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To the author - the beginner: hooks - what is it why they are necessary and how they are written?

you sometime asked a question what does some articles attractive? Why you read up one articles in magazines to the last line, and stop reading others halfway?

A keyword in answers to these questions - hook . To read the hook clinging the reader and inducing it further heading and the first paragraph.

If you know, than the hook differs from a lead whether they and also what types of hooks when the hook is written exist can coincide and as test, - can safely claim that you know everything about hooks. If you are confused in indications, you make a helpless gesture and you shrug shoulders, it is a high time to meet a lack and to overcome one more step on the way to the successful publication. So, we fill and we overcome.

In what a difference between a lead and a hook?

Some authors consider by

these terms interchangeable, but technically they are very different.

A lead - a summary of newspaper article ( placed before article ); the first ( the most important ) the message in the report, an information message, etc. In journal publications a lead - the introduction (intro) - introduction to article subject. Here it that is called sets a scene .

A hook - what forces the reader to continue reading.

For an example - the beginning of journal article about food allergy at children:

When my daughter was eight months old, I for the first time gave her fried eggs. In a few minutes she shouted, her eyes watered, from a nose flew, hips became covered by rash.

This scene enters the reader into article and therefore it is a lead. The hook encourages the reader to continue reading:

Then I did not know that egg - one of the most widespread food allergens for children and babies. It is considered so dangerous that many doctors do not recommend to give eggs to children before a year. Such precaution is not excessive: the number of food allergies grows. Ten years ago about 4% of children under five years suffered from this illness. Today this figure increased to 8% and continues to grow. How to learn whether your kid is predisposed to food allergy?

Hooks supplement a lead with the fact that offer one more reason to read article up to the end, in this case having designated possible participation of parents in the discussed problem. The good hook gives the answer to mute questions of the reader: Why I have to read it? or What here is for me? .

When a lead has to be a hook?

the Lead - the hook is irreplaceable, in - the first, in short publications . He allows to impose the message to the editor of cable information in the newspaper, helps it to write heading. It adjusts the reader - to continue reading or to pass to other column - journalists " explained; Associated Press to the Soviet colleagues in the middle of 1980 - x. Also gave examples of the leads capturing attention of readers from the first words:

1. Charles S. Binkli, 72, woke up with cold, a headache and one million dollars today.

2. Modern science which a vzryla an atom subsoil, became to the deadlock before the English sausage.

In - the second, a lead - the hook perfectly works where quantity of signs for article is limited, and it is a lot of information . For an example - the first paragraph of a zhurnalnoystatya about Trafalgar fight:

In Great Britain Trafalgar fight - the best-known of Napoleonic battles. Nevertheless thanks to ABBA we know that in 1815 Napoleon gave up under Waterloo so why British attach so great value to Trafalgar? In - the first because then, in the hour of triumph, the admiral Horatio Nelson died from a casual bullet. In - the second because Trafalgar fight provided domination of Britain at the sea and dispelled her fears about the invasion planned by French.

This lead not only sets a scene but also contains a hook - very few people know about plans of French of that time. The desire to receive details has to induce to further reading.

What exist types of hooks?

of the Main types of hooks four.

A hook - a question. If article gives answers to a question, the hook has to ask this question.

A hook - a hint. If article represents the curious facts, the hook has to hint at them.

A hook - the instruction. If article contains new useful information, the hook has to indicate what this article can make for the reader.

A hook - association. If article is based on the " connection; nailing also memorial services the hook has to contain both of these components.

As it is possible to notice, the choice depends on contents of article, at the same time all hooks contain its short intriguing announcement. It it is necessary in order that not only to interest the reader, but also to orient him that and as it will be discussed in article.

Let`s look how it works

the Hook - a question. Article considers how to protect the Internet - the account. Usually similar articles are preceded by a lead with a story about the hacked account or the indication of impressive number of victims of hackers. The author of ShZh chose the first option. Hook: what it is possible to make that it did not repeat?

Note. V ShZh can formulate heading in the form of a question. It allows to start from the first paragraph the answer. However if after a question in the heading which is carrying out function of a hook you do not answer immediately, and write a lead - introduction to a subject, then the additional hook is necessary, and it is desirable to formulate it slightly differently, is slightly more concrete, than in heading.

A hook - a hint. Informative article about the reasons of purring of cats. The lead can be a hook: As why and why cats purr, it is for certain unknown. However there are in this respect several theories and evidence-based .

Well whether you want to learn about them?

A hook - the instruction. Article with councils how to practise, sitting in front of the computer. The lead says about how physical exercises and as a little at us time for their performance are important. Hook: you do not need to go to a gym to work, you can carry out effectively exercises directly behind a desk.

A hook - association. Article about trainings and sects. The lead is based that under a sign of trainings any sects can disappear. Hook: how to distinguish a psychocult from useful and safe for your health and a condition of training?

When is the best of all to be accepted to a hook?

to write a good hook, it is better to wait for minute, when will be ready the first draft copy of article .

There are good reasons to arrive quite so. Having finished a draft copy, you know focus, the center of your article. You see what questions are considered and as they are solved. Composing a catch after article is almost made, you can be convinced that your hook not the false lead which is not distracting maneuver that it will not mislead the reader when reading article and will not disappoint later.

How to test a hook?

Having written to

article, define that there are your lead and what your hook. Be convinced that the hook not only naturally follows from a lead, but also it is good in order that people wanted to read all article.

Whether your hook promises any benefits to the reader? Whether teases the promise of useful information? Whether unites a nail and memorial service? Whether asks a direct question? If whether yes, article answers this question?

If your hook of it does nothing, rewrite it. Continue to work on a hook until it does not begin to flow smoothly from a lead in the text and until it does not cause, in your opinion, interest of the reader. Try different types of hooks and you watch what works best of all. Spend on it time because it is difficult to overestimate value of a hook - it can rescue or destroy all article.