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Tourist responses and traveling notes. What they are? Whether

you Know the tourist websites? No, you do not know the tourist websites. For very simple reason - there are a lot of them. It is a lot of. It also is clear, an eye you will not rummage around our fields, you will not remember our cities . And is still and everyones - protchy the cities - the countries where went and the leg of the Russian tourist did not go, but will surely step. And it is good if it is a leg more or less familiar with geography, history and the Russian spelling. I will explain.

Legs - all of them - somehow, though indirectly, are accompanied by the head. And the head, all this is known, to the tourist of a daden not only in order that in it any exotic is and and to comprehend what was seen. And then to share impressions. For this purpose on the tourist websites there are thematic forums. And here unprecedented creative open spaces open for travelers. It would seem that can be more interesting than the story about a trip or rest - on the contrary, not everything is so simple.

Ability is allowed to look much, and ability to see - to describe - alas, no. But it does not confuse our tourist. Deceptive ease of traveling notes confuses him. What there, now as we will write! At break I sit on the edge and that I see, about that and I sing . Meanwhile, traveling notes and responses - a genre that is called responsible information has to be all - reliable, and others can use it, represent?

The tourist is different. For example, collective , that is, going by bus along a route: Classical Italy Paris in four days Beautiful Andalusia or Loire castles . This tourist, as a rule, only sees what flashes in a bus window, and what will be shown it by city guides. The traveler on this route should not wait for any information surprises, time has not enough, and impressions at it, no offense meant, are created in many respects by the accompanying guide.

Such tourist in a forum is simply obliged to share impressions after arrival, holds apart it - and this its sacred right - to tell the whole world about the tremendous, unique bus trip to Paris. Therefore at all forums surely there will be tens of stories with a promising title My Paris (as option - The Holiday which is always with you ) My Rome or Roman vacation My Spain or In the wake of Don - Quichotte - further everywhere. The summary of similar responses usually keeps within one phrase: Ah, ladies and gentlemen, believe me, well such indescribable beauty this Paris, Rome, Madrid .

Every time, wishing to see that unknown, unexpectedly fine that the author of the similar opus happened to see in Paris, you will come across the description of the Triumphal Arch, the Champs Elysee, Notr - I Will give, delights of Louvre and D`Orsay, the rain which drove into cafe, quite often - a love scene against the Eiffel Tower. The description of Parisians in pejoratively - black or enthusiastically - pink tones, well and so on is traditional. Seldom - seldom this identical public catering information vinaigrette which set the teeth on edge, everywhere is decorated with a piece of exotic fruit - the little-known historic fact obtained from lecture of the advanced guide.

If historical events are not distorted, dates and the facts are not muddled, proper names are kept in the correct transcription and verbal adverb phrases are correctly used - it can be considered as undoubted success of writing. That in this story mine except the fact of a trip - it is unclear.

The following category leaving comments at forums - beach vacationers . Fine rest, - and seldom who manages to transfer excursion informatively and objectively beauty of this rest with details necessary to the reader and without excessive exaltation (hotels, beaches, service, excursions, and t. ). Forums are overloaded with stories As we with Vovan and Katka with Dimon lit in a disco, the full paragraph Oh, girls, what charm (or at all not a charm) these Turkish (Arab) mushshyna. Ah, ashky, habib, ah. . The mass of emotional and illiterate and simply boorish responses on the subject We do not need the coast Turkish .

The most advanced, and therefore the most interesting category of tourists - independently traveling . They write well, know history with geography, trips at them on purpose routes are laid competently, densely and far from tourist places.

A lack of this category - snobbery and omniscience ( You were not to Tahiti? ) but it they still can forgive as omniscience quite often very much even useful and actually confirmed.

Other shortcoming - and it to forgive much more difficultly - incurable, chronic graphomania. The independent tourist, or samtur, at the description of travel almost always sticks in detail and does not see the wood behind trees, describing uninviting local pass - muzeychik, infinite rural small restaurants with local wines, cats on roofs, lambs in fields and ways of purchase of tickets in automatic machines on pitidistivasm the sheets accompanied with couple of thousands of landscape photos. Yes, it is beautiful, but the soul cannot, well a kuda there is so much beauty? And there is so much kuda bukaf?

It is up to the end impossible to read up it. Though many of them successfully write quite acceptable guides and are not lazy to update information if the new design of ticket machines somewhere was put into operation or business hours of a local insignificant muzeychik where seldom who will glance in senses changed.

These are capable to argue to blue in the face on the traffic regulation on the French circular outcomes, lowering the interlocutor below a plinth. They fall into anger at discussion of length of pieces of the laid route if divergences with the opponent are rather big, both argue, and argue, someone, by passing so far to interrupt dispute, will not ask the malicious question Well, at whom is longer? . They delighted with the advancement, sometimes do not believe in it, but are ready to be praised by it to insanity, generously advising eager for information teapots .

To catch interesting, worldly informative, historically and geographically saturated, actually reliable and stated rather briefly and at the same time emotionally, a good Russian syllable and with humour it is possible very much and very seldom. But when it is possible - it is just a heart name-day. Not just responses - the essay. In the RuNet of such - units on tens of the tourist websites and hundreds of forums. Sadly.

And therefore when I see the next opus My Berlin I do not read it already. I foreknow that for a soup kit of stamps under such heading will be. Too the reputation at such headings damped, and exceptions almost does not happen... It makes sense to call such opuses My Berlin from a window of the tourist " bus; - and it is honest, and you will not spend time for reading superfluous.

Therefore - yes traveling notes and responses are well. Tiresome, sudorific, responsible genre, undoubtedly, necessary. But - well, ah, it is good - under someone`s competent edition. Bedekera, for example.