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How to get acquainted with the foreigner and to get with him the novel? Italy

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Point of your appointment - Rome.

In introductory part I already told how typical Italians look. And now we will understand how to get acquainted with the passionate resident of Rome closer and what from it to wait for. I brought together for you councils how to behave to get acquainted with the Italian, to get with him the romantic relations (and to interrupt them according to your desire) and to receive the offer of a hand and heart.

What it, your guide across Rome? Italians are considered passionate, emotional, mobile, explosive, cheerful, cheerful. It seems that the Italian has blood and boils. At the same time Italians are the famous idlers and most of all like to have a sleep. It all consists of such contradictions. In general, each Italian - the actor on the nature. And as its scene the street (including favourite bar) usually acts where the most part of his life proceeds. Italians are inclined to fraud, to them to spit on laws, and whenever possible they try to bypass them. The Italian is very inquisitive and likes to travel and investigate other countries and their customs. Having convinced that its country the best, he with pleasure comes back to blessed Italy.

For the Italian it is very important to know from where he is. It will never lose communications neither with the native earth, nor with the family. Italy is traditionally divided on northern and southern. Northerners consider the southern Italians by the poor uneducated semi-Arab crowd connected with mafia. The southern inhabitants consider northern as the uneducated crowd consisting of the semi-Austrians and semi-French which has due to a misunderstanding the luck to be born in richer part of the country. And in general, they consider themselves and each other as Romans, Milanese, Sicilians or Florentines, and then Italians. But everyone considers himself as the lucky living in the best and most beautiful country in the world and sympathizes with foreigners who were not so lucky in life.

Italians are deprived of snobbery, the main criterion for them - money. To wealth they treat with great respect. For the Italian it is always important to look at height it belongs not only to appearance, but also to need to look self-assured. He never admits that he is not confident in something or does not know something. Some take this trait of character for impudence and bad manners.

Italians are very sociable, but only with acquaintances and friends. The main thing for the Italian in life is a receiving pleasure, for example, from food, wine, communication etc. Sometimes it seems that they have no problems. Actually, they just try to look for good in the present, not to reflex concerning the past and not to think of the future, and to look in it with optimism. Italians treat love very seriously: practically all Italian songs or movies - about love. Love is what each Italian speaks about and thinks constantly.

How to get acquainted with the Italian? Be sure - any Italian man will consider as the debt to express you the admiration and will try to get acquainted with you. The woman in Italy it is accepted to admire and not to hide it. You will be in the center of man`s attention.

How to appoint meeting? Really he still did not make it?

What waits for you? Cheerful carnival of impressions and emotions. The passionate love drama against historical sights, the real passions on a stage of streets of the eternal city. Sea of romanticism and hurricane of passions. Feel the actress from the Italian comedy or the melodrama. Only do not lose the head!

How to behave? Consider that the Italian lady`s men act usually according to such scheme: at first the rough impact and frank stickings, then if you became interested in it also began to coquet, ostentatious cooling and, eventually, some impudent trick or, on the contrary, a heroic or beautiful act which will finally win your heart. But be careful because after that it can begin hunting behind the following victim! To win you or, on the contrary, to avoid explanations, the Italian (not everyone, of course) is ready to lie, dodge and deceive continually. Therefore you should not fall in love with him completely at once. At first try to understand, how sincerely its feelings. And your ostentatious restraint will only stir its interest. Try to find balance between passion and restraint. If he understands that you the worthy rival in your love game, is at least provided to you one of the brightest novels for all life and as at most - ardent feelings and the offer to become his companion to life.

How to have with it sex? Italians are famous as one of the best lovers. Of course, they take great pain to correspond to this image. Actually often occurs at them consumer - the zavoyevatelsky attitude towards the woman. The main thing for the Italian - to possess the partner, to satisfy the momentary passion, than to comprehend new emotions. Therefore try to be more exacting and teach him to tenderness and attention to the partner. With it you will be helped, for example, by a beautiful prelude or gentle massage.

How to receive the offer?

it to be pleasant to b his mother. And it is extremely difficult! (But it is already separate subject). Italians are mother`s darlings. Mother for them - the most important and dear person in life. Without its approval he will hardly decide to make you the proposal. Consider what from your engagement to your wedding quite can pass several years. All this time you will be considered as the groom and the bride. And where to hurry? At first it is necessary to prepare financial base for your family. And preparation of a wedding demands a lot of time and money. It has to be carried out top-level! (His parents pay a wedding, as a rule). Think only of where to place his numerous relatives from all over the world

As to leave it? If you is not married yet and are not affianced - it is it is quite simple to make. Act the same as in a case with French and Spaniards. If you are affianced - be jealous him more often, but do not make scandals (suddenly it will accept it only as the proof of your love?) and carry on boring talk on what does not suit you in your relations, and try to drag it to the psychologist. He will prefer to leave you rather, than will make it. (Consider by the way that the Italian men make of the changes light, and here suspicions of your incorrectness can cause serious passions and even vendetta.)

And here in case of a marriage Italians reluctantly get divorced - and procedure of divorce is quite burdensome, and the ex-wife acquires the right for contents from the ex-husband. By the way, Italians are excellent fathers and even after divorce always continue to meet and care for the children.

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