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Five P or Why professionals are subject to program perfectionism?

Well so is a virus? Some transatlantic hacker is eager for war with our family?

Programmer will not manage to answer and will drop out of reality. Through some time it will get to the bottom of the prime cause, will return to reality and will ask caustic questions with badly hidden indignation. What wise man disconnected messages on shortage of an empty seat on disks? What for the clever man allocated so much place for the file of pumping and temporary files? As a result the operating system (OS) tried to write down at start which - what bytes, but, without having found the place, felled into a coma.

The family members who not at once realized, that war is transferred, serially shrug shoulders. This is not known. Perhaps all - a virus? Aha, a virus about two legs.

It also disconnected last time, the hands, and allocated so much place. And this time, unsatisfied with problem scale, will install new drivers, will clean disks, will replace the browser. From - for what old game will cease to work, will forever be gone which - what necessary data and Internet connection will become complicated. I speak, a virus.

It is possible to aggravate. Take an interest why the computer so brakes though to it all years five? From the screen the pleasant background picture - the neighbour`s cat who is ruthlessly stretched across will be gone. And still the magician will put other program for playing of music which is more bright started, but it is more difficult for understanding. The computer moves away from you more and more, it should be rediscovered. And it besides that Oh, yes! I see that the menu opens really quicker. And how to me to look for the documents now? .

You will not believe, but the true professional can be engaged in it as much as long. Will update the browser, will establish ten additions, will update additions, will download new base for the addition blocking advertizing on the Internet. Will replace the anti-virus program, will install the separate program for updating of its bases, will adjust both programs on daily check on updates.

Without trusting to the antiviral program the exterminator of advertizing and harmful programs will put. Correctly, will update its bases. Truly, will adjust on self-updating. Will download critical additions of OS. Will reboot. Will reconcile antiviral program and exterminator of advertizing. Will establish important additions of OS. Will reboot. Will get the program for advertizing destruction from quarantine. Will remove it. Will put another.

Will clean the register of OS from mistakes. Will reboot. Defragments the register, will reboot once again. Will look for mistakes in the register other program, with pleasure will remove some more unnecessary records, will start defragmentation of disks, but, having changed parameters of the modem and having refreshed codecs, will reboot once again, without having waited for the end of its work. So far at the computer or its owners the patience will not end.

This virus - a specific type of perfectionism , conviction that the computer has to work ideally . Virus carriers understand it differently. Someone dispersal squeezes out megahertz of the computer, shortening its century. The majority is anxious with installation of the freshest and best programs and optimization of their work.

To it there will be no end: new versions (including the testings which are in a stage) programs will find the admirers, more interesting or free analogs will not appear yet. Or still convenient prozhigalka disks and revolutionary browser images will not become gluttonous super - media - " combines; in total - in - one . The professional will obviously not be satisfied with it and will optimize further.

Why? Because the commitment to excellence is in a varying degree expressed if not at all, then at most of people. Someone has a shave several times a day. Or repeats examinations, considering only five worthy assessment. And someone can rewrite half an hour the last paragraph of article.

Strive for perfection - it is normal!