,

Everything that in the head will climb up.

I, by the way,

will invent once Something.

To a wall a nail, to jam a teapot,

Black bread for sour Russian cabbage soup,

In life is not casual

of Remarkable things " much;.

Who pervy?

the Palm British try to take away

from Americans. And they have an occasion for this purpose - the great-grandfather of the modern traffic light was established on December 10, 1868 in London, near the building of the British Parliament. His inventor - J. P. Knight, the specialist in railway semaphores, simply transferred the principle accepted in its department. It " traffic light; coped manually and had two semaphore wings. If wings were raised horizontally - it meant a signal stop and when they were lowered at an angle in 45 degrees - the movement was allowed, but only with care . Besides, on a high iron column the gas lamp closed on the one hand red, and with another green glass was suspended. The lamp could be turned in one or other direction by means of the handle installed in its basis.

Light day in London is short on December 10 as a beak at a sparrow. Not all were in time to slip during daylight hours. For opozdanets Knight thought up illumination. " Switch; signals the special police officer who turned on the necessary light served. Here only this invention worked less than a month - on January 2, 1869 gas in a lamp it is unknown from - for what jerked, the police officer was seriously wounded, and died in hospital later. Then Bobbie flatly refused to be on duty near a gas lamp. Regulation came to naught. At least, for long 44 years. to

, Why detective traffic light?

B 1912 the detective of city police Saul - Leyk - City 24 - summer Lester Vayr invented the first electric traffic light. At first he made a big wooden box with an inclined roof, then circular openings in which there were glasses painted by red and green paint. In order that " traffic light; all saw, established a box on a long pole, and from it snakes wires fell by the special cart. Here also was " control panel; traffic light.

And still many experts believe that the real traffic light was born on August 5, 1914 and the State of Ohio was invented by Garret Morgan, the Afro-American, the inventor and the businessman from Cleveland. Actually the traffic light was only necessary for Garret after he bought the first car. Its invention acted by the same principle, as semaphores on railway traveling. The only difference was that Morgan thought up such course: each signal (red and green) joined automatically on a certain amount of time. Practically all modern traffic lights also act on this principle. And with hints in the form of digital counting, and without them

However, the patent for the invention to Morgan it was succeeded to receive only nine years later, in 1923. And more than four years later at once two inventors managed to improve the system offered by Garret. Was rather interesting, for example, such passage - if the approaching driver saw red light on the traffic light, it hooted by means of a special horn. The signal reached the policeman`s ears in the box who right there switched light. However, this system only till a certain moment worked until the number of cars exceeded all admissible limits. In cacophony of sounds not each traffic controller At Italians the traffic light could orient with


A here two more interesting facts. In - the first, the yellow signal of the traffic light appeared in 1918, and in - the second, in the Soviet Union the first traffic light was installed in 1924 on crossing of streets Kuznetsky Bridge and Petrovka in Moscow.

And the last: most abrupt " traffic light; Italians thought up. So they call a special diet according to which it is possible to dump several kilograms, without batting an eyelid .

To begin meal they advise from products of yellow color. For example, potatoes, pumpkin, omelet, paprika of the corresponding color, banana, orange, persimmon, tangerine.

Further, having had a rest 5 - 10 minutes, Italians pass to green: to salad, parsley, cilantro, fennel, onions! Further there are cucumbers, cabbage, siliculose haricot, peas. Then - apples, a kiwi, grapes, a gooseberry...

And at last the meal comes to the end with products and dishes of red color: shrimps, lobsters, salmon, tomatoes, carrots. And it is recommended to finish everything raspberry, strawberry, cherry, pomegranate.

As you can see, here colors too switch one by one