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How to celebrate the World day of tourism? Novgorod remote place: silent history...

on September 27 this year fans of tourism celebrate the holiday for the thirtieth time. Except travelers, the World day of tourism as the professional holiday, also workers of tourist industry note. This anniversary celebration will be devoted to a subject of world cultural wealth, and the main actions will take place in Ghana under the slogan Tourism - we celebrate a variety . Organizers of festival, preparing a holiday, place emphasis on that important role which is played by tourism in return of local traditions and ensuring prosperity of the country.

The last is very important also for Russia. Of course, most of our tourists - fans and even professionals of tourist branch will not go to celebration to far Ghana, but also here, in Russia, increase of a standard of living in the country thanks to tourism development has to become the main subject at the organization of celebration. It is necessary to focus public attention and, first of all, fans of travel that cultural and natural richness of the country has to to work on increase of material well-being of its inhabitants, that is, ourselves.

And what should be made for this purpose? To travel more around the country, to get into its most unknown corners which conceal in themselves a lot of interesting and informative, to visit the museums and, thus, financially to support them, deriving at the same time esthetic pleasure, learning something new.

Coming back from travel, it is necessary to tell as much as possible the friends and acquaintances about what was seen that also they visited these remarkable corners too. What large sums our provincial museums will have, that they will be in the best state, the more there will be persons interested to visit them.

The museums of St. Petersburg and Moscow are known to all. Nobody doubts that it is very interesting to go on the cities of the Golden Ring, to visit Pushkin Hills, Pskov, Veliky Novgorod But here about that, as in the Russian remote place it is possible to see something and to learn, the few reflect. And getting into the most secret places of a midland of Russia, it is possible to make for himself the mass of discoveries.

I urge fans of the Central Russian nature and history of the state Russian to make a campaign on North of the Novgorod region . Or about the lake Valdai much know of the most Veliky Novgorod, and northern areas remain terra incognita. It is possible to go hiking on the car or by bicycle, and it is possible on post-horses . At first we go to town of Borovichi . There it is possible to reach from. of station of Okulovk (October.) or by bus from St. Petersburg or Veliky Novgorod.

This regional center is interesting to us not only existence of several hotels. Thanks to the fact that the city managed to avoid the German occupation in days of the Great Patriotic War civil building of XVIII - the beginning of the 20th century remained here. For example, the Travelling palace built to Catherine II`s arrival, the building of Offices, malls, a cathedral Sacredly - Dukhova of the monastery. The arch metal bridge through Msta built in 1905 on the project of the famous engineer N. A. Belelyubsky belongs to number of the engineering constructions deserving attention. In Borovichi the house in which in 1884 - 1914 there lived the composer A. K. Lyadov remained.

Survey of the city can devote one day. And to go further. The most interesting of sights of the North of the Novgorod region almost unknown to a wide range are the places connected with Alexander Vasilyevich Suvorov`s life.

The bus Borovichi - Coniferous will take you to village of Konchansky . This village and several nearby villages were founded by the citizens who moved here from the city of Korela after the conclusion of the Stolbovsky world with Sweden in 1617. The memorial estate of A. V. Suvorov was open here on October 25, 1942, in the most difficult year of the Great Patriotic War. The estate includes winter and summer houses, the church building built in 1901 and used for an exposition of materials about Italo - the Swiss campaign which details the commander thought over exactly here. The center of an exposition - a picture - a diorama Alpine campaign of Suvorov .

The farmstead park was stretched on 4 hectares of the earth. Here since Suvorov times the pond and an arbor remained. In vicinities of the estate - four oaks planted by Suvorov in 1798, the Suvorov well, the church constructed on his order and on its means.

From Konchansky by bus or the car we will go further in the same direction. Our way will pass through Hvoyninsky district in Lyubytinsky where in village of Kamenka the patrimonial estate of the generalissimo was located. Many researchers consider that the famous commander exactly here was born.

On the bank of the picturesque lake Kamensk the wooden house of the 18th century and the wooden Alexander Nevsky Church constructed already in XIX remained. In 1879 the grandson of the generalissimo, Alexander Arkadyevich, gave the estate under Nursing home for soldiers of the Russian army.

In summer months 2008 and 2009 in the Suvorov estate the children`s orthodox camp works. Here children have a rest, and their parents work. And everything together they slowly restore the ancient estate.

From Kamenka the further way will pass through settlement of Lyubytino where it is also possible to spend the night in hotel. In the center of the settlement settled down the two-storeyed wooden building built in Gothic style in 1846. It is the estate of the last chairman of the board of ministers of the imperial government Nicholas II I. L. Goremykin. Now there is a children`s art school.

In the house the library consisting of the Russian, German and French books (more than 2 thousand volumes), and an icon in ancient copes, including the icon of the Mother of God, furniture of mahogany of the beginning of the 19th century, separate things of an era of Catherine II and even Peter the Great honored in a family Goremykinykh remained.

Opposite to Goremykin`s estate on the left bank of the river of Msta in 1832 in honor of the twentieth anniversary of a victory over Napoleon the temple of the Dormition of the Theotokos which is on restoration now was built. Perhaps, it was constructed by the architect Lviv or Stasov. The church represents option of the " type, exclusively rare for the time; the temple under a ring .

In the Novgorod region it is the only such monument. The temple had three thrones: main Dormition of the Theotokos, limit St. Zhivonachalny Trinity and Prelate Nikolay. On a church cemetery remains of representatives of the known princely surname Svyatopolk - Wordly are buried.

Having visited dream places of the Novgorod region, through Small Vishera we come out to the highway connecting Moscow and St. Petersburg, and we appear in the village of Chudsky district of the Novgorod region Spasskaya Polist . From here it is possible to go to St. Petersburg or in an opposite direction - to Moscow through Veliky Novgorod.

This travel on to the Novgorod remote place will leave the most unforgettable impressions. Having celebrated thus the World day of tourism, you will be able to tell about it to the friends and to draw also their attention to little-known, but very interesting places of the Novgorod region.