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How to get acquainted with the foreigner and to get with him the novel? France

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Point of your appointment - Paris.

In introductory part I already told how typical French look. And now we will understand how to get acquainted with the distinguished resident of Paris closer and what from it to wait for. I brought together for you councils how to behave to get acquainted with the Frenchman, to get with him the romantic relations (and to interrupt them according to your desire) and to receive the offer of a hand and heart.

What it, your guide across Paris? the Real Frenchman, on the one hand, is kind, friendly, courteous and polite. To another - it is quick-tempered, familiar, and his wit sometimes passes into caustic sneers. French extraordinary are proud of the belonging to the great nation and in every possible way emphasize it. The Frenchman is quite vain and likes to brag. It would seem, French are recognized revolutionaries, however the standards of behavior accepted in its circle for the Frenchman are firm. Therefore in their observance he can show purely German pedantry. In soul French love traditions and consider that everything has to be made properly. At the same time do not love any small cavils.

French attach great value to etiquette and rules of conduct. They devote to the appearance, clothes, a meal much time. Of course, appreciate style in everything. French are very curious. They do not like to stay at home and are simply created for any public actions, secular receptions and parties. The Frenchman makes of life, in his opinion light, it is created for receiving pleasant impressions. He seeks to take from it all the best, and to try not to think of possible consequences or dark sides. To satisfy all the five sense organs, French invent original masterpieces - culinary, perfumery, design etc. it would Seem to

, thoughtless, French very much appreciate a good education and seek to pass for serious and scientific people. The real Frenchman just adores philosophical disputes and political discourses. He appreciates gloss and beauty, sometimes imaginary. He always seeks to be at the height of fashion and is ready to chase all last innovations. But inquisitiveness of the Frenchman perfectly gets on with a practicality and economy. It seems that it likes fast rate of life. It is easy on rise. Other party of this trait of character - to it quickly everything bothers and its attention easily switches to something brand new (it concerns also the relations).

How to get acquainted with the Frenchman? Many girls tell that they without effort got acquainted in Paris. French approached them with enthusiastic compliments. But it works well not always. French can be quite constraining. (But you for certain will have no release from persons interested to get acquainted with you the French Arabs and the black). Many French, before getting acquainted, prefer two hours to examine you and only then to approach. And after pleasant conversation and a little flirtation it is unexpected to be removed. Therefore it is better to get acquainted where there is an opportunity to look narrowly to each other and longer to communicate. For example, on a visit at the general friends, in clubs and discos, on various secular receptions and receptions.

How to agree about appointment? the Frenchman will consider honor for himself to tempt the attractive girl. Be sure - he will surely make a seduction attempt. Flirtation for it - national hobby. Therefore you will have no problems with purpose of appointment. He will ask you about it and will offer options.

What waits for you? He will try to make you conceited well-turned compliments and gallant manners. Walks across Paris, a romantic sit-round gathering in cafe, with obligatory French croissants and cakes, walks along Seine, kisses on the Eiffel Tower or in the Boulogne garden. Generally, true Parisian romanticism! If you want more adrenaline - ask it to give a ride to you on the moped or the motorcycle (all French have it practically). Fly on the French boulevards, turn in the Arab quarter, visit local east market. You will see many-sided Paris. Finish the trip on Montmartre, walk on its close small streets, look at the city. If he invites you home - ask it to draw your portrait. He will feel the pupil of the famous French artists, and you will be his fine model.

How to behave? Surely smile. And, of course, flirt! With whom else to flirt how not with the Frenchman? Flash the culinary talents. Tell it a couple of interesting recipes. Remember Amelie - be mysterious, cheerful and with the cockroaches . The more cockroaches - the better. Think up the scenario of your relations and try to realize it. Consider that French adore kissing. But do not take it seriously. Not only girlfriends and friends, but also relatives, and just good acquaintances constantly exchange kisses at a meeting. Hotter kisses too do not mean hot passion yet - it is part of flirtation.

How to have with it sex? Let it know that you love experiments including in sex. Try on on yourself different roles. You can dream up and tell it about the idea - he with pleasure will accompany you. Nobody as French can derive pleasure from life. Sex for them - one of the greatest pleasures. And of course, in sex French aspire too to fine therefore the long and beautiful prelude is provided to you!

How to receive the offer? French are very attached to a family. They honor family traditions, with pleasure indulge children and care for aged relatives. They approach the choice of the companion of life seriously. They look for the reliable woman with whom it is possible to create the cozy house. At the same time it is important for them that you always remained desired and mysterious. Arrange it surprises more often, be coquettish and always you keep in suspense. Let him constantly fight for your arrangement.

How to leave it? Become the stay-at-home. You watch the appearance less (it concerns not so much clothes, how many personal care). Do not pay attention to small pleasures, prefer simple rough food (it is desirable semi-finished products). Refuse wine. Be very punctual and constantly reproach him that it long gathers. Be on - are American efficient. Become the inveterate feminist - perceive its compliments as gross violation of your rights.

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