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What will remain after me?

the soloist and the leader have a fate - DDT groups of Yury Yulianovich Shevchuk are such counter: at the end of the performance it executes national song All this where the main issues are What will remain after me? and What will be taken by me with myself? . So was also on 20 - a summer anniversary concert of group in sport center Olympic : having cunning looked from under points, the uncle Yura on - fatherly asked: Who here the cleverest? The strongest? (shows bicepses) the Most unbribable? Who will tell us? . From crowd the muffled rumble rises, and Yu. Yu. costs and listens, having deliberately exposed an ear and smiling. After a while the song proceeds.

Since then passed already a lot of time. The rhetorical question remained open. So will remain after me? For what all of us live? Or everything is stupidly reduced to a pursuit of money? I often ask such question therefore it was very important to me to hear opinion of other people: at first addressed the friends, and after - residents of my nice city of Izhevsk.

Tamara (business - vumen, 52 years) - the Unconditional otdavaniye, participation in destinies of people and receiving from this self-satisfaction. In it my meaning of life. Education of children and grandsons? Yes, but education by the relation to the world. And money comes in parallel with spiritual development. Main motto: Create good!

Dima (the driver, 28 years) - Fundamental idea of life is a reproduction. I need to live life so that after me there was a kind memory, a reputation which will be remembered by my descendants. And on the question what will remain after me? I will answer: anything .

Lena (the cameraman, 27 years) - Wants to make, of course, something such at what will watch other generations and to think how earlier - that the people did without it? . I think therefore now everyone who seriously sets to himself such purpose tries to create any doctrine in any sphere, the technique, something to design, to invent even if it is silly and it is necessary for nobody.

Certainly, our good deeds and acts, small and big nonsenses at which all look with amazement and an open mouth for a long time are engraved in the memory of people, and sometimes are even handed down, from one century in another, giving to us hope for the best.

When the Reverend Sebayn Bering - Gold was a pastor in church of northern Devon in England, he very much liked to drive visitors on the temple and the church yard, showing them all sights.

He surely led the guests to a grave of one old predecessor which was at the wall surrounding the church yard. On the gravestone established by grateful parishioners of church it was written how the pastor with love and care carried out the service.

When Bering - Gold asked the guests whether they noticed something unusual in this gravestone, someone from the most observant spoke: Hey yeah! There was no name. Who was this person?

In that is that and sense, - Bering - Gold answered. - Many generations of the boys going to sunday school sat on a bench over a stone and gradually their legs erased the name written above a gravestone. So we do not know who was that person, - we know only what he did!

People can forget who we are were, but if our any word of encouragement, service or blessing by something helped their life, - it will be our original monument. To be considered as the happy, joyful, loving careful and compassionate person is a fine praise and the most important achievement.

Liouba (together we rent apartment, 24 years) - I do not know, never thought of this question, probably, children.

In this way 93% of the respondents interrogated on city streets answered. From them a good few even did not think of such questions. Such is statistics: the majority considers that it is necessary to build the house, to start business, to give birth to the son and, at least, to plant a tree. People (thin) creative professions answered: Beauty, results of sincere work and, as a result, kind memory . So considers about 1,5% of respondents. What miserable amount! And the funniest answer which I received: Bones, I think, there will be after me, well, maybe, also teeth. Generally, nothing that can be useful to you .

So will remain after us? Two extreme dates: was born - died, mountains of dirt and garbage or though there is a little some optimism? To solve to you. And I already again will subscribe under words of the poet of our time Yu. Yu. Shevchuk:

In the sky I will start white - the white temple. do not trust

, it to you. Believe, it to you.

I will disappear my trace at the end of the way.

Be, to you another not to find the world .

Let`s stay a few astronauts and we will look at everything from height! Love each other, create good and release it in the sky! Will surely return - I checked! Live with the world, honestly, it is opened and is happy!