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How to get acquainted with the foreigner and to get with him the novel? Germany


hundred (personal) guide on the cities and the relations. Go to have a rest to the world capitals to find it! The comic management for lonely girls.

Point of your appointment - Berlin.

In introductory part I already told how typical Germans look. And now we will understand how to get acquainted with the serious resident of Berlin closer and what from it to wait for. I brought together for you councils how to behave to get acquainted with the German, to get with him the romantic relations (and to interrupt them according to your desire) and to receive the offer of a hand and heart.

What it, your guide across Berlin? Germans are famous as the biggest pedants in the world, that is differ in passion to accuracy, punctuality and exact implementation of rules. Thoroughness, attention to details and responsibility are peculiar to them. Economy of Germans too was included for a long time into a saying. They do not like to brag of the wealth. Life of the German proceeds according to his schedule which he makes in the diary nearly since the birth. These qualities Germans are very similar to Dutches. But if Dutches are flexible in communication, Germans differ in obstinacy, they on everything have, correct, a point of view. It is rational and on everything will find a reasonable explanation. That to convince him of something - use the accurate argument, but not emotions.

By the way, about emotions. Many consider that Germans them are deprived. Actually, the German man can be very sentimental, pensive and real romantic! Just he got used to protect the personal space. It seems very serious, but when you recognize him closer, you will find out that he kind and sympathetic, likes to have fun and it has a good sense of humour. Germans aspire to a good education and very much love the culture. Love - means, study and well know. Therefore he without effort will tell you an essence of the theory of Kant, will hold a session of psychoanalysis and Goethe or Schiller will quote. And of course, he adores traveling! Generally, if you manage to get acquainted with it closer, it will be the reliable, interesting and attentive satellite!

How to get acquainted with the German?

it is the simplest to b to get acquainted with it on famous Oktoberfesta. If you are going to arrive to other time - glance in beer restaurant, for certain it will be there in the company of friends. Life in Berlin is very prompt. Therefore usually Berliners are efficient and constantly hurry. But after work they like to have fun! Glance to one of the most known quarters of entertainments in the center - Hackesche Hoefe, in the evening and at night both tourists, and youth of Berlin like to have a rest there.

How to agree about appointment? Verify with it the plans for tomorrow and find free " window;. Plan something interesting for this time.

What waits for you? Walks on the Berlin boulevards and the museums, visits of art galleries, operas or of theaters. Clubs and restaurants. And of course, well-known German pothouses and Berlin candy stores. Remember the childhood, descend together with it in the Berlin zoo - it will be cheerful and romantic!

How to behave? Put on according to a situation. Do not abuse a bright make-up and revealing clothes. You do not want that you were taken for the girl of easy behavior? Be independent. You pay always for yourself. Then you will not be waited by unpleasant surprises. Most likely, and will not come to the German to mind that he has to pay for you. (These rules are applicable at communication with most of Europeans, but Germans, perhaps, are more categorical in these questions, than the others). Do not take offense at its critical remarks and do not take them for tactlessness. He just wanted to help you, thank him for it. Show interest in his personality. You speak about it. Germans like to talk about arts, feelings and truth. Germans consider that they have very difficult sincere organization and are eager for understanding from others. Let it know that you understand what deep feelings are hidden behind his external impartiality. Then he quickly will become your good friend, and soon and the loyal fan.

How to have with it sex?

It is considered b that Germans treat sex quite simply, as to some kind of charging. Sex is useful to health therefore they should be engaged as often as possible. Sex is natural therefore in it there is nothing shameful, Germans consider. And quietly discuss among themselves the most intimate moments. Germans are known as good lovers, very technical. Perhaps, even too technical. It treats sex as to responsible work which should be executed well. Teach him emotionality. He likes to experiment. He will be glad if you add to your sex sharpness of feelings, new ideas and games. Try disguise or erotic massage. It in turn will teach you to new positions. Be sure of themselves, are inventive and relaxed, and then both of you receive the mass of new impressions and pleasure from sex!

How to receive the offer? Continue the line of conduct described above, be romantic and a little mysterious, and the offer of a hand and heart will not keep itself waiting long.

How to leave it? Reproach him with a skuperdyaystvo and meanness. Essentially you do not pay for yourself. Demand more often expensive gifts and signs of attention. Make scandals in each convenient occasion and do not trouble yourself listening of its practical arguments. Tell it that it is similar on the heartless robot. Reproach him with roughness and high-regularity. Break the rituals started by it more often. Also tell it at last that he does not understand your distinguished nature at all! In case of parting with the German also all arsenal of means recommended for parting with the Dutch and vice versa will approach.

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