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How to get acquainted with the foreigner and to get with him the novel? England


hundred (personal) guide on the cities and the relations. Go to have a rest to the world capitals to find it! The comic management for lonely girls.

Point of your appointment - London.

In introductory part I already told how typical British look. And now we will understand how to get acquainted with the well-mannered resident of London closer and what from it to wait for. I brought together for you councils how to behave to get acquainted with the Englishman, to get with him the romantic relations (and to interrupt them according to your desire) and to receive the offer of a hand and heart.

What it, your guide across London? From - that British do not show the true feelings they are considered to be as prudish hypocrites. British consider it just as good breeding manifestation. Self-control - the major quality according to the Englishman. Unlike the German who will be glad to point out to you your defects the Englishman will show no sign that something not so. Unless by means of a distinguished joke. The Englishman tries to behave always, but under his external nonchalance rough passions bubble. Sometimes, very seldom, true feelings break outside, taking the destructive forms (remember the English football fans). But usually British are reserved, polite and quiet. The Englishman is punctual and exact. His word is as good as his bond. He is convinced of the superiority, but at the same time treats himself with irony and healthy scepticism.

Be not surprised if he is a snob. Most of British sin with this quality. To guess that at it at heart, it is useless to try to analyze his words or a mimicry, it is better to visit at his place. The house of the Englishman is similar to him - quite severe looking outside, inside he very much komfortabelen also is cozy. In a house situation British change and become more open, they are hospitable and hospitable owners. The Englishman above all appreciates traditions and customs. It has a set of daily habits which he strictly observes. At the same time he is capable to be fond passionately of all new and unusual. For the Englishman one of the supreme values - his freedom. No, he, of course, is ready to submit to rules, but until they do not apply for its personal liberty. Character of the Englishman is incredibly many-sided. With it it will be interesting to you.

How to get acquainted with the Englishman? it is the best of all through mutual friends or according to the recommendation. The call with words will approach, for example: Hi! Petya with whom you were in N - number to year in student`s international camp gave me your phone. He told, you are a cool guy, it is possible to ask you for the help . If recommendations and acquaintances were not, it is necessary to work most. Do not wait, on the street the Englishman will not approach to get acquainted for anything with you. Use the position of the stranger in others city and safely ask for the help. Until he explains you the road, try him get to talking and tell how you need the attendant. As the real gentleman, he will not be able just to refuse to you! By the way, in good weather the London managers like to carry out the lunch on a grass to the Guide - park. Do not miss such opportunity! Take with yourself sandwiches and settle nearby - he will surely pay attention to you. It did not turn out to get acquainted in the afternoon? Go in the evening to excursion on the English pubs.

How to agree about appointment? Ask it to help to choose to you a gift for the granny. Agree together to wander on the London antiquarian flea markets. At the same time he will tell you that just the same hours or a fan lie at his mother on an attic.

What waits for you? Romantic walks on the London parks, cozy English pubs, joint tea drinking, distinguished talk and company English humour. Perhaps, it will teach you to riding or game in golf. Surely sweep together by two-storeyed bus (of course, it is better on the second floor that it had an opportunity to warm you), look at London from height London eye . In the Tower or at excursion Vaults of London you will have an occasion to nestle on it closer or to take by hand, to you it is so terrible! Go to have a good time to Soho or on river excursion across the Thames at night.

How to behave? do not try to constrain the temperament and to represent from itself the cold arrogant woman with faultless manners. All the same you will hardly manage to surpass the English aristocrats. Be by itself. (But, of course, anyway you do not pass the standard framework of decencies). Most likely, your satellite will like your openness and a spontaneity. However, even if you have really royal manners, the Englishman is all the same capable to find in you the mass of shortcomings. Anything terrible! Let he will become your devoted Pygmalion, and you will be his beautiful Galatea. Listen to its councils. From time to time remind him that you want to remain yourself - for this reason you to it and you are pleasant. British treat with respect others personal space therefore you will easily reach compromise if you are ready to them.

Do not wait from it from the first day of open manifestation of feelings. Consider that a maximum of manifestations of feelings in public which is considered decent, it to walk by a hand or under the handle and kisses in a cheek. But do not take his restraint for lack of interest in you. He needs time to open. And even in this case you are waited by, most likely, not colorful dithyrambs, but quite reserved compliments. Possibly, he did not get used to speak about the love - rather, he will show it the sensitive attitude towards you.

How to have with it sex? As you already understood, between lovers at British it is not accepted to express the feelings openly in public. Only behind closed doors. Nobody definitely knows how British prefer to have sex - they do not tell about it. It is necessary to rely you on the intuition and on your feelings. In London undershirts are on sale: Any sex, please, we are British . But we, of course, do not trust in it! Perhaps, you are waited by the best sex in your life. But having like the British spirit, you, certainly, will begin to tell nothing

How to receive the offer? you do not press on it. Let it time think. That considering process too was not dragged out, hint more often that you enjoy popularity and regularly you receive offers. Do not tell about the real admirers only at all. Tell better how you suddenly received the offer from the fellow worker or from one of the working partners, and you also did not suspect that it is in love with you! Or laugh as your mother dreams to marry you and constantly invites to a dinner of sons of the girlfriends - one better than another! But you, of course, love only it, and even do not look at the others Though Let he will reflect as to it to hold such attractive girl!

How to leave it? Shock him with the ill-bred behavior. Safely you say to people around, especially to his neighbors and relatives that you think of them. Behave is as much as possible noisy and it is unchained - follow an example of Americans and Italians. Make it public rows. Do not constrain the needs of nature and loudly declare them to people around (as Germans). For example, if it is necessary to you in a toilet - and tell at what here powder?

Admire all French. Begin to learn French, it such beautiful! Criticize the English traditions and the monarchy, he can be and itself laughs at them, but all the same considers the best in the world. Laugh also at its personal habits. Report about the plans for day since morning or is closer to a lunch, change them more often, he will be shocked. Do not observe the arrangement and forget that it to save. And as often as possible be late, British of it do not transfer!

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