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What to do with hair after holiday?

After summer holiday many complain of a deplorable condition of own hair. Sea water, wind, the sun negatively affect them, result in dryness, fragility, decolouration. The lifeless type of own head of hear of very few people will leave indifferent. Our article is urged to help to return to the hair which lost former beauty to life.

So, reflection in a mirror does not please you, the bush of hair with split ends irritates, and memories of rest are saddened by its terrible consequences? Do not hurry to panic! Now it is a high time to be engaged in care of hair actively. The main thing that now is necessary for them - it is food and moistening.

In the first two weeks after holiday refuse from :

- daily washing of the head (it is necessary to wash the head not more often than time in 2 - 3 days);

- uses of the hair dryer (the curling iron, nippers for hair dressing);

- hairstyles, paintings, a chemical hairdressing;

- mousses and skins for laying, hairspray. All this

not only will not help hair to be restored, but also will lead to even more deplorable result.

It is possible to reach the necessary effect by means of special balms - conditioners, medical masks, serums, massage (self-massage) of head skin. Balm will moisten hair, will make them more pliable when combing. The mask will restore hair from within, will give them shine and force. Perhaps, you should replace the shampoo, having chosen more suitable means containing pantenol, vegetable components. The oils rich with fatty acids, - olive, palm can become good assistants in the course of a hair reconstruction. It is possible to leave the oil applied on hair on all night long.

It is necessary to observe pravilnyyrezhy food : to eat products, vitamin-rich And, B and E, calcium, potassium, zinc (fish of fat grades, a liver, seafood, vegetable oils). And, of course, you should not forget about polyvitaminic preparations. They will help to be restored not only to your hair, but also all organism exhausted by active pastime.

For laying use the special moisturizing creams or sprays: they have more sparing (and restoring) action, than mousses and varnishes. Try to choose funds from SPF (Sun Protection Filters). The sun continues to shine also in September, influencing hair and taking away the moisture remains in them. Avoid stay on the wind, especially cold, or use a headdress.

If means and time allow, address to beauty shop . Experts will quickly put a condition of your hair in order, will offer various programs of intensive therapy of hair on the basis of natural components. Procedures in salon are much more effective house, besides it is possible to receive recommendations from professionals. Also here will advise you a suitable hairstyle and laying.

In case for visit of special salons you have neither time, nor means, will come to the rescue checked for years house recipes . Here some of them:

1. To distribute on all length of hair olive mayonnaise (or warm curdled milk). To put on a hat from polyethylene the head, to warm from above a terry towel. Procedure duration - 30 min. (curdled milk) ili1 hour (mayonnaise).

2. To mix juice of a lemon, a white cabbage and spinach in equal proportions. To rub mix in head skin, having distributed the remains on all length of hair. To put on a hat, to warm a towel. Procedure duration - 30 - 60 min.

3. To mix a yolk of one egg, 1 h l. honey and 1 tablespoon of mayonnaise. To apply the received mask on head skin, the remains to distribute on hair. To put on a hat, to warm a towel. Procedure duration - 2 hours.

4. To mix 5 tablespoons of olive oil with juice of one lemon. To apply on head skin and hair. Procedure duration - 30 min.

5. To mix 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt, 1 tablespoon of strawberry, 0,5 h a spoon of oil from germinated grains of wheat. To put on all length of hair. Procedure duration - 20 min.

Upon termination of procedures it is necessary to wash out carefully hair warm water with shampoo.

We hope, recommendations about care of hair and head skin during the post-holiday period will have by the way and will help our readers to solve this problem with success.