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What transport in Russia the most demanded?

the best transport in Russia are legs. Legs at us where hosh it is possible to reach. Hosh - uphill. Hosh - downhill. Hosh in shop for a floor - a letter, hosh to the president with the complaint to neighbors from above, from a bathtub filled in. Though it is simpler to reach shop will be.

Legs in Russia should be protected. Legs are supporters. And all ways - roads are ground at us under the most reliable source of movement - a leg. Any jeep, the most fancy, will not pass where there will pass the Russian`s legs. Therefore all these " Hondas; toyeta and " Suzuki; slip where to us on everything to spit. The best Russian automobile works - our women. They make the most perfect vehicle - 2 on 2. Ours 2 on 2 beat their 4 on 4. Beat easily and artlessly.

Only let us on off road terrain. On the smooth and flat autobahn it is boring and opposite to us. Give us holes and potholes. And dirt has more. From rags to riches. In Russia it is impossible to build autobahns. All our governors intuitively understood it. Therefore did not build. When Nikolay I was asked: we will build a railway track as in Europe, or it is more, he answered puzzly: One horse-radish more . And constructed. Now any enemy will not attack us because the track let on horse-radish, but is more. It is difficult to bring ammunition.

Very wise emperor was. Or here Peter I who to Europe opened a window. The good fellow, did not begin to look for easy ways. Here to you a window, climb while it is possible. The window can be opened and closed, depending on the state needs. To hang Stavenki, to fasten shpingaletik.

Lenin. That knew only one road. In communism. Without intersections, traffic lights and GAI officers. To Everyone on requirements . Tea and bed linen - it is free. It is a pity, did not construct. All the same sellers of striped sticks will stop for speeding.

Stalin. One way ticket . Tickets were on sale one way. All country went in the general car. Our tanks were the best in the world. Our infantry reached Berlin.

Khrushchev. Went . Paved the way to space. The Russian rockets reached Cuba. In 80 - m all country had to reach communism.

Reached the Olympic Games. Plus BAM. We close blinds, and we pretend that we go. Leonid Ilyich was a big fan of foreign cars.

Which were hated by Putin. Ah yes, Gorbachev and Yeltsin were passed. One hated alcohol, the second loved. White and red clowns. The country, laughing, leaving foreign cars, but not wishing to change to AvtoVAZ, again started walking on foot.

Because legs in our country - the most infallible remedy of movement. Legs are legs. Money is not necessary to us - let pass. To At - two. Leva. Begin to sing the song!

Soldatushki, rebyatushka,

Where your legs are gallant?

our legs wander about the road

Here so, peshkodraly also we go on life. Also good roads and good cars are not necessary to us. Our legs much more abruptly and prokhodimy their Mesedesov and " BMW;. More abruptly us only boiled eggs. And the Russian women - more abruptly than any western automobile works. Because ours 2 on 2 much prokhodimy their 4 on 4. And brakes thought up pants. We increase speed on off road terrain? Where ours did not vanish!