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Golden rules of the sleepy beauty. How to look fresh and it is vigorous?

you did not sleep? When at a meeting ask you this question, you understand that traces of a sleep debt are visible to people around.

Regrettably, but fact. Everything, including lovers of stormy night life, need a full-fledged dream. The nature you will not deceive, and therefore everything that we did not sleep at night, it will be shown on our face in the morning. How to avoid it?

Any woman who owing to a state of health, the way of life or professional need does not get enough sleep at night has to follow several basic rules - Golden rules of not slept beauty they will help it to save face in every sense of this word. It is simple to observe them: the main thing - the nobility that as well as why becomes after stormy sleepless night in the mornings.

Rule first: water contrasts

Having woken up, resolutely go to a bathroom. It is the best of all to get at once under a shower and to refresh all body, but also contrast washing will approach too.

We act according to the scheme: hot water - cold water - hot water - cold water etc., at the same time change of temperatures has to occur at least five times. Surely last time we wash cold water. In contrast washing it is important to avoid half tones: it is not necessary to spare itself, working according to the scheme hot water - warm water - cold " water; - contrasts will help to be refreshed to you.

Rule second: we cover up tracks

important to know that during a dream our skin has not a rest, and works a hard work hard - self-cleaning. And if we do not give the chance for carrying out such work to skin, that is, we do not sleep so much how many it is necessary, then as a result and we receive in the morning gray complexion, enlarged pores, puffiness and pallor.

It is possible to correct this situation: help skin to be cleared just a little. Make a mask for clarification of skin and restoration of its freshness, and during its influence you can quietly make a breakfast or clothes to an exit.

Rule third: plan Anti-stress

should Never forget

that the sleep debt is a stressful situation for your organism: for heart, for a brain, for muscles and joints and, of course, for skin. After sleepless night you enter in new day with strongly weakened skin. She needs to be fed, encouraged vitaminchik, to immunostimulirovat.

For all this there are moisturizing creams. But it is necessary to choose such cream carefully because it is as important for your skin as walls and windows of your house for you: it protects skin from difference of temperatures and level of humidity, from negative impacts and harmful factors like automobile exhaust gases or computer radiation.

Governed the last: drawing lessons

All above-mentioned efforts can turn out

vain: the wrong make-up can reduce on is not present all previous rules. And what correct? Those who think that to hide pallor after a sleep debt, it is necessary to make up more brightly, strongly are mistaken. In this case less bright paints will just be necessary for you: is several tones lighter, than usually.

The freshness of the person reached with such work needs to be emphasized therefore foundation this time is not useful to you. And here the moistening basis under a make-up - just most that. Powder is necessary, but to go to far is not necessary as what - what, and you have enough pallor.

It is better to take an eyeliner not black, but brown or gray and it is necessary to refuse shadows of bright and dark shades in favor of lighter and neutral. As for lipstick, it just pale should not be - light, but not colourless.

Of course, all this only recommendations whether and to follow them - to solve to you. The main thing, you remember that the bright make-up draws attention to your person, so, and to all those unpleasant marks which were left on it by a sleep debt. And we are just least of all interested in it.

There now and all. You can safely begin the day: nobody learns what was your night. But do not abuse sleep debts at all: the organism from which steal time for rest will begin to glitch sooner or later.