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Where Hamovaya Street conducted? From the clown Balakirev to Shevchuk

Geographically - the street conducts on other (Belinsky) Street. Historically - in depth of centuries. In the long term - as the nobility, but, most likely, in the right direction.

It is one of numerous places in St. Petersburg where the set of stories are the share of each centimeter of the area. The tiny small street (and fifty houses it will not be gathered, extent - less than a kilometer) concentrated in itself a huge piece of the Russian history.

At the corner of Mokhovaya Street and Belinsky Street (or Simeonovskoy as earlier), on the earth once presented by Peter I to the daughter Anna there is one of the oldest churches of St. Petersburg: Simeon and Anna`s church. It is the former cathedral, and till 1802 the church was court. Now it is again returned to believers. And opposite - the beer stall sung by S. Dovlatov (were going to make the memorable place with a sign: Beer only to members of labor union ) .

On a pavement of this street the famous clown Ivan Balakirev, the poet F. I. Tyutchev, the wife of the writer and the diplomat I. M. Muravyyov - the Apostle (mother of Decembrists), composers M. Glinka and A. Dargomyzhsky, the critic V. V. Stasov, the ingenious chemist D. I. Mendeleyev, the industrialist and the patron S. I. Mamontov, the poet Taras Shevchenko, the prince (the poet and the academician) P. A. Vyazemsky, Karamzin` family, the naval commander S. Makarov, the Minister of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation and the chairman of the board of ministers P. A. Stolypin (rented the student apartment), writers I. Goncharov, N. Leskov, Yu. Nikitin, A. Amfiteatrov and Je. Schwartz reached the houses. There are data that there nowadays there lives the fate - the singer Yu. Shevchuk.

A. Blok, V. Mayakovsky, S. Yesenin, A. Kuprin, A. Akhmatova, N. Gumilev, D. Merezhkovsky, M. Gorky, V. Khlebnikov, V. Bryusov, Z. Gippius were constant guests of this street.

And on this small street N. Simonov`s steps, N. Cherkasova, Page sounded. Gerasimov, T. Makarova, G. Zhzhenov, P. Kadochnikov, A. Raikin, A. Freindlich, S. Yursky, M. Neyolova, M. Boyarsky, L. Dodin.

And also Dmitry Nagiyev, Nikolay Fomenko, Konstantin Khabensky, Mikhail Porechenkov, Maxim Leonidov, Yury Galtsev and many others.

Since the 19th century Hamovaya Street is called Moss. It is rather everyday occurrence when the name is paraphrased. And there lived there in the XVIII century Khamovniki - weavers. It were special and very skillful weavers who sewed sails for the Admiralty ships. Then the shipyard was moved to other place, weavers moved too, and the settlement the aristocracy began to occupy. Still later the aristocracy, for the known reasons, left the houses, and the street also did not think anywhere to vanish, and became even more well-known. Now actually each house on it is brought in The List of again revealed objects representing historical, scientific, art or other cultural value .

Favourite, my beloved street. The street where there passed several remarkable educational years (then were more and more, and all on Moss streets, but with these years not to compare).

The street with which it was so convenient to pass to remarkable cafe on Foundry both to drink coffee and to order tasty whipped cream (now this cafe is absent any more, and once it could become the only meal in a day). All went there, especially students LGITMIKA, now - Academies of Theater (Sankt - the St. Petersburg State Academy of Theater). To it this year was the whole 230 years.

And opposite to Academy - Student`s theater. It settles down in the well-known building too: once there was a Tenishevsky school known to all Russia. And though it was commercial school, the general course of objects was very wide. Graduates of its steel V. Nabokov and O. Mandelstam. And in 1914 exactly there put the well-known performances according to Blok ( Balaganchik and Stranger ) V. Meyerhold.

Many favourite actors passed through Academy of Theater and Student`s theater... And all know one more graduate of Academy - it is Maxim Spiridonov.

Surprising business: two Moss streets, one in St. Petersburg, another in Moscow ( The Ear ring with Small Bronna and Vitka with Moss ). Moscow Moss is famous too, and with an ulterior motive: directly from Borovitsky gate of the Kremlin it slowly passes by the Russian State library ( Leninki ) also approaches directly Moscow State University (faculty of journalism and others).

Such impression that all Moss streets conduct to to knowledge, education, science, literature and arts. Perhaps still a couple of streets where to rename? The good name - Mokhovaya Street.