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How to survive near rasteryakhy and to keep sincere health?

Among our acquaintances and relatives will always be the person who constantly loses something. This absent-mindedness can seem amusing only from outside, but if this person constantly nearby, then your life can turn into an incessant nightmare of losses and regrets.

Umbrellas and gloves are considered as an expendable material for a long time. The man purse and a wallet are simply excluded from use not to lose all valuable at once. Money and mobile phones for some reason always fall out of pockets. Train tickets - the plane just disappear just before landing. Documents are dissolved under the obscure circumstances. Infinite searches of keys, a peretryakhivaniye of all things and papers bring to white heat.

In the beginning I tried to find the reason of this mess that to stop it. Then waved a hand and understood that I should reconcile or divorce from it. You will not call it absent-mindedness as in all the rest the person is very attentive and accurate, does not push in the unhooked car, around does not dress a frying pan Money carefully is recalculated by

, the camera hundred times will be carefully checked in a backpack whether on the place, the umbrella will carefully contract in hands. And all the same money will be lost, the camera inexplicably will fall out of a backpack, and the umbrella will leave in a minibus.

Why does that happen? Why one people constantly lose something, and others lost only pair of mittens in the far childhood?

Psychologists look for the reasons here, doctors of occult sciences see intrigues of brownies. But, unfortunately, numerous appeals: The Brownie, house, play and give! addresses to Saint Naum and the martyr Fedor Tiron of results in useless searches do not bring.

Councils of psychologists to make friends do not work with things (to buy an amusing charm, a beautiful purse), to think up associations, to take the responsibility for the life. Psychologists consider that the reasons of absent-mindedness are connected with the mechanism of replacement and the mechanism of an exception. That is the person forces out from vital interests unnecessary or unpleasant objects, and the dominating interests exclude all minor. But we all uvyazay in the sea of information, questions, problems, constantly face the choice, but rasteryakh among us it is not much.

It is clear, that the reason - in ourselves, but where it is concrete? The lost thing symbolizes our some problem, but what? The set of advice is given how to look for the lost things, policy strokes are developed.

Well and different nonsenses, " type; thus, if the person loses some significant things, then these losses his subconsciousness wants to tell him something. Having heard and having deciphered these messages, it will be able to correct the life . The thing - that is already lost!

People approach this problem differently. One persistently look for, others will wave a hand and will buy a new thing or will wait until she appears.

I am imposed more by the relation to losses of followers of the academician Mirzakarim Norbekov. If lost something - means, you paid for something, or this thing was simply not necessary to you.

Therefore it is necessary to look for ways of minimization of losses from losses, and to reduce losses to harmless sizes, namely:

Gloves are bought the cheapest by packings, in the wholesale markets. To buy rare recurrence out of pity leather, woolen it is necessary to press in itself on a root as more than a week all of them equally will not hold on, and you will find one of them which is bashfully hidden where - nibud in a far corner of a case soon.

Umbrellas too - the cheapest, disposable. Will not manage to break earlier, than it will be lost.

we do not give More than two bags in hands. Better two big, than five small as three somewhere will be forgotten.

All documents and receipts found on the apartment are dumped in a convenient box. So, at least, it is known where to look for.

For each thing we try to get the constant place as the disorder is the frequent reason of loss of things in the house.

For the same reason zones of storage of things are accurately differentiated. Here - yours, here - mine which you do not dare to touch. And here, all right, the general. Dressers with a set of boxes are very convenient for this purpose. At first it is possible even to paste labels until the reflex is fixed.

Money before a campaign behind purchases, train tickets / plane we do not let out from the hands. And on all attempts to take we answer with firm refusal.

the Small lamp always has to be near at hand for searches of small things under a sofa, behind a case, under a bedside table.

we begin Searches of the lost thing on foregrounds.

Pockets have to be whole, deep, lightnings - serviceable.

we keep Spare keys in a table at work or at relatives.

we exclude Models of expensive mobile phones as empty ejection of money.

I the main. Not to become attached to things! It is, eventually, just a thing. Also she is dear to you or not, depends only on your attitude towards her (and all - which - that is really a pity).