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How to get acquainted with the foreigner and to get with him the novel? America

Your personal guide on the cities and the relations. Go to have a rest to the world capitals to find it! The comic management for lonely girls.

Point of your appointment - New - York (the financial capital of the USA).

In introductory part I already told how typical Americans look. And now we will understand how to get acquainted with the business inhabitant New - York closer and what from it to wait for. I brought together for you councils how to behave to get acquainted with the American, to get with him the romantic relations (and to interrupt them according to your desire) and to receive the offer of a hand and heart.

What it, your guide according to New - to York? From the American aggressiveness and self-confidence proceeds. Its main qualities - efficiency and enterprise. At Americans it is not accepted to be sick or unsuccessful. He is able to earn money. He likes to risk if this risk is counted and it seems to it favorable. He appreciates time, and not only the. It is very patriotic. Most likely, houses it laid up the American flag. He loves soccer, hockey or baseball. It seems that it has an open soul, but he, most likely, is canny. Jokes at it not really refined, but he laughs loudly and with all the heart. He speaks too loudly and surely. Americans in general very self-assured people. The real American considers that everyone has to go about the own business. Therefore he will not begin to repair your car, and it is rather, will advise good car service (if, of course, he is not a mechanic). Do not think that it only works. After work he loves and is able to have a rest. The American does not consider the woman weaker sex . It for it - either the competitor, or the equal partner. And he aspires to the relations same - mutually advantageous and partner.

How to get acquainted with the American? Americans are the conventional workaholics therefore and it is the simplest to get acquainted with them at its work. Options the set - is worth showing the imagination. For example, come into the nearest large bank and take an interest at the nice clerk as to you to transfer money to Russia or to open at them the account. Come into real estate agency and take an interest, how much is to rent apartment in the center of Manhattan (if it is not possible to get acquainted, you learn interesting information). Fly to Washington and you descend on excursion in the Capitol. Get acquainted with the nice congressman there. If there is no wish to get acquainted in office situation - go in the evening to walk on bars and clubs of Manhattan. Get acquainted with the nice bartender or the manager who is delayed after day of work.

How to agree about appointment? Give it the business card, and on it write time and the meeting place. If you have near at hand no business business card - take a card of your hotel and write on it the name and phone.

What waits for you? Walks on Fifth Avenue, clubs and restaurants of Manhattan, visit of Broadway premieres, joint jogs on the Central park.

How to behave? you looked Sex and the City ? Follow an example of Carrie! Be not afraid to be amusing - the main thing, be yourself! Tell it about the harmful passion to fast - to foot. And how you fight against it in sports club. Share the career plans. Smile more often and infectiously laugh loudly. Show it the sense of humour. A little provocation of you will add a spark to your relations. Do not complain of life at all and do not tell about the troubles! Do not try to play on an image of the naive little girl or the touching ninny needing protection. Do not try to achieve from it sympathy or the help. He respects strong, successful and independent women. You do not call him late at night, it is not accepted. You pay for yourself. Develop together the plan of active leisure. Try to include a campaign on competition of its favourite team there. It will be cheerful!

How to have with it sex? Before appointment send it a couple of ardent sms. Send it during its working day the candid photo. Make the way in its office in the evening and have sex on its workplace - it will be delighted! Sharp impressions will be provided to both of you. Try sex on the Internet or phone - it will be pleasant to you! Find the suitable parking and have sex in its car. Very romantically and on - it is American - at movie theater under the open sky. In a house situation try to decorate yourself with chocolate and cream, at worst also eggs will approach. It will be so heated from passion that you will be able to make on it fried eggs. If you did not understand how to work - revise movies Wild orchid and Nine and a half weeks .

How to receive the offer? the American marries only when it created base for future family. As well as most of Europeans, Americans prefer to marry late enough when they decide to bring children. As a rule, it occurs only when the American family is able to afford to buy the own house and to pay future training of the child. And up to this point just try to live together in the rental apartment. Most likely, you will halve all expenses.

How to leave it? Anyway - make it scandals on the fact that from - for the work he does not find for you time at all. Remind him more often of its failures and what he is a loser. If you live together - refuse to pay the part of expenses. Insist on an immediate wedding. Before a wedding surely make the marriage contract and add a couple of ridiculous and impracticable requirements there - it is possible, at divorce they will be useful to you. If you are already married - just go to the lawyer. He will advise you what to do.

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