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Paid love to a coffin or What interesting man`s profession is connected with ladies` tourism ?

Word gigolo was born in France in the 18th century for designation of absolutely new then profession of the paid dancer. And in the 18th century of the gigolo really only danced, no more than that. But after World War I when the number of men in all European countries was sharply reduced, gigolos began to render absolutely other services - sexual.

In Europe gigolos of two types - intellectual and sexual meet. The first entertain the rich lady only high-spiritual talk, and the second not only will entertain the missing woman, but also will render intimate services.

From where they undertake, these gigolos? And they are trained at special schools. Schools for the gigolo can be met in any European country, but the main number of such schools is in Italy, the country of tourism and not really morally steady men. Schools train them in refined manners, etiquette, dances and languages.

The behavior, appearance and manners of the gigolo have to be faultless. They leave on orders, disperse on expensive hotels and recreation areas in search of lonely and wealthy ladies. Among them victims are available not only Americans, Germans and Frenchwomen, but also the Russian women too, sometimes, are caught in their net.

" agencies; on rendering services of an elite escort come into contacts with personnel of hotels which report for a certain payment about rich and lonely ladies. Well, and further - a trick for professionals.

In Russia such schools for training of the gigolo began only - to appear only. Therefore most of domestic gigolos - homebrew. They get knowledge from books and movies, and therefore much of them is far to faultless manners and a secular luster of their European colleagues.

In Russia such men are called gigolos . For designation of the men living at the expense of women the name of the hero - the lover in the drama A. Dumas " became nominal; Monsieur Alphonse .

Especially it is necessary to be attentive at acquaintances on the Internet as the most ardent and romantic of virtual admirers very often are such gigolos .

Summer - time of holidays. Millions of people direct to the tropical overseas countries to sunbathe and have a rest. And during a season of holidays arise so-called holiday romances . And such hobbies are characteristic not only of young maidens, very and very mature matrons wish " too; to take a fun and to relax .

popular points ladies` tourism are:

- Czech Republic . Yes, this small European country was beaten out in leaders in this indicator in recent years and is very popular with Russians. And that! The country of beauty indescribable, close, variously, without special problems.

- Bulgaria . Is famous for both beautiful beaches, and abundance of handsome and ardent men. These hot machoes are highly highly appreciated by rich Germans, and the Bulgarian men estimate a condition of their purses.

- Egypt . For the Egyptian to get the affair with the young Egyptian girl - a thing almost impossible. But thousands of Europeans arriving to get warm on the sun, are very often ready, without deliberating, to rush to a whirlpool of hot passions. And in the heat of these passions, also without deliberating, to leave the considerable sums.

- Gambia . This small state in the west of Africa. According to the UN, 60 - 70% of the European tourists arrive behind love joys with natives here. Mature and even very mature European ladies walk about with young athletes here everywhere.

- Caribbean Islands . Endure just boom of female tourism. Every year to these islands of eternal summer there come more than half a million wealthy women. Also their professional gigolos specializing in service of such foreigners humour.

On statistical data, the most greedy men in Europe - all this French, and Frenchwomen do not lag behind in this indicator men. They prefer the countries of North Africa (Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia) where young and ardent men are ready for everything for small contents. Americans prefer Italians, and Italians go to Kenya where indulge in love joys with the beautiful Europeanized Kenyans.

But it is, so to speak, temporary love in a consent . It is much worse when the lady sincerely believes that it love to a coffin and then a bill " is made out it; for the rendered services and it appears with a chipped washing-tub the feelings.

Therefore slogan Be vigilant! Do not snare passions! long, and maybe never, will lose the relevance.