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What do we know about male virginity?

So were moved that we admire the girl`s netronutost. There is in it something touching and mysterious. Male virginity causes in us vigilance. Women are careful of frank recognition: Darling I am still innocent . You never know what reasons can stand behind it? Illness? Fear? Uncertainty in? by

I if about a problem of the first marriage night for the woman used up literature volumes, then only the few stammered at male virginity. And meanwhile a big half of untouched young men torture themselves the thought-up myths: suddenly I will not find? suddenly will fall? or on the contrary - quickly everything will pass? and what is the time has to occupy all this? And so on.

The first council which it would be desirable to give to those women who faced a problem of virginity of the partner, - to weigh everything and to think thoroughly: whether you are ready to enter your man into the world of pleasure? Whether your intentions in relation to it are serious, often the man is ready to idolize the first woman. Otherwise your attempt we can turn back psychological (and sometimes and physical) a trauma, disappointment or further aggression. If you saw sex only on pictures - that will be twice heavier to comprehend art of the Kama Sutra.

Often the woman who takes the responsibility for sex education of the inexperienced partner possesses an exclusive maternal instinct, it is patient to the long Platonic relations and is slow in sequence of steps. What reasons of prolonged acquaintance to sex at men?

1 reason. the Most rare. Men are romantics who, as well as many girls, store the virginity for that, only. Such men look for the thought-up ideal, very much pereborchiva also are choosy. If you correspond to their ideal - that the first time will not bring you and it any difficulties. Well, could not stop, but, at least, it has no physical and psychological defects.

2nd reason. Isolation. To such himself the botanist, nobody on him long turns attention. But here the caterpillar opens wings and becomes a beautiful butterfly: successful career, solid bank account, decent appearance, contact lenses. Only did not learn to meet the girl. With such man, obviously, it is necessary to spend many evenings to convince him that the woman - the same person, as well as he. At the first intimate proximity the main thing - not to pay attention to its unsuccessful attempts. He did not forget sneers yet, and any your careless smile can be calculated how a jeer.

3rd reason. Physical inferiority. In life there is everyone. Operation, treatment, injuries. There is an installation: I will not be able, I am sick. With such man in the first night it is necessary to be accurate actually not to cause him physical pain. And if nevertheless it is impossible, support him, you descend with him to the doctor. As - - not we live in the Stone Age in any way, is more visible to the doctor. And it is necessary to forget about installation of hopelessness.

The woman who nevertheless made up the mind to so desperate step should play long a role of the leading leader and tutor. It has to be ready also to panic at the most inappropriate moment, and to shyness which, in turn, to it it is necessary to disseminate patiently and gently. The first night is still that! Even at the most successful outcome you should persuade the elect to repeat a feat still more than once.

The main thing that virginity is a temporary phenomenon, but not the diagnosis or pathology. Any statistics does not confirm that the man - the virgin - a hopelessness, and will never be happy in marriage. On the contrary, most likely he will be grateful to you for your patience and will become the faithful and loving husband.