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How to get acquainted with the foreigner and to get with him the novel? Australia

Your personal guide on the cities and the relations. Go to have a rest to the world capitals to find it! The comic management for lonely girls.

Point of your appointment - Sydney (the most popular city of Australia).

In introductory part I already told how typical Australians look. And now we will understand how to get acquainted with the cheerful resident of Sydney closer and what from it to wait for. I brought together for you councils how to behave to get acquainted with the Australian, to get with him the romantic relations (and to interrupt them according to your desire) and to receive the offer of a hand and heart.

What it, your guide across Sydney? Very different externally, all Australians individualism and love to strangenesses unites. And also discontent with the authorities and the situation. It is not surprising if to remember their origin. (The first Australians, except for natives - convicts from Great Britain and Ireland). Dream to change Ozzie (as call Australians) impression about the country as about the former colony of convicts. They justify the dislike for rules and restrictions with a practicality and independent original thinking. The principle of the Australian vital way - tolerance. Australians consider that everyone has the right to live as he wants and with whom wants to have the belief and is, anything. But at the same time to suffer the others. And in general life in Australia very stable, and its inhabitants are reliable and faithful companions.

How to get acquainted with the Australian? Of course, on the beach. Take with yourself a surf. Find the company of surfers on the beach and ask the most nice of them to teach you to ride a surf.

How to appoint meeting? Ask it when there are suitable waves for the following occupation.

What waits for you? Smart beach, sea and sun. Except the most fascinating surfing, it is possible to drive on the yacht or to go together with his friends to a barbecue. Walk on the center of Sydney. It will show you sights, at the same time it is possible to meet a couple of celebrities. Go on the jeep to mountains to the ekvaliptovy woods to look at the original nature of Australia. You will see a kangaroo and koalas, and he will show you the driver`s skills. Dive or go to cruise on islands of the Barrier Reef. In Australia of entertainments a set not to list all. It is not necessary to miss!

How to have with it sex? They say that Australians are able to excite the woman, but here sex is preferred fast and especially do not try to be original. Teach him to new positions. Have sex in the fresh air - he simply adores it, and you receive new impressions. Present only - sex on an ocean coast or in the desert!

How to receive the offer? Many Australian men dream to marry the Russian girl. So to receive the offer will not make for you work. If you marry the Australian, most likely, receive tranquility and confidence in tomorrow.

How to leave it? Sort its family tree and tell that all his ancestors are entirely criminals. He will fatally take offense.

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